Midfielder in Pumas, Dani Alves has not yet won or convinced Mexico

Midfielder in Pumas, Dani Alves has not yet won or convinced Mexico

“It’s hard to be a winner in life. It’s easy to be suspended.” The message that Daniel Alves sent on social media two days ago did not announce a specific goal, but it sets the tone for the beginning of the Brazilian player’s passage through the Mexican ball. The environment is already contested. Since his arrival at Pumas, there have been four domestic championship matches and no win.

Pumas’ move to bring Dani Alves into the limelight has generated curiosity and anticipation. But the euphoric effect of hiring begins to wear off, as good results and good performance are not immediately apparent. His numbers are still shy: he has an assist on his debut, after a corner kick on his debut.

Pumas is currently 15th in the 18-team Mexican Championship. After two draws 1 to 1 – against Mazatlan and Monterrey – and 3 to 0 for rival America, the last stumble was yesterday (18). Away from home, he lost 3-2 to Atlético San Luis, coached by Andre Jardin. And look, Dani Alves’ team came to open 2-0. Atlético’s three goals were from Abel Hernandez, Uruguay’s ex-Internacional and Fluminense striker.

“Against Monterrey, he was participating, cheering and helping his teammates. But the difference in having a player like him on the pitch was not that noticeable. He didn’t make Pumas play better. Maybe we expect more from Dani Alves than he is. He can give today because of his age and his adaptability to the ball. mexican foot UOL Stephanie Fuentes is a reporter for Imagen TV, a group that publishes the newspaper Excelsior.

Daniel Alves of Pumas, Mexico

Photo: Propaganda / Pumas

Danny’s selection of Pumas was based on staying fit at least until the World Cup finals in Qatar in November. Although the 39-year-old is the right-back for the Brazilian national team, Dani Alves played in midfield during his time in Mexico. Similar to what happened in São Paulo.

Danny is Pumas’ first defensive midfielder, teaming up with fellow Brazilian Hegor Meritao, who is 11 years younger than him. Alves are responsible for letting the ball go, sometimes putting himself between defenders to make that move, something he feels comfortable with.

Prior to the game against St. Louis, Danny had 80.8% passing accuracy, six shots on goal, 66.7% accurate assists and 56.3% offensive duels, according to the Wyscout platform. He was showing some high quality stills. A paper in the middle of the field there, a pass with a good view of the match there.

For a player, the role required of him in the national team is not much different from that of a midfielder. Titi likes to be positioned as a builder, without opening up too much at the ends – where’s Ravenha, for example. Practically speaking, Danny approaches the defensive midfield and central lane of the field when Brazil is in possession of the ball.

On the other hand, being the number one midfielder changes the way you score. He doesn’t need to escort the opposing flanks, but he does have to fill in the entrance to the area when the team is under attack – San Luis found that out pretty well yesterday. Pumas’ defense system as a whole has problems. In the last two matches, six goals were conceded.

Against America, Danny moved to the right wing during the second half, but did not change the match. Alberto Bernard, columnist for Record newspaper, criticized coach Andres Lenin, saying: “It is clear that he did not find a formula to exploit the Brazilian player.”

Danny has not been replaced

Danny was a regular fixture in the four Mexico matches he played for Pumas and was not substituted in any of them. Danny’s constant presence on the field caused an awkwardness in the local press, especially given his age and the fact that he did not participate in pre-season with the team.

“If he sees a player tired, why doesn’t he take him off? That is the question. Lenini has a good squad, good players and doesn’t make the team play well. Danny cannot be the name that plays the full 90 minutes. Today,” Stephanie assesses.

In yesterday’s defeat, San Luis managed to turn around by quickly pressing Pumas. Argentine coach Andres Lelini’s changes included the midfield sector, but Danny was not involved in them. The only forced change was the departure of Argentine Eduardo Salvio, who scored two goals for Pumas, due to injury.

“If you have to beat Garcia or Dani Alves, you get rid of Dani Alves. My position is not the most comfortable. I am here to analyze what I read about the game. The dynamics of San Luis are much superior. In the first half, Garcia was the most dynamic.” [do Pumas]Adding another element to Dani Alves’ departure from the match, Paco Gabriel de Anda, commentator for Mexican broadcaster ESPN said:

“More playing in the competition, when the opponent won’t let you breathe. There was one thing in the first half, when I was in control of the ball.”

Daniel Alves during Pumas training - Press release / Pumas - Press release / Pumas

Daniel Alves during Pumas training

Photo: Publicity / Pumas

Dani Alves received his first yellow card in Mexican football yesterday. The target is not out yet. The positive point is that he sought to exercise leadership in the group. Even after his debut, the Brazilian player spoke of “making everyone understand how he competes”.

The Brazilian team’s technical staff has already scheduled a field visit to see the performance of Daniel Alves. On Sunday (21), his assistant Cesar Sampaio and physiologist Guilherme Passos will take part in the match between Pumas and Santos Laguna. On Wednesday (24), they will be watching Pumas vs Tigres. Who knows, victory will come. The next call will be on September 9th.

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