10 Acontecimentos Bizarros Que Aconteceram Durante Gravações De Filmes De Terror

10 Horror Movies With Scary And Weird Behind The Scenes – Hugo Gloss

Some horror stories are able to leave us sleepless for days at night. And for those who like to feel a little frightened, there is a way to make the feeling even more intense. It’s not new that bizarre cases usually happen behind the scenes of horror movies. Coincidence or not, actors and feature film teams have already posted very strange experiences they lived in production – specifically in tense plots. We’ve separated some of the popular episodes from the “horror” sets to make the titles even scarier.

Exorcist (1973)

This is perhaps the movie with the scariest – and most famous – story. The Exorcist’s group caught fire, and although they blamed a pigeon for the accident, people say the coincidence was very strange. Two sets were created at the same stage: one main, from the movie’s house, and another, from Reagan’s room, the fearsome hero. The fire destroyed only the first. Reagan was completely healthy.

Deaths and other accidents have also been linked to production, such as a carpenter cutting off his big toe and another losing his thumb. Jack McGuran’s character, for example, is the first to die in the movie, falling down a staircase. A week after recording his role, the actor has already passed away, a victim of pneumonia. Besides him, the man who cooled the room in which the possession scenes took place died without explanation, and the guard who was looking after the group was shot dead during the night.

The wife of one of the camera assistants also suffered a miscarriage and actor Max von Sydow, who played Father Mirren, lost his brother as soon as he began recording his engagement. Because of the “myths”, the “Exorcist” issues became an episode of the original series “Cursed Films”, which looks at films supposedly cursed.

Annabelle (2014)

“Annabelle” director John Leonetti revealed he saw a claw mark on one of the group’s dusty windows. The problem is that the passage was the same as the imaginary demon trace in the text – the doll, which has only three fingers. “It was a full moon night. Moon lit claw marks. I have a picture, it was crazy‘, he remembers.

In addition, producer Peter Safran told The Hollywood Reporter that a glass lamp fell on the head of one of the actors who played the caretaker. The moment came shortly after Joseph Bishara, who played the sinister villain, walked under the body wearing his full makeup for the first time. In the text, the devil kills the doorman at that entrance [do acidente]. It was just so weird.”Safran noted.

rosemary baby (1968)

Roman Polanski’s classic contains a series of tragic coincidences. The film follows Rosemary, who, after becoming pregnant with the Devil, has to deal with horrific episodes. She questions a possible agreement between her husband and the new neighbors, who will incorporate a demonic sect. A year after the title was released, the director’s wife, Sharon Tate, was brutally stabbed to death by the Charles Manson cult. Like Rosemary, she was pregnant with her first child. Four other people were killed in the attack at Polanski’s home.

But the curse of the film began three months before Tate’s murder. In April 1969, producer William Castle, who had been receiving death threats from the anti-Christian film tonic, was taken to the hospital in an emergency, with kidney failure, and he couldn’t resist. According to Vanity Fair, some say he was hallucinating in bed, even shouting one of the lines from the feature: “Rosemary, for God’s sake, drop the knife!”.

In the same hospital was Krzysztof Komeda, responsible for the soundtrack to “Rosemary’s Baby”. A close friend of Polanski and Sharon Tate, he had an accident and died of a stroke. The death was immediately linked to another clip in the film, the death of the character Edward Hatch, Rosemary’s girlfriend. In the plot, he was the only one who believed the girl’s story, that she would be pregnant with the demon, but ends up dying of a mysterious stroke.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

During the filming of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” actress Jennifer Carpenter – who starred as the possessed young woman – said that she woke up two or three times during the night on the radio that turned on itself. I only got scared once, because the volume was too loud and Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive’ was playing.She said in an interview with Dread Central.

Scott Derrickson, the film’s director, confirmed the story on Twitter, saying the phrase “I’m still alive” (“I am still alive‘, in the free translation) The track kept repeating itself constantly, without any explanation. Carpenter further revealed that her co-star Laura Linney also witnessed her TV turn on by itself twice.

evil soul (1982)

The legend about the Poltergeist trilogy is tense: The film crew is said to have been cursed. One of the sad facts happened with actress Dominic Dunn, who was strangled by her boyfriend, and spent days in a coma, but could not resist the attack. Julian Beck, who was also involved in the production, died during the filming of the second film.

After some time, child actress Heather O’Rourke, who played young Carol Ann in the trilogy, died at the age of only 12, after completing the recording of the last film. The girl woke up vomiting without eating anything. She collapsed at home and was taken to San Diego Children’s Hospital, where she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. The doctors themselves were surprised by the result and diagnosed intestinal obstruction.

Another strange event happened with actor Oliver Robbins. In production, he was strangled by a robotic clown. In the recording, the device appeared problematic and caused accidents that almost suffocated Robins for real.

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Terror in Amityville (2005)

The film depicts the story of Ronald Defeo Jr., the young man who murdered his entire family on November 13, 1973, in Amityville, around 3:15 AM. Ryan Reynolds, who starred in the movie, said he ran into a strange situation — and swears he didn’t make up the story for a marketing strategy.

“I think a lot of people made this up to sell the movie, but some strange things happened. Several members of the film crew started getting up at 3:15 in the morning, which is the time all the atrocities happened in the house.”said the star to movieweb.

death hotel (2011)

Te West, the production manager, revealed that he had tense moments while recording “Hotel da Morte”. In some events, the crew actually wondered if the set, a hotel located in Connecticut, actually contained supernatural beings. According to him, the doors closed without drafts, and the televisions were opening and closing by themselves all the time. In addition, actress Sarah Paxton said that she woke up several times in the middle of the night thinking there was someone in the room with her.


prophecy (1976)

This is also a movie with a series of strange and sad stories. The first event took place a few months before the actors gathered for the first reading of the script, when the son of the main actor Gregory Peck committed suicide. Next, Beck, screenwriter David Seltzer, and executive producer Miss Neufeld flew in planes that were either struck by lightning or were about to miss. “It was the scariest five minutes I’ve ever spent on a plane.”Neufeld said.

Another plane, which was supposed to be chartered to carry some technicians, was loaned to another customer – and crashed minutes after take-off, killing everyone on board. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) bombed the hotel where director Richard Donner was staying.

Also, the acrobat was attacked by dogs while he was doing a scene in the cemetery. Finally, Special Effects Director John Richardson and his assistant Liz Moore had a terrible car accident after filming ended. Moore ended up beheading – a tragic coincidence with the movie itself featuring a beheading scene.

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Property (2012)

The plot follows the story of a girl who ends up possessed after purchasing a mysterious chest. One of the strange events behind the scenes is associated specifically with the object. The storage unit where all the movie’s props were kept, including the box, mysteriously caught fire – the cause of the fire was never determined.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played the main character’s father, commented on this “There were no traces of arson or electrical fires”. This, however, was not the only event, Morgan explained: “There have been enough weird things going on in our group, things I’ve never seen happen in groups before”. According to the star, the lights went off in the middle of the recordings and the winds passed through completely closed environments. “It always happened in the middle of an important scene. It never happened on intervals or in a secondary scene‘, highlighted.

Evil prayer (2013)

Patrick Wilson, who played Ed Warren in The Conjuring, told The Independent that Joey King, who played young Kristen, discovered he had bruises all over his body without explanation. Something similar happened with Vera Farmiga, translator of Lorraine Warren, a paranormal investigator. According to the star, as soon as she returned home after filming the first movie, she woke up with three claw marks on her leg. Farmiga thought the bruises didn’t hurt much, but it looked like something only big claws could cause. Before that, the same three brands had already appeared on the actress’s computer screen.

Furthermore, the actors and crew members revealed that they started getting up between 3 and 4 am, every day, at filming time, and that they slept in the same room for fear of being alone. Shanley Caswell, who played Andrea Perón in the movie, said that she always woke up at the time and had the impression that she was being watched, even in her empty room.

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