Health at risk of embezzlement of 1,400 temporary workers in DF

Health at risk of embezzlement of 1,400 temporary workers in DF

The Federal District Public Health Network is at risk of embezzlement from 1,400 temporary health professionals. If it materializes, the losses threaten the treatment of patients and the fight against dengue fever.

Temporary contracts are about to be completed. The Department of Health has contractual coverage for contract renewals, but has not signed the extension papers.

Most temporary employees are made up of community health agents and environmental health control agents. Together, the categories add up to about a thousand professionals.

Community agents work in primary care, in basic health units (UBSs) and in family health teams.

Environmental monitoring agents control and prevent arthropod-borne endemic diseases, pests and viruses, such as dengue fever. In 2022, between January and July, the disease killed 11 people in DF.

The temporary staff – about 400 – includes social workers, nurses, physiotherapists, internal medicine and emergency medicine doctors, drivers, stretcher workers, psychologists and nursing technicians.


a capital Cities Talk to a community agent. She asked to keep her name. The professional’s contract expired this week. “I think health still needs us,” he said.

In addition to the uncertainty about her future career, she is concerned about the risks of interruptions in patient care.

“We signed a new annex and they sent us back home, because they said that only the annex is invalid, and that it needs the governor’s signature. I am afraid they will leave us unemployed during this period,” he said.

electoral deadlock

According to Provincial Deputy Jorge Viana (Public Security Directorate), the renewal of contracts for temporary professionals has been held up due to the electoral deadlock.

“I was at the Ministry of Health a few weeks ago, asking for contract renewals, primarily for community health workers and environmental monitoring workers. The bag is worried that we are entering an election period. Thus, the election law will prohibit this type of employment,” he said.

Fianna disagreed with the interpretation of Vol. According to the parliamentarian, this is not a new contract, but an extension, in which professionals provide the service and there is a guarantee in the public notice.

“It’s an essential service. From my point of view, they can renew these contracts without any problem in terms of election law. You have a valid contract. The renewal is expected. Vote buying does not discriminate. We are in a pandemic moment. We need professionals. The predominance of public interest and the need,” he said. To service is greater than any law.”

sensitive case

For Vianna, temporary agents are necessary to maintain continuous monitoring services. According to the parliamentarian, this is a very sensitive situation.

“These activities cannot be interrupted. Taking them off the grid at this point would be a huge loss. There is no contest. There is only anticipation. Until the public notice, tests and recall are posted, we will be without coverage for at least six months. More than that as we get closer to The new rainy season, when mosquitoes spread Aedes aegypticarrier of dengue fever.”

By Vianna’s calculations, in the case of health agents, temporary professionals represent between 30% and 40% of current employees. In terms of environmental monitoring, temporary workers make up more than 50% of the street workforce. Therefore, for the parliamentarian, the embezzlement could have a very negative impact in the coming months.

What does health say?

a capital Cities I contacted the Ministry of Health regarding this matter. The ministry explained that due to the election period, it is studying each case of contractual extension on its dates.

The volume noted, “It is important to stress that the Secretariat is interested in extending contracts, as these professionals enhance assistance and other areas of service to the population.”

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