Tate Deniz, the famous businesswoman, has died at the age of 44

Famous businesswoman Tate Deniz has passed away at the age of 44

Reproduction / Instagram – 08.18.2022

Tate Deniz died of cancer at the age of 44

Famous entrepreneur Tate Deniz died Thursday at the age of 44 due to cancer diagnosed two and a half years ago. She is survived by her husband Hugo and their 15-year-old son Gabriel. On social media, former clients and friends paid their last respects.

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“In our last conversation we talked about that time and space are an illusion. Today I am thousands of kilometers away from your family, Aunt Fatima, Vla de Gabe whom I love so much and I wanted to hug her dearly, but not from you I feel so far away. Yesterday we exchanged messages, we said we loved each other “And love doesn’t end like this when the body says goodbye, it expands when it frees itself from density. Thank you for everything you stand for in our lives, in my career story, at my wedding, in the funniest stories we have together.”

Tate ran the jobs of celebrities such as Philip Andreoli, Rafa Brights, and Tata Wernick, when they were still early in their careers. Currently, she is a partner in a company with Rodrigo Farrow’s brother. In the cast, presenter Rodrigo Farrow, Evaristo Costa, Thiago Oliveira, among others.

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“When I was on MTV, I had little faith in myself. I was afraid of everything. You came with your strength, your wisdom and your faith and you became my boss. It calmed me looking at you. Because you believed in me. Your faith was never even with all the hardships I went through, you didn’t I watch you ever complain. It was just words of hope. Today was the first time you said “friend, it’s hard.” You had friends by your side who love you. Your son who loves you. Hugo is your love who loves you. Your parents are so amazing. Your sister is the most amazing sister in the world. Even Your ex loves you. Everyone loves you. And this love will never change. Thank you for everything, buddy. Your parents, son and sister have been tireless. Just like you. God, Jesus, Our Lady welcomes you with open arms to a wonderful party. I know you don’t need to come A job at the moment. But this is a tribute to her family, and to one of my dearest friends who is today a loyal boxer of the most beautiful angels,” said Tata Wernick.

“My friend, I don’t even know what I’m going to say right. After all, everyone knew you as the wonderful artist director I became. But I met you when I was five, in Franca, our mothers were friends… and that’s how you became my sister. I decided, MTV lawyer Being a businesswoman only when the CQC blew up and I found out I was going to need someone to take care of my things I was your number one customer How lucky I was I I chose you for your personality, your dignity, your honesty and your compassion and because I wouldn’t trust anyone with my eyes closed because I always trusted you And I became a dream maker Wonderful. Your family’s dreams, my family’s dreams, your artists’ dreams, the dreams of people who never dared to dream. I helped make it come true. I definitely made some of you too. God wanted to take you to his company before our time here, the time of humans. I hope he has his reasons because we Here we miss you so much. We will live and respect every minute of the joy and love that he radiated to those I had the honor of knowing you. I love you so much, my sister. Forever, ”said Andreoli.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, Tati Denise has sought to connect herself with the causes that encouraged treatment, as well as hearing testimonials with recovery success stories. With the Vencer o Cancer Institute, he created the “Mirror Mirror” project, in which he sought to talk about disease care and how to deal with side effects.

“Often, due to the side effects of treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients go through the process of not being recognized in the mirror. The proposal is to bring in aesthetics as an ally to treatment and a tool to stimulate self-esteem until shaken in this difficult journey. The idea is to show that illness does not mean Seeing yourself sick. It’s about life, about being able to take care of yourself. It helps patients stand up and face illness by looking in the mirror. The Mirror wants to show that even during treatment it is possible to take care of yourself and find ways to feel beautiful, attractive and happy. We want To bring strength and encouragement to confront fears, doubts and fears. We strive to provide information, techniques, products, services, and specialists in cosmetic treatments that help improve self-esteem. We will create, implement, and provide measures to raise the self-esteem of cancer patients so that they have the strength to fight, not shame or embarrassment with your appearance. Affectionate to a person whose life is ruined by an illness that takes the earth and changes physically and emotionally.It is a positive look at the technologies, services and products available, as well as the qualified professionals who They make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. “Espelho Meu is a mirror of love, bringing beauty that strengthens cancer patients,” he said in the project presentation.

The ceremony will take place at Homeland Funeral, in São Paulo, this Thursday.

“Today is a sad day to say goodbye, but let us shower that room with love, for she was truly loved. The pains are past our dear friend, now rest and make sure that what you sowed here, before you left, you did. You changed the lives of everyone by your side and made us more confident in Life and the ordeals you impose on us. And even today I want to talk about you, my friend! I love you! We will always be together!” said partner Daniel Farrow.

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