5 Neymar news today rocked (17/08)

5 Neymar news today rocked (17/08)

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If everything is going well on the pitch with Neymar at the start of the season, the Brazilian is one of the protagonists of the controversy haunting Paris Saint-Germain. Kylian Mbappe’s problems are in the news and around the world. Torcedores.com presents the top 10 jersey news:

The anti-Neymar journalist reveals the problems behind the scenes at Paris Saint-Germain

Journalist Daniel Riolo, who got involved in an argument with Neymar some time ago when he accused the Brazilian of training him while drunk, brought new information about the Paris Saint-Germain strikers. He revealed the reason for Kylian Mbappe’s dissatisfaction after the renewal with Paris Club. According to the source, the young Frenchman received promises from the board of directors that were not kept.

“Mbappe and Neymar do not talk to each other and do not beat each other, we have known this for a long time. Mbappe is the president of the club, they told him that they told his mother and father”, expelled the journalist.

“They sold him (hiring) an internationally famous coach and they sold that Neymar would not be there anymore. Upon arrival (re-submission), it wasn’t exactly like that. So he is in a bad mood about what he promised.”

Neymar speculated at other clubs, but stayed at Paris Saint-Germain, where he held until 2027. The problems were evident last weekend, in the 5-2 win over Montpellier, in the French Championship. Mbappe did not celebrate the goals, gave up playing in an incredible fashion and was annoyed by the Brazilian’s penalty kick.

Casagrande once again blows Neymar up for his positions in Paris Saint-Germain

Former player Walter Casagrande does not utter words when he talks about Neymar. An absolute critic of the Brazilian national team’s No. 10 shirt, the commentator returned to attacking the Paris Saint-Germain player this week, saying he had “already sent off his winger” and “has a more treacherous behavior than Mbappe”.

“The lack of professionalism of the sensitive Neymar must be unbearable for the world champion and best young player in the 2018 Russia Cup. Paris Saint-Germain offered the Brazilian even on Mars, but no one wants to play the role of a self-centered man who does not play for the team”, Casagrande launched in his column in Uol.

“Neymar should not interfere and let Mbappe hang and try to recover in the match. (…) Neymar goes there and likes posts that criticize Mbappe. In my opinion, this is treachery. With what intention did he do this? To enjoy a good start to the season and pull the rug out from under his partner”, He said.

Thiago Silva defends Neymar after Casagrande’s attack on the shirt 10 again

Thiago Silva spoke about the criticism of the new Casagrande and defended his friend. The Chelsea defender commented in a post on his Instagram: “Neymar, what did you do against that boy over there?? He wrote on the “Fui Clear” page that it is not possible.

Vampita explains how the PSG dressing room was divided after the Neymar-Mbappe controversy

Problems in the PSG dressing room became public. What the French press had already speculated on was clear last Saturday (13), when the bad atmosphere between Neymar and Mbappe intensified after the dissatisfaction with the penalty shootout.

Vampita commented on the episode and revealed how the PSG dressing room was divided: “Neymar, Di Maria, Paredes, Navas… These players have always been close to each other. Kimpembe is on Mbappe’s side. The truth is that in the dressing room, Neymar has players More than Mbappe. Foreigners besides Neymar. The PSG dressing room has much more friends with Neymar than Mbappe at the moment,” he said.

Neto opened the match and explained the controversy with Neymar’s father

Presenter Neto explained during the program “Os Donos da Bola” on Wednesday (17) a controversial case with Neymar’s father. He revealed a misunderstanding about a story told by former player Amaral.

“Guys, I wanted to clarify and resolve an unresolved issue not because of me or because of Neymar’s father. One day, someone I trust said that Neymar’s father was going to say at one point he would pay $3,000 for giving me a stroller and breaking my ankle. This is a lie,” said Neto. “.

“Neymar’s father never said that. The information is incorrect. It was a bad joke, he even apologized. This is over. He settled on him. Hug to Neymar’s father. Everyone lives their life and goes in God’s peace.”

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