45 of Segundo Tempo deconstructs nostalgia in honest defense of carpe diem

45 of Segundo Tempo deconstructs nostalgia in honest defense of carpe diem

Regardless of the hardships of nostalgia, it is a fact that in adolescence we retain many formative experiences not only of our adult identity, but also of our frustrations. The freshness of youth is always amplified by the freedom of the many possibilities that naturally disappear with time. Therefore, it is treacherous to use what could have been, but was not, as a haven for today.

45 of the second halfDirector’s latest films Louise Villasa (Where do I see you?), uses a friendship rescue scheme as the basis for a sensitive message for take the chance Which, specifically, experiences this escape from nostalgia. Sensitive and reflexive, the long piece of humor is unusual to plunge into a highly human and believable emotional escalation, ending up in the recurring dramas of modern everyday life. In its structure and content, the production simulates a journey back from fantasy to reality, but suggests that this awakening process doesn’t have to be just a painful tear.

Who embodies this idea is Pedro (Tony Ramos), a messy restaurateur so proud of his Italian heritage, finds himself in crisis, old and celibate, when his company seems to be collapsing forever. Realizing that there is no reason to live anymore, he decides to choose a good day to commit suicide – if all goes well, with Palm trees Being the Brazilian Football Champion – and warns two friends for 40 years that ended up meeting due to a report: Ivan (Casio Gubos Mendes), VIP lawyer, Mariano (Ari France), a priest in a crisis of faith.

The surprise in the career choices of both, the former a staunch anti-system perfectionist, the latter a bad-mouthed first-class, do not overcome the strangeness of the reunion so late. When he sees his friends for the first time, Pedro still treats them as if they were the same boys he played football with in a traditional high school in São Paulo. Dante Alighieri. Embarrassed by the dissonance between who they were and who they become, the two sort of go with the flow, embracing the farce in hopes that it will be enough to alter suicide plans.

Although the years have passed, it is almost symbiotic the way this whole circle of falsehood ends up bringing the trio together again, complemented by Pedro’s misinformation with himself. More than trying to convince Ivan and Mariano that he is as firm as he is calm in deciding to end his life, Ramos’ character wants to convince himself that he is not overcome by despair, sadness, and loneliness. And that trying to make one last contact with two people marked him is not a cry for help, but an invitation to enjoy himself.

Thus, the dysfunctional three depart to plunge into an unreal past, visibly tainted by the blurry vision of nostalgia but, ironically, forcing them to painfully confront everything that is wrong with the present. 45 of the second half He wears the nostalgia of escape, but reveals it as an alert. Taking an exaggerated romantic look at yesteryear, Pedro, Ivan, and Mariano see that today has become so unbearable that only two logical responses emerge from this pain: surrender or die. Since one of them had already made their choice beforehand, the decision would only be left to the other two.

And this is where the script signed by Vilaka and Leonardo Moreira, reveals his greatest strength: a healthy injection of some irony into the archetypal romantic ideal of dramatic comedy. if 45 of the second half It comforts and inspires us with a beautiful message, as is usual in the genre, not without realizing that part of the beauty of life lies in the pains we endure and the mistakes we overcome, but that it is human right to be perpetrated by their judgment of value – even choosing to end this course. Rather than setting up a direct confrontation with the question, placing the living as suffering as a mandatory state of existence, the film chooses to respond to it with a reminder: No one needs to go through everything alone, and as long as the whistle doesn’t. There is still time to change the game.

45 of the second half

45 of the second half

45 of the second half

45 of the second half

year: 2022

nation: Brazil

classification: 12 years

Period: 109 min min

direction: Louise Villasa

road map: Luis Villaca and Leonardo Moreira

spit: Tony Ramos, Ari Franca and Cassio Gabos Mendes

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