Palmeiras did not accept to pay a cent more to Renan.  The contract was terminated for good reason.  On the death of Eliezer Bina

Palmeiras did not accept to pay a cent more to Renan. The contract was terminated for good reason. On the death of Eliezer Bina

Sao Paulo, Brazil

There was no forgiveness.

As the blogger predicted on the fateful Friday, July 22, when he had an accident that killed Eliezer Pena, Renan will not play for Palmeiras again. His contract will run until December 2025.

The termination was officially published yesterday in the CBF daily newsletter.

President Leila Pereira promised that Renan would never wear the green shirt. Although he arrived at the club at the age of eleven, he has been noted as one of his biggest promises in recent years, being the captain of the Under-20 team, with several call-ups to Brazilian youth teams, showing excellent potential.

And the site specializing in transactions, Transfermarkt, admits that the value of the left defender on the market, before the accident, of course, was 9 million euros, or about 47 million Brazilian reals.

Once Lily learned that the details of the accident were firm with CEO Anderson Barros. Termination of the contract for good reason. Palmeiras’ legal department approved the letter.

The reason was the report of police officers from Bragança Paulista who indicated that Renan showed signs of poisoning.

He refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Or he drew blood to measure his alcohol level when he was driving his Honda Civic in the wrong direction, at an altitude of 47 kilometers from the Alkindar Monteiro Junqueira motorway.

It collided with the motorcycle driven by Eliezer Pena, 38, who was on his way to work, around 6 a.m.

Renan was returning from a party in Campinas.

Police report made by an explicit witness.

“The driver (Renan) got into the car and lay in the back seat, got out of it, sat on the floor, cried and vomited.

“A few minutes later, a girl arrived in a white Ford Ka and gave her plenty of water to drink, about 2 liters, which was in a pet bottle. Soon after, the car driver started peeing.”

His driver’s license was suspended due to excessive fines.

According to the police report, he was going to admit that he fell asleep at the wheel after being up all night.

Renan was arrested. He ended up being released, having to post bail of R$242,000.

The money went to Eliezer’s wife and two daughters.

Leila Pereira was disgusted by the situation.

He ordered the family of Eliezer Benna to be financially supported.

The contract has expired.

It was the same position taken by Red Bull Bragantino, who was on loan to him until the end of this year.

Renan has been indicted for manslaughter, when there is no intent to kill. The penalty is five to eight years in prison. But the public prosecutor can still convict him of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The player’s lawyers also tried to obtain some financial compensation from Red Bull Bragantino and Palmeiras. But the attitude of the directors was firm. Just a reason.

The fatal accident caused by Renan directly affects the image of both clubs. The player’s behavior was deemed unacceptable.

Palmeiras’ legal department took care of all the care until yesterday’s termination in the Brazilian Football Confederation. So that there is no possibility of legal dispute.

The judge decided that Renan was barred from travel until trial.

Businessmen took a referendum from the island from the Emirates to him, as they believe that Renan will not be able to continue playing in Brazil.

But the proposal did not go forward.

The court did not allow him to leave the country.

Palmeiras, 107 years ago, had never accused a player of contract murder.

Information shows that Renan is depressed. Rely on psychological help to cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, Laila is watching over Eliezer Pena’s family.

His widow and two daughters went to Allianz Parque to accompany Palmeiras and Goiás.

They had access to Abel Ferreira and the players.

It was a small breath.

to a disgusting situation.

Leila Pereira kept her word.

Renan will never play with Palmeiras again…

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