Videos show confusion, fights and running around in the Joao Gomez concert area in Recife;  The audience says they heard gunshots

Videos show confusion, fights and running around in the Joao Gomez concert area in Recife; The audience says they heard gunshots

Confusion, fights, a lot of running and even the noise of shots that could be gunshots. Videos sent to WhatsApp from Globo TVOn the night of Wednesday (17), scenes of recorded riots appear in the area where Pernambuco singer Joao Gomez’s performance was held in downtown Recife. A crowd took control of the Marco Zero area of ​​Recife to introduce the singer (See the video above).

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Fans of the singer were excited and happy with what they saw. However, in some areas there were reports of thefts, trawl thefts and even shootings. During the show, information was also circulated that a drone used to record images was to be taken after it fell. Team Globo TV She stated that she was asked to return the equipment “behind the stage”.

Soon, images of confusion in the area where the performance of the Pernambuco singer took place spread on social networks. In shared videos it is possible to follow a large confusion, with a circle opening in the middle of the audience.

In the photos taken from above, a man in a black shirt is shown running through the crowd. He nearly knocked the rack that was part of the performance area isolation scheme.

In another picture, you can hear two shots that could be gunshots. The video shows a child standing near a tree. People shout “Calm down” and “It’s a bullet.” It is also possible to escort people to the marquee of buildings.

A confusion was recorded during the João Gomes concert in Recife – Image: Reproduction / WhatsApp

Another video was recorded by a woman as she was on a bus passing in an area near Ground Zero. It shows the moment when the rush in the street begins and the police fire bullets that look like non-lethal weapons.

In the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, in the central area of ​​the city, the moment when young people ran in the middle of the street was recorded. People said it was a “fishing ship”.

In a live interview on NE2, a young woman from Olinda, in Greater Recife, said she took her cell phone. Another person reported, also in an interview with NE2after seeing a fishing vessel.

João Gomes during DVD recording at Recife – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

João Gomes’ concert was performed at Marco Zero to record the DVD “Acredite”. Since dawn on Wednesday, a traffic scheme has begun, closing streets, roads and bridges.

A police reinforcement of over 300 PM was also announced in addition to the men hired by the production team.

a g 1 Military police inquired if there were fishing vessels or people arrested or injured during the riots, but did not receive a response until the last update of this report.

Joao Gomez – Photo: clone

The João Gomes show started just before 6pm, with photos of the life path of the singer, who was born and raised in Sertão de Pernambuco.

The song “Eu Tem a Senha”, part of the soundtrack to the series Pantanal, was chosen to begin the DVD recording of “Acredite”, first in the forró de vaquejada phenomenon’s career.

Fireworks were set off when the singer from Pernambuco took the stage wearing a cowboy hat. On stage, other elements of Pernambuco culture showed how powerful and important the roots of the people from Pernambuco were who won Brazil.

20-year-old Joao Gomez was born in Cerreta in Sertau, and raised in Petrolina, in the same region. Currently, he has more than 13 million followers on Instagram alone, and he has conquered audiences all over Brazil.

A crowd took over the Marco Zero district of Recife for the João Gomes show – Photo: Reproducer/TV Globo

With one year into his career, he got the song “Eu Tem a Senha” in the TV series Globo TV. The song is the theme of Zé Leôncio, a character played by Renato Goes, also from Pernambuco, in the first stage of the telenovela, and played by Marcos Palmeira, in the second.

The singer decided to return to his original state to record the first DVD of his career. The name “Believe” is a reference to the artist’s dreams coming true.

He began to sing in the corridors of the Federal Institute of the Petrolina Rural District, where he was taking an art course in agriculture. Gradually, what was a joke among colleagues grew and the singer became a national phenomenon.

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