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Alejandro Clavo talks about his role in Rensga Hits! And kissing in the actor – Patricia Cogot, or Globo

Alejandro Clavioux plays Deivid Cafajeste in “Rensga Hits!” (Photo: clone)

Guiano had, Alejandro Clavo, on the recordings of “Rensga Hits!” , reunion with his origin. He, who plays country singer David Cavaguest on Globoplay, recalls his childhood and his accent and expressions of where he was born and raised:

“The more I go back there, my accent appears stronger. I saw a lot of people talking about accents in the series, saying that my accents are coercive. When you hear yourself talking, you don’t realize it’s loaded. But that’s the real one, that’s the original.” (Laugh). I came to the Southeast at the age of twenty-five. I am a food engineer and studied theater in college. Before that, I had never left Goiania. I would only go to Uruguay because my parents are from there. In Goiás I always heard a lot of sertanejo, moda de viola … I went to concerts of this kind. There I did many plays, but I wanted to come to Rio. That was betting on Brazilian Hollywood, the place where things happen. And my first work on TV, the series “Os Clandestinos: The Dream Has Begun” (2010), dealt with that as well. A group of actors were coming in search of the dream interpretation. For ‘Rensga’, when I found out that casting was approved, I heard from the team that I would need to speak as a Goian, because I wasn’t from there. I said, “Guys, but I’m from there. I even thought he helped the squad!”.

In the 2010 series, Alejandro, 39, met Samuel de Assis, with whom he formed a romantic partner in “Renja Hits!”. In the on-air production on Globoplay, Kevin (Assis) plays a security guard who accuses Deivid Cafajeste of stopping to hide their relationship. Last week, the internet was shaken to see the actors give a kiss on the mouth at the series’ launch party.

– I loved the fallout. We have to normalize affection. It makes no sense not to normalize people. That was a kiss, yeah, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a show of emotion and emotion. But there is nothing else. In the last episode of the series, my character says: “There will be a kiss on the stage and you will see.” It was to normalize affection – confirms the actor who has a friend. “He’s not of the artistic class. He has nothing to do with exposing her.

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Clavo recalls that it was the friendship of more than 14 years that led them to agree to perform on stage. Before the sequel, the two spoke so the kisses wouldn’t shorten compared to other couples in the story.

We had this old desire to work together. When we heard about the lineup, we decided to go up. In the readings, we’ve been talking about Deivid and Kevin’s relationshipWe felt that a missing scene deepened their relationship. and Renata (Korea, author) Beautiful Pit Dog sequel books — says the actor, noting for a moment Kevin was upset that Deivid didn’t come out, but says he wouldn’t pressure him.

Fantasy allowed them to address a behavior that has become more common in recent years among actors and actresses: facing the dilemma of declaring their sexual orientation, regardless of public opinion. Nanda Costa, Marco Pegosi and Reinaldo Gancini are some of the ones who have already spoken publicly on the subject. Clavo sees:

“I think it’s cool. Everyone who lives on this issue are victims of this anti-gay society. It’s too bad not to be able to live your truth, your freedom, to walk in the street and not to respect your right, not to be able to act normally because you could die. It’s It’s not just about opinion, it’s 2022 and we still have to talk about it. The country is still one of the countries that kills the most gays. I think the fact that people feel more welcome by social networks helps in this process (Not hiding their sexuality), but there is still a lot to be done. We see in the series that the place of the victim who cannot kiss her boyfriend in public is sad because she may lose her place in the music scene. not today. We see that some artists, because they are successful, find it easier to show who they are. But if someone starts their career, it can be much more difficult. If the profession is strengthened, it becomes easier for people to respect it and for the artist not to lose his place in the middle. And in the audiovisual field, this approach to arousal and lust is intriguing. It exists. It should be the way you handle a scene between heterosexual characters. In the series we also talk about love. This is why kisses are natural. People celebrated the fact that it wasn’t stereotyped. We actors have to fight for it too. To make real scenes like straight characters.

Goiano is also being shown on the air in another production, “The Maldives,” from Netflix. He plays Captain Rafael and has already received notification that new seasons will be recorded. In addition to the series, Clavo is promoting the film “Two Sisters”, which he wrote and produced:

The film is in the competitive section of the Festival de Rio. There is Malu Galli and Anna Flavia Cavalcante. I also worked in it.

Samuel de Assis and Alejandro Clavo Vi Samuel de Assis and Alejandro Clavo in “Renja Hits!” (Photo: clone)

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