See what the government's plans say for RR . governor candidates

See what the government’s plans say for RR . governor candidates

Folha de Boa Vista details government proposals for the main candidates for Palacio Senador Helio Campos

In connection with the dispute over the palace of Senador Helio Campos in Roraima, five official names have been announced: Antonio Denarium (PP), from the coalition “All Workers and God’s Blessings”; Fábio Almeida (PSOL) from the Psol Rede Consortium; Juraci Escurinho (PDT); Rudson Leite (PV) of the Brazilian Federation of Hope and Teresa Sorreta (MDB) of the Roraima Much Better Coalition.

The contestants submitted a government plan to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), a document indicating ideas for the administration.
Antonio denarium The plan was divided into nine axes: health, education, security, culture, administrative administration, social welfare, development, infrastructure, and care for indigenous peoples. The axes are comprehensive and affect the various sectors of public administration. In 10 pages, the current governor of Roraima represents the immediate measures he would implement if re-elected.

Selected as a candidate by the consortium of Psol and Rede, Fabio Almeida He made 13 potential management suggestions divided into basic and specific guidelines. Topics are diverse, ranging from economics and sustainability to human rights. There are 13 points behind the process of building the PSOL/REDE political program in the state of Roraima.

Rodson Light The ideas are cataloged in substantive procedures that take into account procedures in areas such as education, health, development, employment, income, public security, and others. The PV Chair acknowledges that the 30 actions listed in the 29-page document are “conceptual and methodological” and will guide potential management from 2023 to 2026.

Rodson intends to divide Boa Vista into 08 sectors, and a color will be assigned to each sector to better visualize the population of what will happen in each sector, in the areas of job creation, health, river resettlement, the Garden of Remembrance, the creation of a State Secretariat area for small and micro businesses, environmental education preventive, redefining standards for exploration of settlement areas in the Amazon biome, as well as programs to develop family farming and restore state infrastructure.

filter Theresa Soretta The proposals are set into 14 axes, focusing on education, health, agriculture, public security, the economy, labor, employment, income generation, logistics, transportation and urban mobility. Sustainable development, water resources, sanitation and energy, modernization, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, housing, culture, sports and recreation, tourism and transversal and social policies.

Among the five names submitted to the competition for the Palace of Senador Helio Campos, Dark Juraci It is one with the smallest governmental plan with seven commitments aimed at the children and youth of our country, as well as the interests of workers and women, in the fight for the cause of the people of African descent, the indigenous people, the defense of the Brazilians of nature as well as the restoration of the Brazilian people of the country’s strategic privileges that they have given to groups and foreign interests.

The proposals for action refer to the adoption of government policies to encourage adoption of best practices for the sustainable development of Roraima State.

Folha analyzed the candidates’ proposals in key areas. As for education, the proposals revolve around the expansion of the general education network, as well as the appreciation of specialists in the region. In the field of security, contenders have cited as a major focus the integration of technology to combat crime, especially factions.

With regard to job creation, the focus will be mainly on attracting investments and developing industrial activity, with an emphasis on creating public policies to promote trade. For health, the proposals are committed to expanding the service capacity of the state’s network, with specific actions to meet orders delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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