Ex de Karina Bacchi lamenta ter assinado documento desistindo da paternidade

Ex-Kareena Bacchi regrets signing a document renouncing paternity

Amore Nunes, 39, the ex-husband of Karina Bacchi, wrote an open letter regretting alienating his son Enrico. The former football player and businessman said that he had not seen the boy for four months.

Credit: Play / InstagramEx-Kareena Bacchi regrets signing a document renouncing paternity

In an Instagram post, the former athlete vented about why he fell in love with his ex-wife. “Right in the beginning of our relationship, one of the main virtues I saw in my ex was that she was a good mother, indeed a wonderful mother, devoted, present, hardworking and courageous… It was one of the main reasons I embraced that family with all my heart, in those The very special moment, with a newborn,” he began.

Amaury explained in the letter that everything happened quickly. From day to day he saw himself becoming Enrico’s father, now 5 years old, realizing that the little one needed him.

“We met in person in Miami on August 28, 2017, 20 days after his birth. There, quickly, I felt that she not only needed me, but especially. In a short time, we decided that I would move with them to Sao Paulo, away from my family, away from my job. It was like this, one weekend I was single on the beach in Miami, playing soccer with my friends, and on the other hand warming up a bottle at dawn, playing husband and father to a newborn, and feeling very happy,” he reported. .

After that, the businessman stated about living together during these five years with his ex-wife and son. He said that the former spouses always shared all of Enrico’s care and expenses.

“In these almost five years, we always shared practically everything, especially regarding our son, bills, responsibilities and obligations. When I had to travel, I stayed with him. When she needed to travel, I stayed with him, and when possible, the three of us go together. In adapting In the little school when she was two years old, she went one day, and I went the other. One day I would take her to judo, the other day she would take her swimming. While she worked, I played with him, and during my work, I played with him. Any doctor’s appointments he has, we’ll go Together. At every meal of the day we always made an effort to get the three of them together, it had always been this way since he was 20 days old,” he said.

In 2019, the couple began the process of social and emotional parenting. “He can even put my name as a father in his identity, which does not currently have a father’s name. However, in the process, we ran into some obstacles such as the pandemic and a crisis in our relationship, as we separated (between March and April 2021), he said.

He went to Rio de Janeiro to stay with his family, but after a few weeks, he decided to return to São Paulo. With everything almost ready for the two to sign a divorce, they talked and decided to try to resume the relationship.

At that moment, she had two documents for me to sign. One was the divorce, which we did not decide not to sign immediately, and the other was the waiver of our son’s paternity claim. It was a huge shock to me there. I was so sad, but in an effort to keep our family together, and hopefully things would get better or get back to normal, I agreed to sign that document.”

“Especially because I never thought that a simple role could define a relationship as pure and beautiful as that of my son. After all, as she herself said: “In the heart it has always been like this, father and son,” he added.

According to him, this was the only operation that was in place until then, with no other case in court preventing him from seeing his son for any specific reason.

“Over the past year, I think my ex-wife and I have done everything we can to preserve our family, restore love, understand all that was going on, all the changes. It’s all within our limits as the flawed human beings we are,” he values.

However, Amauri said they failed and hit their full potential. Because of this they decided to divorce, without major quarrels and accusations, without any serious problems, but each of them had their own point of view.

“Of course we were sad and upset about our differences, especially in thoughts, habits, attitudes, and behavior… Everything was practically far apart and was very different from when we first met. Even the church we were going to, we no longer got along.”

Four months later he confirmed that he was trying to understand her position on not letting him see the baby or at least talk to him.

“I would like to make it clear that my intention was never and never will be to take him away from her, quite the contrary. As I said here, I have always admired her as a mother, but my intention is for our son to grow up with his wonderful mother, but also with a father who loves him so much, simply because he deserves it” , he argued.

Finally, the businessman said that he continues with an open heart and arms to resume social contact with his son. “Son I love you. I will always be here for you, and I know you miss you so much, me too. I hope one day soon we can be together again.”

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