Tata wins lawsuit against RedeTV!  For budget joke channel

Tata wins lawsuit against RedeTV! For budget joke channel

Tatá Werneck announced on Wednesday (17/8) that he has won a lawsuit brought by RedeTV! against it. The channel had asked justice for moral damages over a prank the celebrity gave during the Multishow Award in 2020. At the time, the comedian and actress said that the dress she wore for the Globo Awards cost the programming budget. . From Sao Paulo station.

Announcer Amilcare Jr. Marcelo de Carvalho demanded 50 thousand Brazilian riyals as moral compensation, as well as a retreat on the social networks of the comedian. The judge who ruled this case responded that this quote from Tata Wernick was a joke and that he did not have the power to change the way viewers view the channel.

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In addition to losing to Tatá, RedeTV! Payment of all legal costs and global attorney’s fees, which were allocated in the budget at 10% of the value of this lawsuit. They can still file an appeal, but the broadcaster has not commented on the matter yet.

Remember the case

While presenting the 2020 Multishow Award, Tatá Werneck joked that her dress would cost a network on the channel. “Guys, don’t notice, I came straight on a motorbike, understand? I came like that. I took (the clothes) on the clothesline, still wet. This is the budget for RedeTV! For the love of God, I don’t want you to pay attention,” he joked. Comedian, who was on stage alongside Paulo Gustavo and singer Isa.

The announcer’s defense claimed that Di Tata’s speech sounded like a mockery by lowering the quality of her clothing and comparing it to the channel’s budget. Also, according to the lawyers of the open channel, Tata’s letters were identified as persecution of the company. They claimed that the derogatory jokes against the network had been told before.

In the process, a joke made by Tatá during the 2018 edition of CCXP, when she thanked God for not merging Pânico na TV, in 2010, which was shown by RedeTV!, was used. However, after ruling in this case, Rede TV! Lost and you will have to pay the famous court costs.

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