5G Cell Phone: Which is Motorola's Best Choice?  See the full list

5G Cell Phone: Which is Motorola’s Best Choice? See the full list

Since launching the Moto G line in Brazil in 2013, Motorola has become one of the darlings of the national smartphone market. Much of this success is due to the premise of the line: an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. The devices managed to unite interesting configurations and competitive prices.

As for the novelty of 5G, Motorola has 13 cell phones that are already enabled and compatible in Brazil. As the new data transmission system spreads across the country, it should become more and more popular.

Below, Tilt reviews each device. It is worth noting that the prices shown are those of the official website of the brand – some devices can be found at a reduced price in retail stores and markets.

Motorola edge 30 Pro 5G

It is the top of the manufacturer. Its main characteristic is the processor, a snapdragon 8 The general 1 – That is, its strength is equal to that of more expensive competitors. The camera array is also good, with two working lenses and a depth sensor. Tilt tested edge 30 Pro at launch time, at the beginning of the year, see here. price: 4,499.10 BRL

Motorola Edge 30 Pro 5G

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Motorola edge 30 5G

A softer version of the top of the lineAnd the It can be considered as one of the best basic mobile phones. The processor handles major tasks and games. The camera assembly is the same edge 30 Pro, which will not disappoint photography lovers. device tilt tested; See the full review here. price: 2974.15 Brazilian Real

Motorola Edge 30 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Motorola Edge 30 5G

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Motorola edge 20 5G

a edge No. 20 was the “core top” of the last generation of the manufacturer and this makes it similar in many respects to edge 30. The biggest difference here is that, unlike edge 30, this device uses a triple camera setup with a telephoto lens, which makes it fun for long-range photos. Below is a comparison between edge 20 and Moto G100. price: 2124.15 Brazilian Real

Motorola Edge 20 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Motorola Edge 20 5G

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Motorola edge 20 Lite 5G

Member of the last generation of the line edgeHey edge 20 lite occupies the base of the range. It is no exaggeration to say that it is more intermediate than top and this is reflected in its attractive price. The camera bets on large numbers of Megapixels It uses a dual setup (wide angle and ultra wide) as well as a depth sensor. tilt comparison edge 20 lite with truly 5; look here. price: 1799.10 Brazilian Real

Motorola Edge 20 Lite - Disclosure - Disclosure

Motorola Edge 20 Lite

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Motorola Moto G200 5G

The most powerful Moto G is the typical representative of the line: a device with an average price and better configurations. If you are not looking for a device elegant With those on the line edge 30, this is a good choice for having a powerful processor, good quality camera and a big battery. And without paying much for it. Watch the full Tilt review here. price: 2549.15 Brazilian Real

Moto G200 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto G200 5G

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Motorola Moto G82 5G

Going down a bit in the Moto G line, the G82 It is a 5G phone that emphasizes battery life, screen size and quality. So if the idea is to watch videos, it could be an interesting option. On the other hand, the processor is not the type to sigh, but it also tends not to let the user down. we compare moto G82 as such truly 9; look here. price: 2429.10 Brazilian Real

Moto G82 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto G82 5G phone

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Motorola Moto G71 5G

a G71 It bears many similarities with G82Especially on the processor and cameras. However, the biggest difference lies in the screen, which is slightly smaller on this device. If you’re looking for a device for everyday use, without worrying about performance when running heavier apps and games, it’s the manufacturer’s second cheapest 5G. See the full technical sheet here. price: 1699.15 BRL

Moto G71 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto G71 5G phone

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Motorola Moto G62 5G

a G62 5G was launched recently and this is still causing price pressure, but it is very likely that it will be found in a much shorter period of time. This is because, in configuration, it falls into the base range of the Moto G. However, there are notable features, such as the screen (a good size and 120 Hz refresh rate) and battery, which ensures away from the port for a long time. Watch this comparison of Moto G622 5G and Samsung Galaxy M 13. price: 1799.10 Brazilian Real

Moto G62 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto G62 5G phone

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Motorola Moto G50 5G

moto ancestor G62He does not hide that his function is cost-effectiveness. It could be the highlight of the screen, but its size lacks resolution. The processor and cameras don’t stand out, and even the large-capacity battery has a recharge speed that’s shy compared to current models. Tilt tested the device at the time of its launch last year; look here. price: 1,439.10 Brazilian Real

Moto G50 5G - Disclosure - Disclosure

Moto G50 5G phone

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