São Paulo reached out to Nacional about the work of the millionaire by Gabriel Neves

São Paulo reached out to Nacional about the work of the millionaire by Gabriel Neves

a Sao Paulo Nacional, of the Uruguayan, has informed who will exercise his priority purchase of midfielder Gabriel Neves, on loan to Tricolor until the end of the year. Information has been disclosed to Throw! According to sources linked to the football dome of Morumbi Club.

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According to what he found L!According to the terms stipulated by the Uruguayan club in the player’s transfer to Sao Paulo, the deal will cost approximately R$9 million for the three-color lockers.

Also according to these sources, the Football Council has already started negotiations to determine the contract that Neves will sign as a final player in Sao Paulo.

The information is not necessarily new. In recent interviews, director of football Carlos Belmonte and manager Rui Costa have spoken openly about Tricolore’s intention to retain the number 15.

Coach Rogerio Ceni supports the choir. When commenting on the midfielder after the 3-0 win over Bragantino, last Sunday (14), in Morumbi, for the Brazilian Championship, he even listed the qualities of his player.

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Not for less. Neves arrived in Morumbi in the middle of last year and took a long time to find himself. He conquered space once and for all only through the hand of Ceni, with whom he became an absolute fixture and starter. In all, the Uruguayan completed 35 matches and did not score any goals for Sao Paulo.

Contract renewal is on the way. slowly…

So far, Sao Paulo has settled only three players in the current group whose contracts will expire at the end of the year: right-back Igor Vinicius, goalkeeper Thiago Cotto and striker Calleri. There is also striker Jonas Toru, previously released to sign with Panathinaikos, from Greece.

Check the status of each athlete at the end of his contract in São Paulo:

REINALDO (Expires at the end of 2022)
After a period of questioning from the press – and the side was silent – the player changed his tone and spoke publicly about his desire to stay. Polls were conducted by Fluminense at the request of coach Fernando Diniz.

Miranda (expires end 2022)
Belmonte has spoken publicly about the club’s interest in its continuity. Negotiations began, non-existent.

EDER (Expires at the end of 2022)
The veteran striker should not remain even with the high salary.

Marcus Guilherme (Expires at the end of 2022)
The striker arrived in the current transfer window with a risky contract. That is, their renewal depends on productivity items, such as the number of matches and goals until the end of the year.

RAFINHA (Expires at the end of 2022)
Another veteran on the team who will have to wait until the end of the year to see if he’s interested in his stay.

Walles (Expires end 2022)
The most ambiguous situation. With physical problems and especially, the defender disappeared from the list of injured released by the club. The bond is treated as a jewel, and there is an interest in extending the bond as a form of recognition and appraisal.

Andres Colorado (Expires at the end of 2022)
He is on loan from Courtoloa, from Colombia. Ceni loves the player, which wouldn’t be too expensive to buy. Tricolor has priority in action. But due to the large number of aliens in the team, he should not stay. In your country the return is taken for granted.

LUIZÃO (Expires Jan 2023)
Promoted from the base, the player gained chances in the Tricolor main team, even due to the lack of options for the sector. Behind the scenes, the extension is said to have been drafted, but it has yet to be officially determined. And there will be opinion polls for Portuguese teams, such as Benfica and Porto.

IGOR GOMES (Expires March 2023)
A midfielder, midfielder and winger, the player’s versatility is very interesting to Ceni, who lists him as one of the main names on the team. He recently said in an interview that he intends to do the renovation. But he saw that his name was implicated in several speculations about large salary requests, which was rejected by the board of directors, which with the delay in agreement, admitted to selling it to the show that appears. In October you can sign with any club. And Botafogo interested.

But the staff have proposals from abroad. Sao Paulo helps the link expire outside the transfer window for the old continent.

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