DVD recording by João Gomes causes effects in Bairro do Recife;  The traffic change begins at dawn

DVD recording by João Gomes causes effects in Bairro do Recife; The traffic change begins at dawn

A concert by singer Joao Gomez in Marco Zero, in the central district of Recife, will have a huge impact on the city centre. The event takes place from 5pm on Wednesday (17), but traffic will change from 4am. Roadblocks, changes to museum opening hours, and police reinforcement were planned. (See the video above).

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The Bairro do Recife tourist area in the capital, Pernambuco, combines museums with a craft center.

João Gomes in a file photo during his presentation at São João de Caruaru, in Agreste – Photo: Joalline Nascimento/g1

The Cais do Sertão Cultural Center reports that it will open its doors to visitors on Wednesday. The office will be from 9 am to 3 pm.

In the neighborhood, which can be reached by bridges, there are also branches of several banks, bars and restaurants.

A giant stage is set for João Gomes’ show at Marco Zero in Recife – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

At Porto Digital, the recommendation is that employees work from home. Partner companies should also adopt a home office system.

During the show, the artist from Pernambuco will record the first “accredit” DVD. Rapper L7 Noun, singer Vanessa da Mata and other artists are expected to participate.

Singer Joao Gomez announced that the recording of the new DVD will be in Recife

The parade stage attracts the attention of those passing through Bairro do Recife. The gathering started 14 days ago and involved 600 workers.

There is 30 meters in front, with a walkway 26 meters long and 24 meters long on the side, and the highest point is 16 meters high. More than 800 lighting fixtures will be distributed throughout the event area.

Esdras admires João Gomes and was impressed with the structure set up for the presentation – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Publicist Esdras Carneiro is a fan of João Gomes. He was impressed with the structure set up for the show and is looking forward to tomorrow’s show. “Because I’m inspired by him,” he said. “Every time I’m at home listening to Joao Gomez, even my mother is really sick. My presence was confirmed on a DVD recording.”

Maria Lua Duarte and her friend had a scheduled flight back to Sao Paulo, but they put it off because of the show – Photo: Reproduc/TV Globo

Student Maria Lua Duarte had a scheduled flight back to São Paulo, but she postponed it to see the show. “We were going back on Sunday, because our classes started yesterday, but USP (University of Sao Paulo) will have to wait a while because it’s João Gomes. My birthday was the theme of João Gomes,” he said.

According to the city council, it is not the largest stage installed in Marco Zero. The structure has a larger facade, but it does not reach the depth dimensions like those of the Carnival.

The DVD recording was announced on July 28 and had a lot of reactions on social networks (See the video above).

On Tuesday, the artist participated in a rehearsal for the presentation. Many fans went to Ground Zero to continue the preparations.

Controlled blocking and flow points on arrival and inside Bairro do Recife for João Gomes DVD recording on Wednesday (17) – Photo: Disclosure / PCR

Due to the event, there will be roadblocks in the vicinity of the theater and inspections of access bridges to the neighborhood. The larger Recife union has informed that there will be no reinforcement of the bus system.

According to the Recife Urban Transport Authority (CTTU), the Marco Zero perimeter will be closed to vehicles from 4am on Wednesday. This action affects the streets of Vigário Tenório, Alvares Cabral and Avenida Barbosa Lima Sobrinho.

The initial plan is to set up more blocks at 12:00 and 15:00, but this can be postponed or offered depending on the flow of people.

According to the city council, there will be distribution in Rua Madre de Deus, Cais do Apolo and Avenida Martins de Barros.

For drivers heading to the southern region, the recommendation is to take Avenida Governador Agamenon Magalhães.

Traffic agents and consultants are on Avenida Alfredo Lisboa to monitor the flow of vehicles and, if necessary, close the rotary bridge, with a diversion to Avenida Martins de Barros.

Check block points:

  • Avenida Alfredo Lisboa and Rua da Moeda;
  • Roa da Moeda, at the height of Roa Dona Maria Cesar and Roa da Assemblia;
  • Mariz e Barros Street, near Tomazina, Vigário Tenório, lvares Cabral, Marquês de Olinda and Rio Branco;
  • Avenida Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, near Rua do Apolo, Rua do Bom Jesus and Rua da Guia
  • Rua Domingos José Martins and Avenida Alfredo Lisboa.

The CTTU teams are also stationed on the bridges of Mauricio de Nassau, Limoiro, Princesa Isabel, as well as the Rua do Emperador, to prevent further access to the neighborhood should these places be occupied by pedestrian flow.

Informal merchants approved by the City Council will be able to operate in the area between Avenida Alfredo Lisboa, Rua Dona Maria César, da Guia and Arsenal da Marinha, according to the Executive Secretariat for Urban Control (Secon).

What can not be taken

People who go to the show will go to two magazines. The first, according to the city council, is carried out by the private security team appointed by the production of the exhibition and located on the four bridges that give access to the island of Bairro do Recife.

Next, city officials stand at six perimeter bulkheads where the public will see the parade. Bottles, flags with bamboo poles, sharp tools, as well as weapons of any kind are prohibited.According to the urban control department.

Entry is allowed with beverage coolers as long as they do not contain any glass containers. If the person is caught with a glass, the drink will be confiscated.

Medical assistance will be provided by four Samu Basic Support Ambulances and eight health professionals to handle potential emergencies, as well as a medical center and fire department.

With a note, the military police reported that the ostesnico security service began on Tuesday (16), due to the rehearsal of the show. For two days, more than 200 military police officers will be assigned to the event.

Staff from the 16th Battalion, the Independent Tourist Support Company, the Independent Dog Police Company and the Mounted Police Regiment will be on site.

In addition to police on foot, police officers will also be launched in two and four wheel modes through specialized units such as CIATur, CIPMoto, BPTran, RPMon, CIPCães and BOPE.

Pernambuco singer Joao Gomez – Photo: clone / Instagram

At 19 years old and with over 13 million followers on Instagram alone, João Gomes has conquered audiences all over Brazil.

The singer was born in Cerreta, a city known as the capital of the cowboys, in Sertão Pernambuco, and lived in Petrolina, in Sertão, since he was young. In the region, learn about the Vaquijada culture, which is one of the main deaths of his career.

Singing in the halls of the Instituto Federal da Zona Rural de Petrolina, where he took an art course in agriculture, João Gomes began attracting his first fans in 2019. Little by little, what was a joke grew among his colleagues.

Today, with thousands of followers and views, a song was also featured on the soundtrack to the soap opera Pantanal, by Globo TV.

“Eu Tem a Senha” is the subject of Zé Leôncio, a character played by Renato Gus, also from Pernambuco, in the first stage of the novel, and played by Marcos Palmira in the second.

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