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Crianca Esperança is out of the mud and has the biggest audience in three years

The reformulation of Crianca Esperança continues to have a positive impact on audience performance for the charitable campaign promoted by Globo in partnership with UNESCO: The second year of the current form of attraction, which has chosen to marginalize luxury to adopt features of the auditorium program with a performance of musicals punctuated by reports on the topics covered by the event, The already observed growth trend continued into 2021, frightening the specter of defeat in 2020, when it lost the lead in scoring.

That year, the charity event suffered from strong competition from Record, buoyed by the good performance of A Fazenda 12. In 2020, the charity show scored just 13.2 points on average in the country’s main capital, and the competitor surpassed it in 44 minutes and couldn’t capitalize on The good reviews the Globo programs were getting in prime time at the time. On the same night as the event, the 7 a.m. telenovela scored an average of 33.4 points, the Jornal Nacional scored 32.2 points and a 9 a.m. telenovela averaged 31.2 points.

Two years later, a lot has changed: Marcos Millon, who ran A Fazenda in the year Crianca Esperança replaced Record, changed channels and became Globo’s headliner on Saturday afternoons in 2021. Caldeirão, the presenter fell in favor of the direction from Globo and was selected To lead this year’s edition of the fundraising event, featuring three newcomers – actress Taís Araujo, journalist Tadeu Schmidt and comedian Paulo Vieira.

Results? According to Ibope consolidated data for Greater São Paulo, obtained through a report pop tv With market sources, Globo scored an average of 17.7 points and grew 5.3% compared to last year. Plus, the number represents the attraction’s best performance in the past three years: the format hasn’t had many fans since 2019, when it averaged 18.5 points. The 2022 edition also managed to stay on top of the specials held in 2018 (16.3), 2016 (16.1), 2015 (16.3) and 2011 (16).

Check out the evolution of Crianca Esperança’s audience over the past 17 years:


Power point
Tess Arago
Marcus Munj
Thaddeus Schmidt
Paulo Vieira
Yvette Sangalo
Luciano Hack
Mago Coutinho
Fatima Bernardis
Jessica Ellen
Luciano Hack
Luis Roberto
Mago Coutinho
Thiago Levert
Dera Base
Fernanda Gentile
Flavio Canto
Jonathan Azevedo
Leandra Lill
Sandra Annenberg
Camila Pitanga
Dera Base
Fernanda Gentile
Flavio Canto
Jonathan Azevedo
Lazaro Ramos
Leandra Lill
Dera Base
Flavio Canto
Lazaro Ramos
Leandra Lill
Dera Base
Flavio Canto
Lazaro Ramos
Leandra Lill
Dera Base
Flavio Canto
Lazaro Ramos
Leandra Lill
crowd team
Fernanda Lima
Lazaro Ramos
Patricia is a poet
Renato Aragao
Lillian Aragon
Livian Aragon
Renato Aragao
Renato Aragao
24 *
Luciano Hack
24 *
Renato Aragao
28 *
Renato Aragao
32 *
Renato Aragao

* Until 2009, Crianca Esperança was broadcast over two days. The audience quoted is only for the prime-time broadcast.

Check out the major TV station program averages this Monday (15):

Average day (07:00/00:00) 14.8
Good morning SP 8.5
Good morning Brazil 8.8
An interview with the poet Patricia 6.7
More than you 6.4
SP1 9.3
Globe Sports 9.7
today’s newspaper 11.5
Carnations and roses 14.6
Afternoon session: Seventh Son 11.7
Worth watching again: Favorites 15.8
behind the illusion 21.4
SP2 22.7
face and courage 21.8
National Magazine 26.6
wet land 32.4
Children’s Hope 2022 17.7
Globo newspaper 10.1
A conversation with Biel – 1000 Special Edition 7.0
Face and Courage (Re) 5.2
Comedy at Dawn: Faye Cola 3.9
hour 1 4.7
Average day (07:00/00:00) 5.2
general balance sheet 2.4
24 hour newspaper record 2.6
Balance Sheet Manhã SP 3.6
speak brazil 3.3
Nowadays 3.5
Balance Sheet SP 6.3
fire of life 4.2
24 hour newspaper record 3.9
City alert 6.8
24 hour newspaper record 4.3
City Alert SP 7.9
journal record 8.7
kings 5.2
Unequal love 3.9
log island 2 3.5
Chicago fire 2.3
24 hour newspaper record 1.7
between the lines 1.2
love school 0.8
universal church 0.4
Average day (07:00/00:00) 4.4
first effect 2.7
First Effect Second Edition 3.5
circular 3.9
emerald 4.6
family issues 3.1
chat 3.0
Beware of the angel 4.6
soulless 5.8
SBT Brazil 6.0
Polyana Mocha 6.8
accomplices in the rescue operation 5.8
mouse software 5.7
Arena SBT 3.8
the night 2.1
mosque operation 2.1
Whoever has not seen it will see 1.8
Best Communication Reporter 1.7
SBT Brazil 2nd Edition 2.0
Average day (07:00/00:00) 2.4
Show faith 0.2
Let’s go to Brazil 0.4
Pura Brasil – National Edition 0.6
Chef with Edu Guedes 0.6
open game 3.0
ball holders 3.3
Good evening Sao Paulo 1.1
The best of the era 1.1
brazil urgent 4.2
Brazil urgent ls 3.8
Band Magazine 4.9
Faustau in the band 3.5
1001 questions 1.9
Double Dose Challenge 1.6
Wild Planet 1.3
night news 0.9
Squad elections 0.7
What ending did it take? 0.8
Total Sports 0.9
More geek 0.6
Journal Da Band (replay) 0.6
first newspaper 0.7

Each point represents 74,666 families and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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