Sandman: 7 Series-Like Movies for Fans of Fantasy

Sandman: 7 Series-Like Movies for Fans of Fantasy

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Neil Gaiman’s cartoons recently appeared on Netflix and live action series Sandman It has become the talk of the moment on the platform, especially among fans of the fantasy genre.

The production brings dreamy fantasies and a real world of dreams and nightmares, and for those who love this kind of plot, we have separated a selection of 7 similar films of the series for you to enjoy.

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7. Coraline

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Although it is cartoon, Coraline It is still a fantasy movie with dark elements that are very similar to Sandmanmainly because it is based on the work of the same author, Neil Gaiman.

The production is available to stream on Apple TV+ and follows the protagonist of the same name as he discovers a new world very similar to hers in a secret door of her home, until she begins to realize that the reality is quite dark.

6. Constantine

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Keanu Reeves became beloved in cinemas in 2005 when he starred in this action fantasy and horror available on HBO Max and brought the hero back to life. Constantinewho also appeared in the Netflix series, but was played by Jenna Coleman.

The film follows the famous demon hunting premise and centers on John helping a policewoman investigate her sister’s death, while exploring heaven and hell in a fictional world.

5. Sleep Doctor

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Available to stream on Telecine, Dr. Sleep It is a great application for fans Sandmanbecause it follows the path of Danny Torrance, who survived an attempted murder by his father and became an adult alcoholic.

Thus, the character becomes haunted by memories of her childhood when he contacts Apra, a girl with extrasensory powers who now needs to control these powers, just like Morpheus and Rose.

4. Heroes

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Starring Chris Evans, who appears to be tied to the powers-that-be in his career, heroes Available to stream on HBO Max and follows Nick, a young man who goes after a government organization after his father’s murder.

He then ends up finding a girl with the same supernatural powers and continues to protect her from the organization, helping the young woman control her powers through his experiment, and remembering the relationship between Morpheus and Rose.

3. Pan’s Labyrinth

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This 2006 work became one of the best examples of the fantasy genre blending dream-like creatures and the supernatural in the course of seemingly ordinary people, in this case, Ophelia.

The young woman finds Pan Faunus in a labyrinth and he tells her that she is a lost princess who needs to complete some very dangerous missions to become immortal at the end of the process, and on the way she finds many unique and mystical creatures in the world that the faun offers.

2. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring It is part of this famous franchise of fiction and mysticism and is very similar to the first half of Sandman When you introduce the initial parts of this fictional universe.

The story depicts the path of a hobbit who receives a magical and evil ring and needs to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, destroying it before then.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe

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A classic of the 2000s, available on Disney+, Chronicles of Narnia It became a reference in the fantasy genre and this movie follows four siblings who are sent to a new mystical world called Narnia.

similarity with Sandman It occurs in the possibility of the youth moving between worlds and in the individual state possessed by Narnia, giving life to various creatures that hitherto seemed impossible to exist.

Now that you know the best fantasy movies similar to Sandmanyou can seize the opportunity to start your own marathon!

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