Petrobras (PETR4) receives a request for multiple votes in Council elections, WIZ (WIZS3) concludes an agreement with Polishop and more

Petrobras (PETR4) receives a request for multiple votes in Council elections, WIZ (WIZS3) concludes an agreement with Polishop and more

Corporate news on Wednesday (17) highlights Petrobras (PETR3 PETR4), which has received from shareholders owning more than 5% of the company’s common stock, a request to adopt a multiple vote in the election of directors at the extraordinary general assembly to be held next Friday ( 19). Additionally, the oil company has begun disclosing the sale of exploration assets in the Buttiguar Basin.

Wiz (WIZS3) becomes the owner of 50% of the share capital of Polishop Corretora de Seguros, a new insurance broker created to sell insurance products through Polishop’s distribution channels.

Banrisul (BRSR6) in turn proposed a voluntary dismissal program to fire up to 824 employees of the organization.

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Petrobras (PETR3 PETR4) reports that it has received from shareholders who own more than 5% of the shares of the company ON, a request for the adoption of a multiple vote in the election of the members of the Board of Directors at the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting to be held next Friday (19) exclusively digital.

In the statement, the state-owned company said that the remote voting prospectus (BVD) disclosed to shareholders at the EGM already includes the possibility of adopting multiple voting, and the votes of the voters will be timely counted and sent in time through the available channels. University elections.

The state-owned company also reports that it has begun the opportunity disclosure phase (teaser), referring to the sale of 40% of its participation in the BM-POT-17 exploration concessions, which includes the Pitu Well Discovery Appraisal Scheme (POT Blocks is being developed). -M-853 and POT-M-855), and the POT-M-762_R15 concession (Block POT-M-762), located in the deep waters of the Butiguar Basin – the equatorial margin – on the Rio Grande do Norte coast.

Petrobras currently owns 100% of these franchises and will continue to operate the partnership after the sale.

CSN and the controlling shareholders of Metalgráfica, with the intervention and consent of Metalgráfica, have entered into an investment agreement in which the parties have agreed to promote, once the endowment terms stipulated therein, the combination of the operations of both companies through a merger from the total shares issued by Metalgráfica by CSN, making it A wholly owned subsidiary.

Via’s Board of Directors has approved Sergio Augusto França Leme, Administrative Vice President, for the position of Director of Investor Relations for the company.

Orivaldo Padilha remains Corporate Vice President for Finance (CFO).

CCR Corporation (CCRO3) informed that Marco Antonio Souza Codoro on Tuesday (16) submitted his letter of resignation from the position of CEO, which was accepted by the company’s board of directors.

Wiz reported that, last Tuesday, previous conditions for closing the operation with retail group Polishop were implemented.

With the closing of the transaction, Wiz became the owner of 50% of the share capital of Polishop Corretora de Seguros, a new insurance broker established for the sale of insurance products through Polishop’s distribution channels, exclusively for 10 years from the closing of the transaction.

Founded in 1999, Polishop is a pioneer in the omnichannel model in Brazil, recognized as a platform for launching innovative products, creating brands and curating exclusive, high-quality products that make life easier for millions of people.

San Carlos (SCAR3)

The company’s board of directors approved the fifth issue of non-convertible and unsecured simple bonds, in one series, totaling R$300 million.

Banrisul (BRSR6)

Banrisul Corporation (BRSR6) announced yesterday that it has referred to union entities, in the midst of negotiations regarding the base date of the bank’s employee category, a proposal for a voluntary dismissal program to dismiss up to 824 employees of the institution. The plan gives preference to retirees or people who are able to retire.

Alphaville (AVLL3)

Alphaville and BPS Capital, this Tuesday (16), signed an investment agreement setting out the terms and conditions for the acquisition, by a BPS Capital affiliate fund, of 33 company-owned companies containing certain operating commitments arising from their issuances prior to 2019 (legacy).

As a result of the operation, BPS Capital will draw into the company, upon closing, an amount of R$216.8 million, through the use of credit arising from the operations provided for in the investment agreement.


State Electricity Transmission Corporation – CEEE – T (EEEL3) has announced that the third payment of dividends, in the amount of R$50 million, will take place on August 22, 2022.

Shareholders who own shares on May 26, 2022 are entitled to a dividend, and as of May 27, 2022, the shares are trading “without dividend”.

GPS Shares (GGPS3)

GIF Fund V, owned by Gávea Investimentos, reduced its stake to 4.02%, with 26.9 million shares ON

The company’s most recent reference model, released at the end of June, did not specify the fund’s or manager’s participation.

Caledonia care hospital

Caledonia Care Hospital has reported the resignation of Ruggiero Fruta Melzi as the company’s CEO. In the coming days, Hospital Care’s Board of Directors will hold an extraordinary general meeting to propose to shareholders the election of Melzy to the position of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors elected Fernando Ferraz de Toledo Machado as CEO of the company.

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