Mário Scheffer: Programa de Bolsonaro registrado no TSE mente sobre as mortes pela covid e até erra o nome do SUS

Mario Schaeffer: Bolsonaro’s TSE-registered program is about Covid deaths and even misses the SUS name – Viomundo

TSE-registered Bolsonaro misses SUS name and says it avoided 1 million COVID deaths

By Mario Schaeffer, at Estadão – Politics and Health Blog

Unlike in 2018, when a photo of Bolsonaro in a hospital bed conveyed the idea of ​​​​the fragile state of the victim-victim candidate, it is now a matter of showing physical activity, a “sports history” that freed him from Covid, preparing to participate in motorcyclists and pilots in the jet skies.

And the disease is another reason for the irony, when the president imitates a Covid patient with shortness of breath or insinuates that a citizen who intends to vaccinate against monkeypox is gay.

The president’s health is going well, but the health of the population has worsened.

In the past three and a half years, the public SUS network has shrunk, vaccination coverage has decreased, maternal mortality has increased, and the combination of triple inequality, poverty and hunger has led to more diseases and deaths.

The reality contrasts with the health separation from government guidelines recorded in TSE by the Bolsonaro/Braga Netto ticket.

The document mixes self-congratulations with responses to the attacks that will come from opponents in the coming weeks.

Before upping the list of the federal government’s laurels, the Alliance program “For Brazil’s sake” warns: “The health problem is very complex and has many overlapping variables.”

The grandiose style is nothing like the ripped sarcasm of a PowerPoint filed at TSE in the 2018 election.

Whoever reads the text, this time a traditional electoral program, encounters language that hides the paucity of content and lies.

The disastrous behavior to combat the Corona virus, which has led to the loss of more than 680 thousand people, has become “enviable signs during the epidemic.”

In fact, 519 million doses of vaccines have been distributed, as shown in the document.

The saying that “vaccination prevented nearly a million deaths in Brazil” is a false axiom.

The program refers to an international study of 185 countries, including Brazil, that looked at deaths averted in each country within a year after immunization began.

There is ample evidence that tens of thousands of preventable deaths had already occurred in Brazil before the first dose of Coronavac was given on January 17, 2021 in São Paulo.

In filing the indictments, the Covid CPI recorded that the federal government was slow to buy vaccines, downplayed the epidemic, discredited scientific guidelines and played against measures to contain transmission of the virus.

In its list of accomplishments, the program commends the “efficiency and expansion of health services for Indigenous communities”.

During the pandemic, the opposite happened, Indigenous peoples were less likely to have early diagnosis, timely treatment, ICU bed, and ventilator.

Biologist Bruno Araujo and journalist Dom Phillips both made the killing, and have dedicated part of their lives to proving that villages have perilous networks of communications, transportation, health services and few opportunities to generate income.

And that the presence of invaders and the violence associated with the predatory occupation of the Amazon increases the spread of infectious diseases in the region.

The 2018 proposals have been recycled, and have not yet been implemented. This is the case for the National Health Card and the inclusion of physical education professionals in family health teams.

The topic of “universal accreditation” and “government function” of physicians is no longer discussed. It is interesting to note that these points from the 2018 program, dropped there during the term of the government, did not damage the loyalty of the medical entities, which closed with Bolsonaro in 2022.

Silence has been maintained, not a single line about SUS funding shortfalls or the increase in monthly health insurance fees, which are record-breaking for the current federal administration.

The released passages reveal neglect: “Good health services increase the odds of a healthy life (sic), “Good nutrition prevents the onset of diseases,” “15% of the total number of hospitalizations by SUS is attributed to lack of physical exercise.”

In an erroneous act, at one point in the text, the SUS, baptized 38 years ago in the Federal Constitution, was introduced by changing its name, as “Sistema Nacional Único de Saúde,” something “coordinated and directed by the Ministry of Health.”

However, by law, the direction of the SUS is unique, and it is practiced in every sphere of government. In the states and municipalities, it is the health secretariats that coordinate and direct the SUS, which has often been overlooked by the health department in recent times.

The Bolsonaro platform incorporates a design for “Caminho da Prosperidade”, based on a close-knit family and entrepreneurship.

In the line chart, linking employment with wealth, public enterprises were excluded.

Science, health problems, people with disabilities, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender identities do not fit into the diagram.

The expression of what Bolsonaro intends was previously illegible, if elected to another four-year term, is terrifying.

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