strong!  Flamengo and two Brazilians entered the list of the most valuable clubs in the world

strong! Flamengo and two Brazilians entered the list of the most valuable clubs in the world

European leagues have the most valuable teams in the world, and player transfers have millionaire numbers. In this last window, for example, midfielder Aurelien Chuamini was signed by Real Madrid for 80 million euros, which is more than 422 million Brazilian riyals at the current price. However, the most expensive deal in football was precisely in Europe, when Paris Saint-Germain invested 222 million euros (821 million Qatari riyals at the time) in the Brazilian, and the value will currently reach more than 1.171 billion Brazilian riyals. Surprising numbers, and it should also be noted that in the last window, Real Madrid would have offered 160 million euros, 988 million Brazilian riyals in price at that time, and the negotiation did not work out.

Currently, the most valuable club in the world is Manchester City FC, from the English Premier League, and its value is estimated at no less than 1.02 billion euros, or 5.39 billion Brazilian reals at the current price. It is followed by Paris Saint-Germain, which has a market value of 926.75 million euros, then Bayern Munich, which has seen an increase in value and today ranks third with a value of 870.23 million euros, and it is clear that with so many numbers it will not be difficult for UEFA competitions to have the main players And those who consistently appear at major awards such as the Ballon d’Or.

But it would be a mistake for Brazilian clubs to survive the list of the most valuable in the world. Conversely, not only does Brazil have the three most valuable teams in South American football, with Flamengo, Palmeiras and Atlético-MG closing in third for CONMEBOL, which still includes Corinthians and in fourth place, Brazilian clubs are among the top 100. valuable in the world, and if they compete in European competitions, they will appear in the ranking of the most expensive teams within the five leagues of the old continent as well.

Thanks to the reputation of those who do well, but don’t measure the efforts to close great deals, Flamengo were the team that invested the most in the recent national transfer window that closed last Monday (15). Rio club spent R$87.5 million on one-time signings, and concluded with just four new reinforcements, namely striker Everton Cipolinha, midfielders Vidal and Pulgar and Varela’s side.

The club was also responsible for the most expensive deal in Brazilian football in this window, with the arrival of Everton Cipollinha. Rubro-Negro has signed a contract to pay a fixed amount of €13.5 million (R$72.5 million), and the amount spent could be even greater if the athlete reaches some goals, reaching €16 million (R$85.9 million).

On the Palmeiras side, Alverde has invested 84.2 million Brazilian riyals to sign midfielder Bruno Tabata and strikers Merientil and Jose Lopez. Rubro-Negro and Verdão are the biggest investments in the transfer window, although they are in the other half of the table in terms of the number of signings.

With the injection of new reinforcements, the Flamengo team is worth 164.4 million euros, or about 861 million Brazilian reais, according to a survey by Transfermarkt, a portal specializing in the football market. The values ​​make the Carioca club among the 20 most valuable in all the six major leagues in Europe, if it participates in the competitions.

Looking at Transfermarkt values, Flamengo overtakes Bournemouth as the 20th most valuable team in the Premier League, with Cherries valued at €160.4 million (R$840 million). In the Spanish League, he will get the position of Getafe, which ranked tenth, with a value of 128.40 million euros. The same position in the First Division is ahead of FC Torino (146.95 million euros), in the Bundesliga it will occupy ninth place ahead of SC Freiburg (149.55 million euros), and in the French League it will occupy seventh place, in the center of RC Lens (126.40 million euros), In La Liga, Portugal took fourth place, instead of Sporting Club de Braga (109.73 million euros).

The value of the Palmeiras team is 156.85 million euros, and about 821.5 million Brazilian riyals, and the market value of the Atlético-MG team is 128.05 million euros, and about 670 million Brazilian riyals, and it will be among the best ranked in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Italy. Portugal.

Another important detail, in the ranking of the 100 most valuable players in the world, Flamengo took 60th place, Palmeiras 62nd and Atlético MG 72nd. In addition to the three, Corinthians also enters the list being number 89 with a squad worth 106.45 million euros, which puts the Brazilians among the strongest clubs In the world, on a financial level.

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