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Bolsonaro’s health plan repeats lies and expects “answers” to the charges

São Paulo – The government’s health plan for re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) mixes self-congratulations with expected responses to attacks coming from opponents. Mario Schaefer, MD, a professor at the University of the South Pacific School of Medicine, defines this in an article published today (16) on his Estadão blog. The specialist refers to the data presented in the document submitted to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) by the “For Brazil” coalition.

In the past three and a half years, Schaeffer says, the public SUS has shrunk, vaccination coverage has gone down, maternal mortality has increased, and the combination of triple inequality, poverty and hunger has led to more disease and death.

However, the program shows a distorted reality in the country. The government is treating the disastrous behavior of the war against COVID-19, which has killed more than 680,000 people so far, as “enviable signs during the pandemic.”

According to Schaefer, it is true that 519 million doses of vaccines against the novel coronavirus have been distributed, as indicated in Bolsonaro’s health plan. But it is not true that the government prevented about one million deaths in Brazil by the end of 2021, according to the document.

He pointed out that “the program refers to an international study conducted on 185 countries – including Brazil – that looked at deaths averted in each country in a one-year period after the start of immunization.” However, he added, there is ample evidence that tens of thousands of preventable deaths had already occurred in Brazil before the first dose of Coronavac was applied, on January 17, 2021, in São Paulo.”

The government’s plan ‘in favor of Brazil’

The professor noted that in filing the indictments, the Covid CPI recorded that the federal government was slow to procure vaccines, underestimated the epidemic, discredited scientific guidelines and played against measures to contain transmission of the virus. By the way, the events that, based on the document of the alliance “in the interests of Brazil”, are part of a fictional plot about the modern history of the country.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 17,900 pulmonary respirators have been distributed in the states and DF (Federal District). More than 19,500 ICU beds have been made available for Covid-19 and 363.7 million personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, sneakers, hats, aprons, alcohol gel, goggles and face shields) have been distributed across the country. The states of the Federation received from MS about 15.7 billion riyals of financial resources for
Management in the face of Covid-19 and its consequences. 41.1 billion riyals were also transferred to the municipalities for their implementation, “according to excerpts from the government’s plan.

Once again, Bolsonaro’s candidacy calls “accountability”, for what was done before serious problems occurred due to the country’s mismanagement of the pandemic. It is impossible to forget about the lack of oxygen in Manaus and neighboring cities, since the scarcity of the main resource for treating patients was already known to the Ministry of Health. But delays in taking action have claimed dozens of lives, in a tragedy that made news around the world.

In addition, in the current administration’s list of achievements, Bolsonaro’s health plan glorifies the “efficiency and expansion of health services for indigenous communities.” However, during the most dangerous period of the epidemic, the opposite happened, Schaefer recalls. Indigenous peoples were less likely to have early diagnosis, timely treatment, ICU bed, and ventilator.

“Native Bruno Araujo and journalist Dom Phillips were murdered, and they devoted part of their lives precisely to proving that villages have precarious communication networks, transportation, health services and few opportunities to generate income. And that the presence of invaders and the violence associated with the predatory occupation of the Amazon increases the spread of infectious diseases in the region” .

SUS الموارد resources have been excluded

The expert noted that proposals made in Bolsonaro’s 2018 campaign that were not implemented, such as the national health card and the inclusion of physical education professionals in family health teams, were recycled and lost momentum. And that there is no longer any talk of “universal accreditation” and “the state profession” of doctors.

In addition, the lack of SUS funding and the increase in health plan fees, which have set a record under the current federal administration, are not mentioned in the plan. In addition to deconstructing science and research, action to prevent and combat other public health problems, policies for persons with disabilities, and promoting racial and cultural diversity, and gender identities.

Bolsonaro’s health plan, which appears less improvisational compared to 2018, leads to more slippage. The data in the document makes us believe that the resources for quality services in Brazil are available to everyone. As if everyone had access to food and the social determinants of health were not behind the disease. “The quality of health services increases the odds of enjoy (sic) for a healthy life”; “Good nutrition prevents the onset of diseases”; an example is “15% of the total number of hospitalizations conducted by SUS due to lack of physical exercise”.

Another misstep: Baptized 38 years ago as a Unified Health System, the SUS in Bolsonaro’s plan is called the “National Unified Health System.” If that wasn’t enough, it would still be treated as something “coordinated and directed by the Ministry of Health”. According to the correction of Professor Mario Schaeffer, the direction of the SUS is unique, and is practiced in every area of ​​government. “In states and municipalities, it is the health secretariats that coordinate and direct the SUS, which has often been overlooked by the health department in recent times.”

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