The fans put on a show and Sao Paulo broke records with the audience in its history at this year's Morumbi Games

The fans put on a show and Sao Paulo broke records with the audience in its history at this year’s Morumbi Games

With 31,358 fans in victory Sao Paulo 3-0 at Bragantino last Sunday (14), in Morumbi, for Brazilian ChampionshipThe crowd set a new attendance record and sent more into the club’s fixture sequence for the season.

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There are 12 consecutive matches with an audience of over 20,000 people at Morumbi Stadium (the series started on May 28 this year). This feat is a record in the club’s history in its fields and equals the mark that occurred between 1 April 1979 and 28 June 1979. The perspective is that the next match of Tricolor in Morumbi, against Fortaleza, on 28 August, set a new absolute record for this standard.

As a home team, Tricolor’s current streak of 12 matches with an audience of over 20,000 people is the second largest in the club’s history, after just 14 games played between July 13 and December 3, 2017 – when Sao Paulo sent a few matches also in Bacaembu.

By raising the level of comparison a bit, Sao Paulo fans continue to bid. There are seven consecutive matches with more than 30,000 people in Morumbi, making the series, which began on July 7 this year, the third largest in tricolor history at Cicero Pompeo de Toledo, just behind the nine. The games were established between July 21 and October 6, 2018, and the eight games were held between November 2, 1980 and January 14, 1981.

An analysis of this range of fans in home matches makes the current sequence of seven matches with more than 30,000 fans even more special: it is the second longest running streak in the team’s history. Only the aforementioned 2018 mark, with nine matches, is higher than the current mark.

Finally, the average audience for Tricolor this season is very high and it occupies a prominent place in the historical table: with 927,248 fans in Morumbi in 28 matches played in 2022, Sao Paulo’s average audience, of 33,120 paid people, is the best in the club’s history in stadium at that time.

As the home team – this season’s game was played at the Arena Barueri – the mark is slightly lower (32,488 paid average, with a total audience of 942,154 people and 29 games), but it is not far from surpassing the current record, 2017, which generated an average of 33,635 spectators. and a total audience of 1,009,059 people in the 30 matches held that year.

The frightening presence of the Sao Paulo crowd in his home makes the players excited. And even those who have just arrived, the Ferrari defender’s case was filed on Monday (15).

– I was lucky enough to go to the stadium yesterday to watch the game and it was great. It was a beautiful day watching football, it was a great match, a very well deserved result. The people were great, more than 30,000 people in the stadium, they told me it’s not enough because they always have more than 40,000 people, so it’s perfect. Regarding work, I just arrived, but I know it’s a great group and work that does the job. The crowd is incredible, the affection I received from the networks. “Thank you very much for the affection you sent me,” said the Venezuelan, new jersey 44.

Check, below, the numbers for Sao Paulo fans as the host team in 2022:

01/30/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 0×0 Ituano SP 16312
09/02/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 1×0 Santo Andre – SP 14918
02/17/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 0 x 0 Inter de Limera – SP 15090
05/03/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 1 x 0 Corinthians-SP 39213
10/03/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 0x1 Palmeiras – SP 46378
03/16/2022 Copa do Brasil Morumbi 2×0 Manaus – AM 17644
03/19/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 2 x 1 Botafogo-SP 21827
03/22/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 4×1 S Bernardo FC-SP29731
03/27/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 2 x 1 Corinthians-SP 53924
03/30/2022 Camp. Paulista Morumbi 3 x 1 Palmeiras – SP 60383
10/04/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 4 x 0 Atletico PR 20606
04/14/2022 South America Morumbi 2×0 Everton-CHL 30307
02/05/2022 camp. Brazilian Morumbi 2 x 1 Santos-SP 36746
05/12/2022 Brazil Air Cup. Barware 2 x 0 Juventud 14806
05/15/2022 camp. Brazilian Morumbi 2 x 1 Cuiabá-MT 27511
05/19/2022 K.Sol-Americana Murombi 3 x 0 J. Wilstermann-Pool 16675
25/05/2022 C. Sul-Americana Morumbi 1 x 0 Ayacucho-PER 16696
05/28/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 2×2 Ceará-CE 32977
06/12/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 1×0 American MG 26847
06/20/2022 camp. Brazilian Morumbi 1 x 2 Palmeiras-SP 31055
06/23/2022 Copa de Brazil Morumbi 1 x 0 Palmeiras – SP 38201
06/26/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 0×0 Juventud-RS 20466
07/07/2022 South America Morumbi 4×1 University. Cattolica- CHL 47097
07/17/2022 camp. Brazilian Morumbi 2×2 Fluminense-RJ 47141
07/23/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 3×3 Goiás-GO 39393
07/28/2022 Copa do Brasil Morumbi 1 x 0 America-MG 51297
03/08/2022 C. Sul-Americana Morumbi 1 x 0 Ceará-CE 52338
06/08/2022 camp. Brazilian Morumbi 0×2 Flamengo-RJ 45217
08/14/2022 Camp. Brazilian Morumbi 3 x 0 RB Bragantino-SP 31358

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