Palmeiras: Abel avoids quarrels and clashes after disagreements with coaches

Palmeiras: Abel avoids quarrels and clashes after disagreements with coaches

And Abel Ferreira did not feed the controversy over his name that began last week, after beating Atletico MG on penalties, which ranked Palmeiras to the semi-finals of the Libertadores.

The Portuguese knows that there were statements from his Brazilian colleagues in the profession in a sarcastic and negative tone towards him, but he avoided going deeper and preferred to remain silent, so as not to increase the topic or spread the topic.

He announced to people close to him that he had no problems with any professional colleague. And it won’t be here, in Brazil, the first time this will happen.

In the opinion of these same interlocutors, Abel has only an honest answer to questions about football, and nothing more – which is not uncommon even in dealings between coaches in Brazil.

Yesterday (16), it was Jorginho’s turn, from Atlético Go, to punish Abel, when commenting on his statement about the tactical organization of Atletico MJ de Coca.

It should be noted that Jorginho had already criticized Abel, for his behavior with refereeing at Palmeiras 4×2 Atletico Joe, two months earlier.

Opinion about Atlético-MG sparked a response

Coca leads Atletico MG against Palmeiras for Libertadores

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

The current controversy began when Abel was asked how he managed to defeat Gallo despite sending off Danilo in the 29th minute of the first half and Scarpa in the 36th. Minutes earlier, Coca said the dismissal made it easier for Palmeiras, who closed more than they would have done in 11v11.

“Koka is an experienced coach with many titles. When he watches the match, he will understand that there are many players outside our group, and you have to put people inside to attack our line,” he said.

“He had the flankers outside, the full backs and the defenders at the back, but very few players in our group. For us that was easier to control.”

On Sunday, Coca responded to Abel, even mocking the coach’s logo, which became the title of his book.

“When you win, everything you do is perfect, it’s great. If you go out in the locker room and listen to the music in the penalty shootout and you win, it becomes fashionable. What if you lose? It reminds me of the wall, and he fell in the same corner and lost. [na decisão da Copa do Brasil pelo Flamengo em 2017]’, said Koca, taking the opportunity to snipe goalkeeper Weverton and Abel, who did not see their penalty against Gallo at Allianz Park.

“When two players are sent off, nothing happens because the head is great. Their head was not calm, and they could have broken one of our players,” the Galo captain, in his home country of Paraná, completed after his team’s victory over Curitiba, by 1 to 0.

Manu also attacks Abel

MM - Carla Carnell / Reuters - Carla Carnell / Reuters

Watched by Mano Menezes, Abel Ferreira gestures during Palmeiras vs Inter, the Brazilian Championship match

Photo: Carla Carnell/Reuters

Last Sunday (14), Mano Menezes already used ridicule, after Internacional’s victory over Fluminense, in the Maracana, 3-0.

“I heard a class there last week, that you have to put people inside the block and you can’t play outside the block, so let’s work on that. It’s essential. Without the counterattack, without losing the ball. You have to do better and you need more.”

And yesterday (16) it was Atlético-GO’s Jorginho’s turn to attack Abel in an interview with ESPN.

“The issue isn’t whether someone comes from outside or not, it’s the behaviour. I’ve had a dispute with the Palmeiras commission, which I think is very disrespectful to the referee. I’m not a saint, I’m not that guy who doesn’t complain about arbitration, but there is a limit. You can’t curse a man by all the names, say he’s blind,” began Jorginho.

“I saw Coca’s interview and I saw Abel’s interview. I respect Abel a lot, because he was a successful man here (…). But he can’t suggest what he did. p…, that he’s trying to make fun of me. I talked about him, but about his behavior. He spoke About my behavior, fight with me. Now, talk about my team, my team, what should I do? That’s what he did with Coca,” said the coach from Atlético-GO.

“Abel is a very good coach, period (…) [Mas] I want to see him do what he does when he comes here at Atlético-GO. Come here and you will be a hero for Brazil,” he challenged the former assistant to the Brazilian national team, belittling his club.

Cinni and Valentim also clashed head-on

C - Rodrigo Corsi / Agência Paulistão - Rodrigo Corsi / Agência Paulistão

Abel Ferreira and Rogerio Ceni meet before Paulistao final

Photo: Rodrigo Corsi / Agência Paulistão

Alberto Valentim and Rogerio Ceni also exchanged barbs with the Portuguese.

Alberto Valentim said of the Portuguese who kicked a bottle in celebration of Danilo’s goal, the second in the 2-0 win given by Recopa to Palmeiras, over Atlético BRD de Valentim, in March.

“It’s the second time I’ve been lucky against him, isn’t it? At Flamengo, we were the recopa champions against him. Today, luck came again. It was luck too,” said Ceni, mocking Abel’s speech.

Abel’s statement at the time was:

“Whether you like it or not, in our lives we need a little luck. Efficiency and luck, as we did in other games. I’m not saying that Sao Paulo only won by luck. But you have to be lucky. Sao Paulo, sorry, it was. Not luck. It’s the happiness of the game.”

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