Joao Vicente at the beginning of fame: Cleo's husband was my profession

Joao Vicente at the beginning of fame: Cleo’s husband was my profession

Joao Vicente de Castro, 39, opened the game around the start of fame. The actor, comedian, and presenter stated that he became known in the country only for being “Cleo’s Husband”. The two maintained a relationship between 2009 and 2012.

In an interview with the video broadcast of “Quem Pode, Pod” by broadcasters Fernanda Paes Lemy and Giovanna Ebank, Joao said today that he was known this way even with his work in the media.

“I was Cleo Perez’s husband, that was my profession. I had a career in advertising, I worked as a screenwriter, and yet I was Cleo Perez’s husband. Which I was very proud to be, but it’s boring when your identity is related to someone else. But from It is good to be recognized for your nature.”

The actor expressed his activity on social media, as he used to use Twitter regularly. He admitted he had a goal. He said, “My reaction was so fierce. I offended everyone I could retweet and get attention.”

In the interview, Fernanda said that the friendship between them began precisely with her reproach to the actor because of these tweets. “I always scolded and that’s how we became friends. I followed and we became virtual friends. Twitter made us friends.”

The representative agreed and added. “I was Desperate to be recognized and had no idea. I just thought it was funny, but some weren’t because it was criminal. Much is not funny. I wrote all night long. Hugo Glos who asked Fernanda to follow me,” he said.

Commenting on how he appears in the media today, Joao said he still has a “bad boy” selfie that doesn’t match his personality.

“My public image hasn’t developed. It’s a cliché to say, kind of ‘bad boy’, I really do. This thing is about a lot of people, single. People want to put us in boxes. My picture these days follows that of the 32-year-old. year that separated.

Then he said that Father Fabio de Mello, a close friend of the actor, comedian and presenter, said that Joao’s real image does not match his public image.

“I’m a fragile person. I learn from my mistakes. I apologize because few of them apologize in life. It’s a matter of generosity who looks at people and doesn’t play as soon as Joao does this or that,” he said.

When asked if he had heard of a letter from Cleo about that she would start with a “J,” Joao said he hadn’t spoken to her after that statement.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask, but I imagine she had her reasons. I didn’t see it happen, and she never told me. But I have a very close relationship with her family, love from family. Cleo’s love, we moved away, but nothing would erase what she did for me”, He said.

According to him, she was an exceptional companion who supported all his ideas, such as going to the Porta dos Fundos. “I paid for all my travels. She said I should go out and do Porta dos Bancos. She taught me to be a man and be a companion. It was a great love I had in my life, but really we are separated,” he said.

crying in sex

In the interview, Joao talked more about his desire to cry during sex, which he admitted in “Papo de Segunda” (GNT). The actor explained why he shed tears during sex.

“It happened that I cry during sex, not every time. Something seems silly, but it is not. When you are on a date with a nice person, the conversation flows very well, and soon the gentle affection begins, everything is a naked world and you start practicing Sex, you look into a person’s eyes and it’s impossible not to fall in love at that moment. You don’t see the beauty that happens when you give your body to someone else. It’s an incredible ballet and then the tears come. I hide it.”

In the chat, Giovanna admitted that she knew herself because she also cried during sex. The presenter said she sheds tears as she remembers her ex-boyfriend having sex with her current husband at the time. He explained, “I cried during sex with my ex. It was my second sex and he was my second man. It was different, I was already used to having sex with the first person.”

Fernanda also talked about an episode when she was in a relationship with her friend. When they had a colorful friendship, she admitted that she kissed him while wearing sunglasses. This is because the presenter had conjunctivitis, and if Joao had it, his friends could understand that the two were together.

“The first time I kissed Joao, I had conjunctivitis. And we were afraid he might have it, because we didn’t want our friends to know. After we kissed, I was like, ‘Did the conjunctivitis show up?” ‘ She said, enjoying herself.

He added to that story. “She went deeper because we had sex with glasses,” Joao said. “The fear was that she had sex with glasses.”

“It wasn’t just glasses,” Fernanda added. “I still put gauze on.”

“Just to see how interesting it was,” Joao concluded.

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