Ifix completes the ninth cycle followed by gains;  FII BTRA11 is the highlight of the day

Ifix completes the ninth cycle followed by gains; FII BTRA11 is the highlight of the day

The Ifix index – which aggregates the most actively traded real estate funds on B3 – closed the session this Tuesday (16) up 0.21%, at 2,908 points. The ninth rise was followed by the index. BTG Pactual Terras Agrícolas Fund (BTRA11) topped the list of the highest levels in the trading session, with an increase of 5.02%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights around FIIs . Center.

A study by Quantum, a financial information platform, indicates that 47% of real estate funds paid out dividends above the average CDI (certificate of deposit between banks) in 2022.

The survey was based on 265 exchange-traded FIIs that recorded minimum liquidity – stock trading – and dividend payouts between January 3 and August 8, 2022.

Among the funds evaluated, 126 accrue rates of return (profit return) above 6.77% of the CDI rate – an indicator that serves as a reference for fixed income investments. The index tracks the economy’s base interest rate, Selic, which has risen from 2% to the current 13.75% annually since January 2021.

In the list compiled by Quantum, Performa Real Estate (PEMA11), which invests in Certificates of Real Estate Receivables (CRI), appears in first place, with profit return of 20.87%.

After Performa Estate, there is even Bermota Kenya ([ativo=KIMP11]), Mercantil do Brasil (MBRF11) and Faria Lima Capital Receivíveis (FLCR11), with ratios of 14.17%, 13.38% and 12.06%, respectively. The first four funds on the list are not part of Ifix – an index that aggregates the most traded FIIs on B3. Check out this year’s top ten payers.

Tuesday’s Biggest Highs (16):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
BTRA11 BTG Pactual Terras Agrícolas agricultural 5.02
BRCR11 BC . box hybrid 4.08
ARRI11 REIT Lobby Receivables Nicknames and Val. Home furniture 2.39
XPPR11 XP خصائص Characteristics corporate panels 2.31
KFOF11 Kenya QQ foF 2.29

The biggest casualties this Tuesday (16):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
SNFF11 Suno FoF foF -2.94
HSAF11 HSI Financial Assets Nicknames and Val. Home furniture -2.3
SPTW11 SB Downtown corporate panels -1.17
BPFF11 Absolute plural form in Brazil Nicknames and Val. Home furniture -1
XPIN11 Industrial XP logistics -0.98

Source: B3

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End of FoF Integral Brei Negotiations on B3; REC Logística renews with tenant and keeps vacancy below 3%

FoF Integral Brei (IBFF11) shares will not trade at B3 next Thursday (18)

FoF Integral Brei shareholders who hold a position in Friday’s session (19) will be entitled to a partial amortization of the fund’s capital, according to a statement from the portfolio, which sold its entire portfolio last week.

The asset sale was approved last month at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. It was also agreed at the meeting to liquidate the portfolio after selling the assets.

The fund invests in stocks of other fisheries industries, and the proposal to sell the portfolio came from investors with more than 5% of the shares of FoF Integral Brei.

Shareholders will receive the proceeds from the first part of depreciation on August 26. The Fund promises to disclose, in substance, the details of the second part of the stock return process to investors.

Prior to the sale of the portfolio, FoF Integral Brei had shareholder equity of R$47 million, with 5.3% of the total set aside for cash, as shown in the June management report.

The largest holdings in the portfolio were in Bluecap Renda Logística (BLCP11) and CRI Integral Brei (IBCR11), both with 9.6%, and Rio Bravo Renda Corporativa (RCRB11) with 9%.

FoF Integral Brei shares will not be trading on B3 after the trading session on Wednesday (17).

REC Logística (RELG11) renews with the tenant and keeps the vacancy below 3%

In a material fact released on Monday (15), FII REC Logística announced the renewal of the lease agreement with Máxima Logística e Distribuição, which occupies Penthouse A of REC Log Extrema, in Minas Gerais.

According to the fund’s statement to the market, the current rent value has been maintained and the lease readjustment is expected to be based on the Consumer Price Index (IPCA) 12 months after the signing of the new bond.

Thus, REC Logística explains in detail, the renewal of the lease agreement with the tenant does not affect the dividend and the current vacancy rate of the portfolio, which remains at 2.68%.

The fund’s net worth is R$159 million, and the fund’s portfolio consists of five properties that collectively add up to a gross leasable area (GLA) of 97,000 square metres. The spaces are located in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.

Last Friday (12), REC Logística deposited BRL 0.94 per share, which equates to a monthly return with a dividend of 1.18%.

Today’s earnings

Check out the 10 funds that are distributing income this Tuesday (16):

ribbon background performance
IRIM11 Iridium CRI 1.65 Brazilian Real
RBRY11 RBR High Yield 1.35 Brazilian Real
IRDM11 Iridium real estate receivables 1.33 Brazilian Real
ICR11 CRI PRAY 1.25 Brazilian Real
BLUR11 Receivables blue 1.03 Brazilian Real
HGIC11 HGI Credit 1.01 Brazilian Real
ICR13 CRI PRAY 0.78 Brazilian Real
ICR14 CRI PRAY 0.78 Brazilian Real
ICR15 CRI PRAY 0.75 Brazilian Real
CXAG11 Branch Fund 0.75 Brazilian Real
CPFF11 Major FoF 0.60 Brazilian Real
RBRF11 RPR Alpha 0.60 Brazilian Real
IBFF11 Full FoF Pre 0.30 Brazilian Real

Source: InfoMoney. Pointers with an ending other than 11 indicate receipts and subscription rights for funds.

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