Telework: Caixa makes a malicious offer to employees;  EEC refuse |  Contrave Cut

Telework: Caixa makes a malicious offer to employees; EEC refuse | Contrave Cut

The Executive Committee of Caixa Econômica Federal employees, at the negotiating table, rejected the proposal made by the bank, at a meeting held on Tuesday (16) regarding remote work. Instead of resuming the discussions and points that had already been agreed upon between the parties before the start of the national banking campaign, the bank backed down, refusing to pay expenses to employees working remotely (home office) and wanted to tie the same rules of construction. A bank of watches for this group with those who work face to face.

We know that many employees are interested in working remotely, but the bank wants the worker to bear all the extra costs they incur with electricity, internet and everything else. “This proposal does not pass through the staff and we reject it on the table,” said the Coordinator of Central and Eastern Europe, Clautario Cardoso, recalling that the bank had already agreed to provide financial assistance to workers who carry out their activities at home. “The bank simply wanted to set aside what had already been agreed upon in our negotiations and was proposing to accept points that hurt the workers,” he added.

The employee representation proposal is that Caixa guarantees all on-site employee rights to employees on the basis of telecommuting, in addition to time recording, overtime bonus, in addition to the rights and guarantees set forth in the delivery of the draft to the National Federation of Banks (FNABAN), with an allowance for expenses incurred Currently working (power, internet, water, etc.).

“At the same table with the other banks, there has been progress in negotiations on proposals to work remotely,” said the representative of the Confederation of Financial Workers in Rio Grande do Sul (Fetrafi/RS), Rachel Weber.

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Caixa wants to take advantage of employees’ interest in working remotely to put the costs they incur in their home on their own. Not to mention that the bank can no longer bear the costs incurred when employees worked at the bank’s headquarters,” confirmed the representative of the Santa Catarina Financial Branch Workers’ Federation (Fetrafi/SC), Edson Heyman.

Data from the second national survey on the home office of bank employees, conducted by the National Confederation of Financial Sector Workers (Contraf-CUT), in partnership with the Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (Dieese) indicate that during the period of work at home as a result of the isolation of the epidemic COVID-19, spending on household bills increased by 86.5% on electricity; 73.4% with a supermarket; 50.4% with the Internet; 55.5% with the water bill (see other numbers in the graph).


The bank wanted to create a watch bank with a compensation period of six months, both for those working remotely and for those who work in person. In the previously negotiated proposal, the bank agreed to pay a per diem and the hour bank was only for those working remotely. In addition, the deadline for compensation was two months. If there is no vacation during this period, the bank will have to pay for overtime.

The representative of the Union of Employees of Banking Institutions in Bahia and Sergipe (Feeb-BA/SE), Emanoel de Souza, noted that “in previous negotiations, it had already been agreed, including the validation of the authenticity of the legal personnel of Caixa, that, in person, no Create a time bank. Those who are must be paid personally for overtime.”

“Caixa wants to create a bank of hours for face-to-face sessions because there is an overburden of work. Instead of assigning more so that employees are not required to work overtime, they want to normalize the overburden without having to work,” said a representative of the Federa State Bank Employees Association (Federa). The need to pay for working hours.” / RJ), Rogerio Campanet.


Negotiations about working remotely were halted to be resumed at a later time.

This Wednesday (17), starting at 4 p.m., there will be a new round of negotiations.

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