Gerson Column: Clube do Remo in Search of a New Beginning

Gerson Column: Clube do Remo in Search of a New Beginning

Plan for a fresh start

This process is always painful, but Remo begins to carry on with life after leaving Serie A and running out of schedule. The immediate step is to clean up the area, cut costs and save as much as possible. When there is no expected income, the path is to eliminate expenses. If it is not possible to get to zero completely, then it is quite possible to reduce exorbitant costs.

With one of the most expensive teams in Série C, there was no way to stay with Brenner and Bruno Alves, two of the highest salaries on the list. Remo’s top scorer in the season (11 goals in 32 matches), Brenner was well evaluated by the fans, but he left with a low bias, having not scored in the last four matches, which is precisely the most important in the competition.

The attacker on the right side, Bruno Alves did well in Parasao; In Serie C, he wiggles a lot. She started poorly and only regained the title after the 10th round. He was the blue team’s top scorer in 2022, with seven goals in 23 matches. Both Brenner and Bruno are valuable and should close with the second division clubs.

The closure continues for the next few days. The only sector likely to remain unchanged is the target, as Z Zé Carlos, Vinicius, and Vitor Loeb must all remain. In other positions, there’s no way to keep that many athletes on the payroll, without competition for the next four months – in terms of fees, there’s still a thirteenth salary to consider.

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In a conversation with the column, President Fabio Bentes informed that he has begun to develop a contingency plan that includes the dismissal of the athletes and the search for negotiation with sponsors, in addition to activating promotions and encouraging the participation of members and fans.

In assessing the mishaps that led to the failure, the president admits that a lot of things have gone wrong, with a particular focus on the actors’ profile. More than players selected by technical level, the club will target athletes with a warrior character.

The idea is to immediately begin the rework process in order to clear the way for next season, with assembly of a new crew starting in December, with no outstanding issues from 2022.

Bennett notes that planning involves drastic changes in management, quietly and without haste. The truth is that when things go wrong, the tendency is to allocate goals individually, but it is necessary to understand that football is always a team, both on and off the field.

There will be no shortage of time for Remo to find ways to reorganize itself and try to achieve a winning role in 2023. The prospect of a C series divided into turn and return, like Series B and A, could change the competition for the better, but doing climbs the bar for difficulties.

Naturally preparing a team for the Brazilian since the state championship will be the main challenge for the Remo board from now on, in order to return to Série B in the final year of the current board’s mandate.

With scorched earth, the opposition is trying to get out of the woodwork

And, as usual, Remo’s poor campaign in the third division, the second disappointment to Azulina fans in just over a year, angers rivals at the club. The atmosphere of peace that has prevailed since President Fabio Bentes’ re-election has been shattered by the harsh criticism that opposition representatives have posted on the Internet.

Understandably, fans – which include partners, benefactors and advisors – have been dogged by the team’s disqualification last Sunday. Remo had an obligation to qualify for the second stage of the tournament. In addition to investing heavily in engagements, the team has been one of the candidates that has struggled for access. He was just comfortable.

Serious mistakes were made, a lack of proper planning to put together a truly qualified team and changing coaches was counterproductive. Nothing has already happened. Last year, in the second division, the same mistakes were to blame for the relegation. For this very reason, the criticisms are fully justified.

Everyone has the right to protest and point out the many mistakes that have been made. But some lack proper stone throwing support at this point. It is necessary to remember the leaders who left the club on the brink of bankruptcy in the past three decades, with wasteful and irresponsible management, including the famous hat-trap who tried in every way to sell the Pinaud Stadium.

Fábio Bentes’ management deserves criticism for its footballing behaviour, which is much less than expected in the last Brazilian players, but managerially it has many advantages. Some of them: dispose of finances, pay off the toughest debts, rebuild Baenão – which another administration canceled – and take over the training center.

Now shaky media even praise rachão

The noisy media in São Paulo, widely represented by programs on sports channels and on the Internet, continues to do its job. In addition to devoting 99% of the time to analyzing and deifying the great clubs of São Paulo, keeping the rest of the country away from always disrespectful crumbs and comments.

Yesterday, due to the lack of options, I watched ESPN for a few moments and only missed Mr. Jose Trajano. I was made for the theatrical cries and ridiculous praise for a legion of players and coaches, especially dear Vitor Pereira and Abel Ferreira. The atmosphere of the club fair, like a fan’s table.

Furthermore, a sexy reporter triumphantly enters to show Patrick’s deceptive goal in a grueling training session for Sao Paulo. Surprisingly enough, in the absence of game options, men start praising the training of lions. Football is going poorly, but the surroundings don’t help.

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