João Gomes' DVD recording changes traffic in Recife on Wednesday (17);  see changes

João Gomes’ DVD recording changes traffic in Recife on Wednesday (17); see changes

Starting at 4 am this Wednesday (17) sections Recife district It will start closing it to prevent car rotation in the area because of DVD Recording the singer Joao Gomezat Marco Zero in the capital of Pernambuco

according to Transit and Urban Transport Authority (CTTU), the measure is intended to provide safety for pedestrians who will go to the fair, scheduled to start on 5 pm from the fourth. Event organizers appreciate 80 thousand people in this occasion.

The ban will be gradual, starting at 4 a.m. on the streets around Marco Zero. At noon, the ban will be extended, and at 3:00 pm, all bridges giving access to Bairro do Recife will be closed to vehicular traffic. These schedules may change, according to the CTTU, and are either projected or deferred depending on the pedestrian flow in the area.

Check out the map and schedule below:

Streets and bridges in Bairro do Recife will be closed. Photo: Disclosure

“This gradation is necessary so that we can ensure the safety of people, recognizing that it will be a working day and the neighborhood will function normally. Traffic, the blocks are gradually developing. At a time when there is a large concentration of the public it is clear that private transport, taxis and buses must be removed from ocean,” explained André Luis Pereira, Director of Operations at CTTU.

Parking will be prohibited, initially, on three streets: Vigário Tenório, Barbosa Lima Sobrinho and lvares Cabral. Andre Luiz advises the public who will be checking the recording to leave their cars at home. “Recognizing that the parking issue will be very risky, it is best to come by public transportation, taxi or car apps. Come and enjoy the show, but come without a car,” he recommended.

Obstruction from 4 am:

– Avenida Alfredo Lisboa, at the height of Rua da Moeda; Roa da Moeda, at the height of Roa Dona Maria Cesar and Roa da Assemblia; avenue Mares y Barros, near Tomazina, Figario Tenorio, avenues of Alvares Cabral, avenue Marques de Olinda and Rio Branco; Avenida Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, near Rua do Apolo, Rua do Bom Jesus and Rua da Guia; Rua Domingos José Martins, at the height of Avenida Alfredo Lisbon

Ban from 12 noon:

– Avenida Alfredo Lisbon

Ban from 3 pm.

– Limoiro Bridge, Buarque de Macedo Bridge; Mauritius de Nassau Bridge; Swivel Bridge and Princess Isabel Bridge.

The city administration states that all people going to the event will be searched, first by the special security team appointed by the production of the show, which will be on the four bridges that give access to the island of Bairro do Recife, and then by 120 employees of the Executive Secretariat for Urban Control (Secon), who will be at six perimeter barriers from where the audience will view the presentation.

Inspections are intended to prevent entry of bottles and other piercing objects, as well as weapons of any kind. Residents who wish, can take beverage coolers, as long as they do not have glass containers.

“Formal and informal merchants have been instructed not to sell beverages in glass bottles. Only people who do so daily will be able to sell within the ocean. At any given time, food trucks, trailers or large carts, which may affect mobility,” he said. notes Marta Lima, Executive Secretary of Urban Control.

General Security

According to Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Santos, of the Social Defense Secretariat of Pernambuco (SDS-PE), the expectation is that the large public presence will be covered by social defense agents, including the military police, civilian police, fire department and science police. We will have more than 350 military police officers involved in the field, in addition, we will have a complete apparatus of the operations center, 190, which will also be ready to attend, in case there is a situation where people can ask for the presence of the military police,” he highlights.

Also according to the director, there will be a reinforcement of the civil police at the police station located on Av. Alfredo Lisbon. We will have a team that will reinforce the team that is already there and who can provide this support in the process. With this, the work goes to the last person at the event, ensuring safety for everyone,” he concludes.

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