Flamengo and Palmeiras are the two teams with the highest investment in reinforcements in the second window;  see alternative

Flamengo and Palmeiras are the two teams with the highest investment in reinforcements in the second window; see alternative

Millions dispute. Flamengo and Palmeiras, the highest earners in Brazilian football, were the most financially strong in the second window of the country’s employment market, which ended last Monday. Rio de Janeiro club spent about 87.5 million Brazilian real, and Sao Paulo club spent about 84.2 million Brazilian real.

The Millionaire numbers were only in minute reinforcements to the already star-studded teams of both teams. Flamengo brought in just four new names: striker Everton Cipollinha, midfielders Vidal and Polgar and defender Varela. Palmeiras has hired three players: midfielder Bruno Tabata and strikers Merentiel and Jose Lopez.

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The most expensive rent at the window was sipple her. Flamengo signed a contract to pay a fixed amount of 13.5 million euros (72.5 million Brazilian reais), but the total amount to be disbursed could be 16 million euros (85.9 million Brazilian reals), depending on the goals achieved. For this withdrawal, only the fixed amount was entered into the account.

On the Palmeiras side, the most expensive reinforcement was striker Jose Manuel Lopez, who cost about 10 million US dollars (50.5 million Brazilian reals). It should be noted that these amounts may change due to exchange rate fluctuations when the installments are paid.

The ranking below shows the teams with the highest investment for the current window. The values ​​are the total debts incurred by each club in each signature signed for that registration period. However, it is worth emphasizing that the amount is not usually spent immediately and that clubs negotiate rights in installments, in most cases. paying off:

An important note is that players who were already part of the team before the window started and rights were purchased after the loan were not entered into the poll. For example, Hugo Moura started the year on loan from Flamengo to Atletico. The hurricane ended with the exercise of a choice Purchase of 1.2 million euros (6.6 million Brazilian reals). This investment did not enter the account in the current window because the steering wheel is not up now. The same is true, for example, of Sao Paulo Who bought Calleri For 3 million dollars (14.5 million Brazilian riyals).

Another point to highlight is that only the number of reinforcements whose numbers have been published in the media is counted. For example, file Hawaii The release of striker Pablo Diego and bringing the player into the team on the last day pushed out the window. However, the value has not been disclosed, thus, Avaí does not appear in the above list.

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In all, the 25 teams analyzed (20 teams from Série A+ Bahia, Cruzeiro, Grêmio, Sport and Vasco) hired 133 new names in the second term window, from July 18 to August 15.

With 11 reinforcements, Atlético-GO leads the list in the number of engagements. John Textor’s Botafogo, who led the investment arrangement in the first window, has spent less, but brought 10 new names to the club. Avai, Coritiba and Fortaleza appear in the ranking sequence:

With only two reinforcements, Athletico-PR, Fluminense and Grêmio were the least hired teams in the window. Hurricane Alex Santana and Fernandinho brought in. The Tricolor Carioca is reinforced with strikers Alan and Maroney. The immortal was the return of Lucas Leyva and Guilherme.

Fernandinho was one of the most famous names in the Brazilian transfer window – Photo: Jose Tramontin/Atletico

The window had big names playing in Brazilian football. Alex Teixeira, Vasco’s idol, has returned to Cruz Maltino. Sao Paulo brought Argentine Gallobo and Nahuel Bustos. Sport Wagner Luv hired to fill the void in the attack.

Santos brought young Soteldo home on loan. Pixie also signed midfielders Luan and Carabajal, as well as Nathan Santos’ team. Internacional has introduced strikers such as Argentine Brian Romero and Mikael, previously in the sport.

Sutildo during Santos training for his return to the club – Photo: Evan Storte / Santos

In Ceará, striker Joe signed a contract until the end of the year after he broke up with Corinthians. Guilherme Castilho has arrived in Vovô with the most expensive deal in Ceará football history. On the Fortaleza side, names like Thiago Galhardo, Otero and Pedro Rocha arrived.

The controversial and irreverent Deverson signed with Cuiaba. At Raposa, Shay and striker Lincoln bolstered Cruzeiro’s team at the window. Bragantino paid R$12 million to defender DG. On the other hand, Corinthians brought three big names to the team: Paraguayan defender Balbuena, Argentine midfielder Fausto Vera and striker Yuri Alberto.

Balbuena returned to Corinthians at the second window of the market – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

In contrast to the first window, the second window contract profile has been reinforcements for at least one year. Of the 133 new names in the survey, 69 have signed with clubs for more than a year – 51.9% of the total. There were also 45 short-term registrations with the Central Bank of Israel (up to six months) and another 17 medium-term (six months to one year) registrations. Check out the graphic below:

About the second window reinforcement contracts

Note: Only two contracts formalized on the last day of the window whose duration is not disclosed and therefore not included in the figures above.

Finally, ge offers a complete list of 133 reinforcements from 25 teams analyzed in the survey. It should be noted that players returning from loan or signed to Team B or the base are not considered. Only new athletes assigned to the professional team in 2022, in the period of the second semester, made the list below:

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