The Netflix movie is a rollercoaster ride that will keep you on the edge of the sofa for 107 minutes

The Netflix movie is a rollercoaster ride that will keep you on the edge of the sofa for 107 minutes

The unknown aroused human curiosity and chased him since the beginning of time. Already in the caves, the first sane men left their impressions of what they understood of life outside the world, beasts that devoured everything they encountered, including rare human specimens that were still in their infancy, and that was learning to deal with this obstacle to the reassurance of While searching for answers in nature, and of course in what was beyond his reach. Seeking protection from the gods has become a part of the routine, just like escaping from bloodthirsty beasts, taming less conquerable animals, hunting, fishing, collecting edible fruit and trying to make multiple and healthy offspring. Cosmos was a loving yet cruel father, who provided his children daily sustenance, but without neglecting his oppressive and punitive character, and sent due correction to those who rebelled and despised his zeal. In turn, the society that was formed took it upon itself to extend to the generations that the uses and traditions they created would be essential to living in harmony.

Nic Mathieu illustrates some of the mysteries in the human race’s relationship to what can’t be seen – but exists – in “Spectral,” where science fiction hates ratings by mentioning the uncertainty of life on these and other levels, where ferocious, angry beings also proliferate. . , eager to usurp places that do not welcome them. Drinking from a video game source, this is a story that strives to reproduce the great, successful moments in cinema, especially those that refer to human adventure in inhospitable scenarios, such as other planets and the conflicts of wars. There are more or less obvious elements that place Matthew’s work somewhere between “Black Hawk Down” (2001), Ridley Scott’s vision of the failed attempt to invade Somalia by US forces, and “Alien – Eighth Traveler”. (1979), the director’s epic about an attack by unidentified beings on a crew member of a space mission. Matthew simulates Scott’s action drama a little faster, distributing the surprises of the script, which he co-wrote with George Nolfi and Ian Fried, with greater unification throughout the 108-minute run. The story begins with a Special Forces soldier tasked with war against supernatural beings in front of a ghost believed to be evil in the ruins of a city in Moldova, Eastern Europe, one of the world’s poorest countries. To conduct the test, DARPA, the US Department of Defense agency responsible for developing strategies and technologies to deal with crises, sends , Mark Klein, one of its best architects, returns to the country.James Badge Dale embodies this antagonistic hero by convincing Klein of anxiety in the face of one of the largest corrupt regimes on earth, which thrives thanks to political instability, which in turn is born of a revolution in its initial state as a reaction misrule everywhere.This social impulse threatens to escalate into civil war, and the contribution of Dale’s character, the spectacles capable of detecting the movement of the ecoplasm, is of fundamental importance because these hybrid organisms, able to move between dimensions of Multiple d, annihilating the US military.

“Spectral” stakes on the enemy’s metaphor in the most abstract way possible to illustrate his comments about the course of US foreign policy, when another prominent American director is called up for the discussion. Matthew’s film also contains plenty of Francis Ford Coppola’s work from Apocalypse Now (1979), especially after Fran, the CIA agent played by Emily Mortimer, breaks the perfect monotony of Klein’s hollowed out. As it can be assumed, it is the pragmatism of this rather mysterious woman that saves humanity, and in this plot it leads to “Arrival” (2016), the dystopian reality of Denis Villeneuve, one of the most sophisticated directors of all time.

Movie: spectral
direction: Nick Matthew
year: 2016
SpeciesAction / Sci-Fi / Thriller
NB: 8/10

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