Since returning to Serie A in 2018, Ciara has changed coach 11 times

Since returning to Serie A in 2018, Ciara has changed coach 11 times

Since returning to Serie A, Ciara has changed coaches 11 times. In any of the years, from 2018 onwards, the grandfather managed to spend the whole season with one coach. In 2022, Alfinegro will move to the fourth coach of the year.

+ After Marquinhos Santos resigns, Ciara asks Vanderlei Luxembourg

From Marcelo Chamusca to Marquinhos Santos, there have been 11 changes in technical leadership. With quick paragraphs, from a few matches, such as Jorginho (15 days) and Algiers Fucks (eight matches), to long-term careers, such as Chamusca (64 matches) and Guto Ferreira (94 matches).

After leaving Marquinhos, Grandpa searches for a new coach. The club came to look for Vanderlei Luxembourgo and Elio dos Anjos, but nevertheless without concluding any agreement. Remember, below, all the technicians who underwent Grandfather’s driving from 2018 to 2022.

Marquinhos Santos was the last coach to leave Ciara – Photo: Fabian de Paula/SVM

Chamusca, Jorginho and Liska

In 2018, the year he returned to the First Division, Ciara started the season with Chamusca. The coach has been leading the team since 2017. He was sent off after a bad streak in Brazil. There were 64 matches, with 34 wins, 17 draws and 13 losses.

Then came Jorginho, who was short-lived. It was only 15 days in charge of Alvenegro. After that, Lisca came, already quite recognized with the crowd. was artistic Launched in 2019, after losing the state title to Fortaleza. Lisca had 10 wins, 11 draws and eight losses in driving grandpa.

Lisca orders Ceará against Fortaleza – Photo: Thiago Gadelha

Anderson, Adelson and Algeria

Anderson Moreira took charge of Ciara and continued until the Brazilian Championship. The leader was ahead of Vovô in 22 matches, with 6 wins, 5 draws and 11 losses, with a success rate of 34.8%. He left his post after poor results in the first division.

Adilson Batista was later appointed to continue working. However, no He survived after defeating Flamengo It ended up shooting with a 35.9% success rate (4W 2D 7D).

Algeria was another Fox who for a short time was in charge of Alfinegro. There were only six draws, one win and one defeat. The discontent of the council and the fans did not allow him to continue his work.

Algeria Fox coached Ciara for only eight matches – Photo: Engage

Anderson (again), Goto and Thiago

For 2020, Ciara saw fit to bring back Anderson Moreira, who had done a reasonable job in his first stint. And in fact, the captain managed to do well, which caught the attention of Cruzeiro, who made an offer to the coach. Anderson ended up leaving Ciara to go to Cruzeiro After six wins and four draws.

The next technician to be hired was Goto Ferreira. He was in charge of Vovô, and was able to walk until the following season, in 2022. With Guto, Alvinegra won 41 games, drew 30 and lost 23. During this period, Vovô won the 2020 Northeast Cup and a vacancy for Sudamericana the following year. It is worth noting that Giotto launched with Ciara in eighth place in Serie A, still in August.

Tiago Nunes was the name of that time. He did so well, that he remained in the team until the following season, in 2022. In 2021, there were 19 matches with Fozao. In 2022, there were 13 matches. However, the team was eliminated in the Cearense quarter-finals to Iguatu and in the Nordestão quarter-finals by CRB, on penalties, What ended with the coach’s dismissal?.

Guto Ferreira was the 2020 Northeast Cup champion – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Dorival, Marquinhos, and…?

Dorival Júnior took over Ceará and did a great job. So much so that, as in the past, The Brazilian football giant caught the attention: Flamengo. In the 73 days under the coach’s leadership, Fuzao won 11 matches, drew four and lost three.

Marquinhos Santos was the last coach. Eliminations in Copa do Brasil for Fortaleza and in Sud Americana for Sao Paulo cost the head coach, who left Fofo after 17 matches (six wins, five draws and six defeats, a success rate of 45%). It remains to be seen who will arrive as Alfinegro de Burangapocho’s fourth coach this season.

Dorival Junior in the Sao Paulo match against Ceará – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

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