AC Camargo acquired the land from the SP government on the condition of SUS service

AC Camargo acquired the land from the SP government on the condition of SUS service

A state law passed ten years ago to donate a plot of land measuring 5,621 square meters to Fundação Antonio Prudente, which maintains AC Camargo Hospital, on the condition that permanent care for SUS patients is maintained, including very complex procedures.

The binding It revealed Monday that the hospital, which has nearly 70 years of history in Sao Paulo, will end SUS care from December, when the annual contract with the municipal health department expires. The main reason is the delay of the general system schedule.

The state law, signed by then-Governor Geraldo Alcumen (at the time in the PSD, today in PSB) and published on August 31, 2012, states in its Article 3 that “The alienation instrument shall contain terms, conditions and provisions that ensure the effective use of property for the purpose intended for it.”

In the event of non-compliance, “the contract will be terminated regardless of compensation for improvements made,” as stipulated by law. The land is located in Rua Professor Antonio Prudente, 203, in Liberdade, central São Paulo.

AC Camargo informed in a statement that the land donated by the state constitutes the hospital complex with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters.

From the foundation’s perspective, the donation is conditional on SUS care, but not necessarily through an agreement in the current template, which provides comprehensive patient care.

“We are in talks to continue providing services to SUS through other modalities and partnerships, including geographic expansion,” the memo says.

The hospital also informs that social responsibility is the raison d’être of AC Camargo, and its financial result is fully reinvested in the improvement of national oncology.

This improvement occurs, according to the foundation, “by training professionals throughout the Brazilian territory, conducting research that offers solutions to make cancer care more efficient, cost-effective and more accessible to all, as well as direct patient care with innovative methodologies on the national scene” .

When asked if the São Paulo government intended to enforce the text of the law or make some kind of agreement with the institution to avoid the end of SUS care, the state health department did not respond.

In a note sent to bindingThe Secretariat says it is essential to maintain SUS patient care at AC Camargo. “Permanent assistance, including highly complex, is the unit’s counterpart to the donation of land made by the state in 2012 to the Antonio Prudente Foundation, which operates the hospital.”

The volume also laments that “inadequate funding for the SUS schedule from the federal government leads to this inconvenience to the residents of São Paulo”.

“Due to this lack of funding from the Department of Health, the SP government has already transferred resources through programs such as Mais Santas Casas to more than 200 hospitals and confirms that they are available to discuss care preservation strategies,” the memo says. ..

At least 1,500 of the 6,500 SUS patients have already been transferred to other institutions associated with the municipal administration. Another 5,000 should be sent by the end of the year.

For organizations supporting cancer patients, ending care in an conditioning center may increase queues and delay cancer treatment. There are at least 3,000 people waiting for cancer care at Cacons (High Complexity Assistance Centers in Oncology), which is organized by the cross platform (Health Services Regulatory Center).

Opened on April 23, 1953, AC Camargo was the first hospital in the capital built with donations from the residents, and over the years, combined with cutting-edge care, has become an international reference in teaching and research. The contract with the Municipal Health Department runs until December 9 this year.

In 2021, SUS revenue transferred to AC Camargo was R$36 million and the hospital had to inject another R$98.46 million, coming from private care, to close the accounts. The Corporation’s net revenue in 2021 amounted to R$1.32 billion.

An example of a delayed SUS table. The Ministry of Health pays R$10 for a medical consultation, while health plans pay, on average, R$100. The values ​​of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions reimbursed by SUS are 94% and 71%, respectively, lower than those reimbursed by health insurance plans.

In a note, the municipal health department said it had held meetings to assess the possibility of continuing care through the partnership.

The administration emphasizes, however, that oncology care for patients in the municipality’s network will continue through other municipal service providers, such as Hospital Municipal Dr. Gilson de Cássia Marques Carvalho – Vila Santa Catarina and other units organized by the state government.

In response to a question about the lack of amendments to the SUS schedule, the Ministry of Health said that “the schedule is not the main or the only way to fund the SUS” and that “the values ​​are minimal references, and can be supplemented by state and municipal administrators as per the demands and needs of each territory.”

In an interview with bindingVictor Piana de Andrade, CEO of the AC Camargo Cancer Center, said the hospital tried several alternatives before deciding to end care, including being part of Proadi, a federal government program to support the development of SUS that among its partners includes Albert Einstein Hospitals and Serio Lebanon.

We got a technical yes [do Ministério da Saúde] Not a political decision. We tried a few times, we had very interesting projects, but we just couldn’t. “We understand that this door was closed,” Andrade said.

Federal Representative Alexander Padilla (PT) this Tuesday (23) sent a letter to the Department of Health requesting information about the end of SUS care at AC Camargo Hospital. Among the questions, he asks about the reasons for the ministry’s refusal to be a part of Proadi and asks the ministry to forward all technical acknowledgments related to this request.

Padilla also questions the initiatives and measures taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent AC Camargo from leaving the public health network.

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