Is vaping bad?  We are investigating the dangers of using e-cigarettes

Is vaping bad? We are investigating the dangers of using e-cigarettes

You are outside a club and you see a metallic luster between the fingers of someone smoking. that it steam or Cana new generation element of cigarettes electronicsThe battery heats up and vaporizes a liquid with chemicals. The device can be swallowed while releasing a sweet or minty scent, depending on the user’s taste. The dose of nicotine varies by manufacturer – the lowest dose is equivalent to six regular cigarettes; The longest is 18.

Although increasingly common in the hands of teens and adults, they have been banned by Anvisa since 2009. At the time, an art group opposed the release in the country; He repeated the situation recently when the discussion erupted again. However, a quick search on the Internet shows not only the online stores that offer the device, but also videos on social networks that teach you how to prepare it at home, user reports and even hashtags on TikTok linking the flavors of the gems to your personal traces.

Yes, teens also star in the content. This, by the way, is a concern of the scientific community, which already monitors the use of the trick in Brazil. The Covitel Report (Telephone Survey of Risk Factors for Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases in Times of a Pandemic), released in April, conducted an unprecedented survey of e-cigarette use in the country.

At least one in five young people between the ages of 18 and 24 uses vapes or something similar in Brazil.

The highest prevalence among men in all age groups. The rate was 10.1% among them compared to 4.8% among women. The prominent area is the Midwest (11.2% of the population). By the way, the Federal District leads the national ranking in the proportion of adolescents aged 13-17. According to data from the National School Health Survey (PeNSE), which was conducted by IBGE with data from 2019 and released last year, 30.8% have already tried the product.

If at some point they were seen as healthy alternatives to traditional cigarettes, the theory fell apart. Experts say you’re actually replacing one addiction with another. This is no better.

Vapes are harmful because they release nanoparticles of heavy metals, solvents, and other chemicals that can cause lung and airway damage.

“One of those chemicals, for example, is propylene glycol, which produces smoke at this point. VOCs at certain levels still irritate the eyes, nose and throat, plus they negatively affect the liver, kidneys and nervous system. Another common substance is formaldehyde, It is known to be a carcinogen. In addition, most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance,” explains oncologist Isabella Drummond, from São Paulo.

In 2019, Acute Respiratory Syndrome attributed exclusively to e-cigarette use was named by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): EVALI, which is an acronym for e-cigarette use-related lung disease or vaping (electronic cigarettes or lung injury associated with use of e-cigarettes). Vaping product). Symptoms include coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Other than that, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, and weight loss are relevant signs,” says pulmonologist Arthur Feltrine.

The first contact with the devices is able to generate a temporary sense of pleasure, which helps to induce addiction.

Electronic devices allow the user to take more puffs in a short period of time and much faster than a conventional cigarette. Nicotine from e-cigarettes reaches the brain between 7 and 19 seconds after a puff, releasing substances that can affect areas of the brain responsible for regulating memories and emotions.

Therefore, those who have the desire to give it up go through a period of abstinence, just like any other addiction. There is a chemical dependence that causes the feeling of pleasure in the brain through receptors, and there is also a behavioral dependence. In general, the act of smoking is associated with states of well-being, such as meeting drinks with friends. From the moment the decision is made to quit smoking, strategies have to go through all of these places,” says Chen An Lin, MD, a pulmonologist and member of acupuncturist at the Brazilian Medical College of Acupuncture.

You can choose the abrupt or gradual method and it is important to cut out the triggers for smoking. Relying on the support of family and people is also worth it. Finally, seek medical help and, if possible, share experiences in support groups,” recommends Dr. Isabella Drummond.

Traces of e-cigarettes also reach the face. To the details:

mouth and teeth
The chemicals damage the oral microbiome and increase the chances of gum disease, dry mouth, infections, and even shrinkage of the gums. “Decreased saliva production due to nicotine also increases the risks of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and bad breath,” explains dentist Fernanda Prado.

“There is an increase in oxidative stress, which accelerates premature aging, as well as a risk of infection and dermatitis caused by a lowered immune response. Wounds and acne also take longer to heal,” explains dermatologist Maria Eduarda Pires.

What is the truth and what is the myth when it comes to vapes?

He only has the essence
myth! Other chemicals are released, such as those found in smoke and nicotine.

The vape is not addictive
myth! Despite the pleasurable character of the flavors, it is just as likely to generate chemical and emotional dependence as a common cigarette.

What are the long term effects?
unknown. There are no studies to show the effects over time, but there are indeed short-term risks.

Are there safe options?
Since it is a prohibited commercial product, it has no regulations. Therefore, there is no way to certify with certainty what is in each component.

A vape helps you quit regular cigarettes
Exchange may occur at first, but there is a risk of addiction being “replaced.”

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