'House of the Dragon' brings sex and violence back from 'Game of Thrones' to HBO

‘House of the Dragon’ brings sex and violence back from ‘Game of Thrones’ to HBO

Dragons cut across the blue sky and flew menacingly toward the tall, brown constellations, as if ready to attack. We’ve seen this scene before, when Daenerys sets King’s Landing on fire in a violent and shocking farewell to Game of Thrones.

Now, however, the winged creatures roam only amicably above the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, because their owners, the Targaryen family, are in charge of the fictional universe that receives the plot of “House of the Dragon”, derived from Advent. This week to HBO Max.

This does not mean that these are times of peace and harmony in the Seven Kingdoms – quite the contrary. Sitting on the Iron Throne for so long fueled the family’s greed for platinum hair. In “House of the Dragon”, its members fight among themselves when King Viserys must decide who will take the crown upon his death.

The plot takes place two centuries before the events of “Game of Thrones” and contradicts two sides – the first is the theme of the king’s brother, a narcissistic and insignificant subject, and the second is his daughter, fair and kind. It’s worth remembering that Daenerys started her journey this way too, but by last season she was completely drunk with her thirst for revenge.

“I think they are alike because of the circumstances they are in, because of the way they see the world and how often they are questioned about it. But Rhaenyra faces less resistance,” says one of her interpreters, Millie Alcock, via video.

As in the telenovelas Globo, “A Casa do Dragão” is divided into two phases. In the first, the protagonist is a teenager and still lives under the possibility of her father having a male heir. In the second, Emma Darcy, the eldest, assumes the character as favorite on the throne. If all goes as expected, she will become the first queen of the Seven Kingdoms – but not all the masculine men around are willing to be ruled by a woman.

His uncle, Daemon Targaryen, takes advantage of the situation, creating the spark that drives what should be a new ‘Game of Thrones’ – the Brazilian name, but not actually adopted, of ‘Game of Thrones,’ which could happen again.” House of Dragons “.

“Everything in history has always been backed by power, right from the start,” says Paddy Considine, translator for King Viserys. “It’s something intrinsic to human beings, and we always need someone in charge.” “So we look back, look back at the day and wonder how much the world really has evolved.”

If Considine’s idea is that “House of the Dragon”, in its medieval fantasy setting, is like the mirror of our society, then the response to his provocation is that the world is going badly. That’s because the new series follows an introduction to the violence, manliness, and corruption that helped make “Game of Thrones” not only the most-watched series on TV, but also one of the most controversial.

Expect insults, nudity, sex, aggression, torture and blood – a lot of blood – in the first episode of the new series. The only previously controversial and widespread element that is not expected to reappear are the rape scenes – producers, directors and actors contradict each other in the teaser events, but HBO’s final word is that this type of violence will be addressed, but not shown.

The cast believes these are important topics to be discussed on stage, as “horrible things happen in real life,” according to Considine. “Just because it doesn’t happen in your life doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen around the corner. Thinking this way is wrong. It’s important to show candid content, as long as it’s done well, because this kind of situation affects the character’s path.”

In a display of his awful character, for example, Daemon leads a crusade through King’s Landing, where soldiers hunt down poor, criminals. He plunges his sword into the stomachs of countless men, cuts off their hands, and finally pulls on the pants of a young man to pull out his penis. The camera captures everything from behind his buttocks, until it focuses on the severed, bloodied end on the floor.

Masculinity, not brutality, is the word that sticks to the character, hostess of small parties in brothels. But in another scene, we see the potency dissipate. The demon has sex with a woman, until she is tired of his attempts to have an erection and plunges into deep sadness, still haunted by the possibility that he will never become king.

The scene may be important to understanding the complexity of the character, according to actor Matt Smith, even though it wasn’t very pleasant to portray. He’s been telling reporters that “House of the Dragon” has a lot of sex scenes, but rumors are already swirling behind the scenes that the show’s production was going to poke his ear out due to complaints.

If that’s the case, the actor stated before speaking to this newspaper that he couldn’t say if the series was too straightforward, but “this is the world it represents, a violent and brutal society.” However, he’s dodging the reins of HBO to specifically comment on his failed sex by candlelight.

“To be honest, I don’t like that scene. I don’t like the way it was filmed, but it was the way they wanted it. I feel like there’s a deeper, more interesting way to tell that physical story between the two characters,” he says. The actor, who after the scene does a juggling with the paper so he doesn’t show his penis – and it’s worth noting that ‘Game of Thrones’ has already been criticized for showing too many boobs. The vagina and very little male genitalia.

“A Casa do Dragão” promises to bring many discussions to the viewer and, judging by the anticipations that lie ahead, should remain one of the year’s greatest television phenomena – the result of the subtle expansion of the literary universe created by George R.R. Martin, after which HBO dropped a spin-off that had previously Already recorded an episode of about 30 million dollars.

The cast seems to be aware of its potential – too early for success and failure – and has repeatedly cited the “Succession” and its dirty family politics as inspiration for the new plot.

Today’s drama is the sweetheart of awards and the apple of HBO’s eye, titles that “A Casa do Dragão” can attempt to usurp, paralleling these universes in which a brother pulls the rug out for his brother.

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