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Pia Haddad is bested by Simona Halep, the runner-up at the WTA 1000 in Toronto – Sports – Estadão

Beatrice Haddad Maya lost to roman Simona Halepthis Sunday, in the final Toronto WTA, in Canada, in two sets 1, with parts 6/3, 2/6 and 6/3, in 2h16. Despite the defeat, the Brazilian will appear, on Monday, in 16th place in the world rankings.

Beatrice started the first set very well, holding her first two serve and breaking Halep’s first. In the 3/0 disadvantage, the Romanian began to change her movements more and has more patience in the exchange of balls, without making mistakes. She even had four double faults in the second game.

Pia, in turn, having had a crushing start, began to make a lot of mistakes. There was no consistency and he lost the next six matches, with two servings. Halep started off well and Pia advanced poorly. The Roman needed 50 minutes to win the first set.

At the end of the first set, it was possible to notice the large number of Brazilian and Romanian fans watching the final, which made the weather too hot for the final dispute. Villa came back more powerful for the second set and started winning by blows. Immediately break Halep’s serve in the first game. With good use of the first serve, the Brazilian kept his rhythm and opened 2 to 0.

Halep sensed Pia’s moment and began to make many mistakes, as the national tennis player took the opportunity to repeat in the second set the same result as the first: 3/0, but this time with two breaks by the Romanian. The sequence of the second group was different from the first. Halep failed and Pia took the opportunity to make the score 4/0. With a major flaw, Roman went for all or nothing and confirmed her first serve on the set.

Pia showed that she had a different attitude in the second set and came back with a good rhythm to become 5 to 1, despite the opponent’s effort, who still scored her second point in the set. But it was few in the face of the Brazilian’s focus, who closed the set at 6/2, after 35 minutes equalizing the result.

Tennis players came in full force for the third and decisive set. The first match was very disputed and Pia had a break opportunity, but Halep confirmed the serve. Worst: The Romanian broke the Brazilian’s serve in the next match and opened the match 2-0, the third match was fantastic. Halep struggled hard to hold his serve, but Villa, after three break points, was able to restart the second half: 2-1.

In the fourth game, Halep outmaneuvered himself by reserving Bia at 190 km/h and broke the Brazilian’s serve again, making the score 3 to 1. The fifth match was also very well balanced, but the Romanian managed to make it 4 to 1. Bia didn’ t gave Halep a chance, by sending him very well and reducing the damage to 4-2, but the Roman came back with the same coin and made it 5-2. With a variety of hits, the Roman closed the third set at 6/3 and was left with the title.

Pia Dedica Made for Dad

On a special afternoon here in Brazil, on Father’s Day, Pia Haddad did not fail to remember her family when she won second place. After the match, in a speech open to the public, the Brazilian left aside protocol, dedicating the conquest to her father in good Portuguese. “Today is Father’s Day in Brazil, not the cup I would like. But I would like to dedicate this title to my father, my grandparents and all the Brazilian fathers who were able to enjoy and be with their families,” he said.

The Brazilian also took the opportunity to thank her coaching staff and assured that she will continue to strive to achieve more in her career.

“I would like to thank my team here. Rafa, my coach. We have a lot of people working behind the scenes, but especially Rafa, who created this mindset inside me. I am more competitive every week. We are working towards the right track and results are coming. Because we focus on the process.” I would also like to thank my family, everyone who supported me in Brazil, the Brazilians who were here and were great every moment. Finally, today I gave everything I had. I didn’t control my emotions in the best way, but even without giving my best show, I tried to fight from the start I just wanted to thank everyone and I will try to do my best every week in these courts. I respect tennis a lot. I will continue to fight around the planet,” he said.

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