From Betrayal to Separation: What Happened to Sheila After the End of Éo Tchan

From Betrayal to Separation: What Happened to Sheila After the End of Éo Tchan

The sheer success of the ’90s and early 2000s, Sheila Carvalho and Sheila Mello left the Éo Tchan group nearly 20 years ago. The first was in 2005, while the second finished his group tour in 2003. Since then, both have married, have children and participated in the same reality show: A FazendaFrom recording but in different seasons. What was not missing is also controversy.

Sheila Carvalho, currently 48, participated in the Morena do É o Tchan competition in Domingão do Faustão and won 2,000 competitors. In 1997, she officially joined the Axé troupe and became one of the most famous dancers in Brazil.

The band achieved massive success in the country, making them appear nude five times in Playboy, being the sales record holder for total number of covers and fourth in singles editions, proving that she was a sex symbol in the ’90s.

After leaving the band in 2005, he invested in his career, working on A Turma do Didi, Casseta e Planeta, Megatom, A Praça é Nossa and the movie Popstar for Xuxa. She also had a TV show in Bahia titled Bom Demais, which ended in 2013, in addition to her participation in the sixth season of A Fazenda.

Infidelity in the marriage of Sheila Carvalho

During her time incarcerated at A Fazenda, her husband, Tony Salles, was caught kissing another woman and the case had repercussions across the country. On that amazing Sunday in 2013, he said he already knew what had happened.

“I forgave you a long time ago. This happened before I entered the farm and they took advantage of the moment I was in to bring her. I was so upset that she offended my morals. She offended my husband’s morals. In a way, she also hindered my way in the game.”

In 2014, the former brunette Tchan sued Tony Salles’ then-lover, but declared herself poor for not paying damages. Carvalho demanded compensation of R$2.4 million for moral damages. In 2020, she lost her brother due to cardiac arrest.

Sorry Sheila Carvalho

Always in great shape, the brunette was regretting her muscular phase. In an interview with Kim, he said that he hasn’t been to the gym in three years. “I went through a very drastic phase where I saw myself as too big. I didn’t like it. I only took one test and regretted it. But I’m back in the natural world, training at home,” he said.

“I maintain a healthy diet, but I have a social life, I like to have wine with my husband. We can’t deprive ourselves of our free time either.”

Sheila Melo married Xuxa and gave birth to a daughter after Éo Tchan!

From Betrayal to Separation: What Happened to Sheila After the End of Éo Tchan

At 44, the “new Tchan blond” joined the band in 1998 replacing Carla Perez. As the brunette band, she appeared nude several times and in 2009, Participate in the second season of the farm. In 2017, he also participated in Dancing Brasil.

Before he became famous, Milo revealed that he used to work at McDonald’s: “This picture from my time working at McDonald’s has a very important meaning to me. I remember we had a job rotation, even when I was in the lobby, one of the obligations was taking care of the trash, that’s Not a little! I never forget my roots, and that makes me proud of my accomplishments and respect for people!”

confined to Record, she married Fernando Shearer, aka Xuxa, but they divorced in 2018 after nine years. The fruit of that relationship was Brenda, who is currently 12 years old. Since 2019, he has been dating tennis player Feijão Souza, 34 years old.

Sheila Melo lost her mother

In April of this year, Sheila lost her mother in her arms. “In her last breath she was in my arms, lying, I can say how much I love her, but of course it hurts. So, to continue life in search of lightness, joy. She has dedicated a song to me and I will put it here, yes a very beautiful song,” she said.

The model remembers that all this happened on Saturday. Immediately she called me: ‘My love, are you ready? “I asked if I had already fainted, that she would lose consciousness and wake up elsewhere without pain, and be taken care of,” he continued.

Sheila Melo and Sheila Carvalho participate in Domingão with Huck

At the premiere of Battle of Lip Sync, on Sunday with Huck, Sheila Mello and Scheila Carvalho He went to accompany Paulo Vieira, who performed the song Dança do Ventre, hit by Éo Tchan.

The two appeared on stage by surprise, in the middle of the comedian’s show, causing the audience to rave and leaving Leticia Colin, who is in competition with the comedian, with her jaw.

Soon, Luciano Hack remembered when the two dancers secured a spot on the ax group. He commented, “I was a spectator watching my friend Fausto Silva doing a contest, first ‘Brunette from Tchan’, then ‘loira do Tchan’.”

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