Fortaleza wins Ceará and leaves Z-4;  Victor Luis leaves in an ambulance

Fortaleza wins Ceará and leaves Z-4; Victor Luis leaves in an ambulance

Fortaleza won the Clasico-Re against Ceara 1 to 0 today (14), in Arena Castellao, in the 22nd round of the Brazilian League, and achieved the third consecutive victory in the competition. The result made the team exit the relegation zone after 20 consecutive games. The match was marked by the dismay of Victor Luis, of Fozao, who had to leave the field in an ambulance after being hit in the head.

The win saw Leão do Pici climb two places in the table and sit 15th, with 24 points added. In 14 wins, he scored 25 points. Moussa scored, in the 16th minute of the first half, the only goal of the match.

All goes well: PRIZE

Pritz, from Fortaleza, dominated the right-back and triumphed in all the opposing team’s attacks, especially midfielder Mendoza, who rarely managed to get past the defender.

Sorry: Richard Coelho

Richard Coelho missed long balls throughout the match. The player entered the field after suffering from drama all week. His brother, 19-year-old Ryan Coelho, died after falling ill during a futsal match in São Sebastião de Paraiso (MG).

Victor Luis leaves in an ambulance

In a dispute over the ball in the 36th minute of the second stage, Victor Luis was shocked when he fought for the ball with teammate Lucas Ribeiro and collapsed on the field. Athletes from both teams took off their shirts and swayed to ventilate teammates who, already awake, needed to be immobile and get them off the field in an ambulance.

Victor Luis is presented in Castelão Park, during the match between Fortaleza and Ceará

Photo: reproduction / premiere

Ciara can’t get out with the ball

As usual in Fuzao’s recent matches, Ciara’s team had a hard time getting the ball out and getting rid of the three-color tags. Fena and Mendoza were able to succumb on a few occasions, but always with great difficulty due to the pointing of Benvenuto and Tete.

Provocations from both sides

After a quarrel with a fan in the elimination of Ciara to Sao Paulo on Thursday (10), in favor of the Copa Sudamericana, the fans of Fortaleza did not forgive Vina and shouted “popcorn” for the player. The quarterback, who missed a penalty in that match, in response, presented a “C” (from Series C) to the opposing fans.

A stronghold that seeks to attack

Fortaleza looked more for the attack, although he was quite distracted, especially in the sector controlled by Lucas Sacha. Despite this, he knew how to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses and press the ball. The biggest example was a team goal that left after Gallardo battled for the ball at the entrance to the area, leaving the ball to Moises, who finished the net and swung it.

Lion’s breath

Fortaleza finally left Z4 after 20 consecutive rounds in sticking. The team didn’t know what it was like to breathe a sigh of relief since the first round, in which they finished 16th. Since then, he has sunk into the area and can only recover now after a tie and three straight victories.

Almighty spirits

Quick confusion swept the game. Nino Paraiba and Gabriel Lacerda, both from Ciara, and Marcelo Benvenuto and Thiago Gallardo, from Fortaleza, were surprised after a fight in the 34th minute of the first stage. As a result of the swearing and swearing, the four became yellowish.

The confusion resulted in four yellow triggers - play / premiere - play / premiere

Confusion caused four players to yellow

Photo: reproduction / premiere

Upcoming matches

Ciara returns to the field, away from his home, to face Red Bull Bragantino, next Sunday (21), at 18:00 (Brasilia time), for Brazil. Fortaleza faces Fluminense on Wednesday (17), at 8 pm, for the Copa del Rey.

data sheet:
CEARÁ 0 x 1 Fortaleza

Competition: Brazilian League, Round 22
date and time: August 14, 2022 (Sunday), 4pm (Brasilia time)
place: Arena Castellao, Fortaleza (m).
Rule: Jean-Pierre Goncalves Lima
Auxiliaries: Lucio Beiersdorf Fleur and Jorge Eduardo Bernardi
yellow cards: Nino Paraíba, Gabriel Lacerda (CEA); Marcelo Benevenuto, Thiago Gallardo, Jose Willison (for)
Objectives: Moses (FOR), at 16′ from I T.

CEARÁ: Joao Ricardo, Nino Paraíba, Marcos Victor (Lucas Ribeiro), Gabriel Lacerda, Victor Luis (Bruno Pacheco), Richard Coelho, Richardson (Eric), Guilherme Castillo, Fina (Lima), Mendoza and Matthews Pessotto (Vazquez). Technical: Marquinhos Santos.

Energy: Fernando Miguel, Pretez, Marcelo Benevento, Tite, Juninho Capixaba, Jose Willison, Lucas Sacha, Ronald (Hercules), Moises (Depetri), Thiago Gallardo (Fabricio Baiano) and Robson (Mateos Vargas). Technical: Juan Vojvoda.

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