Ball Market: Fla lives the end of the TV series with Oscar and United can launch CR7

Ball Market: Fla lives the end of the TV series with Oscar and United can launch CR7

The national and international football market remains turbulent, with speculation and results amid the transfer window around the world.

In Brazil, the flamingo stands out. The Carioca club lives Oscar’s expectations and time is running out, as today the national window is still closed for direct negotiations between the two teams – the midfielder belongs to the port of Shanghai, from China.

On the other hand, Santos managed to register Venezuelan Sutildo in the BID of the Brazilian Football Confederation, thus the player is free to make his debut in the team. Arrived on loan from Tigres.

In Europe, The Athletic website reported that Manchester United are ready to release superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as long as, in the coming days, he succeeds in signing a powerful striker to replace the Portuguese.

Still in international football, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has given Barca ‘few’ deals. The German said he “doesn’t understand” how the Spaniards, amidst recent debt, were able to compromise with athletes like Lewandowski and Ravenha.

a UOL Esporte Highlights of the most important news of the day in the ball market. Check out some of the moves below:

The end of the Oscars series

Photo: Power Sport Images/Getty Images

Flamengo can still submit a final ticket to Oscar today, which is the deadline for the current transfer window, but the assessment is that the club’s moves were indeed significant and worthy of celebration. With four reinforcements coming from Europe, the Football Department has strengthened the positions of those in need and introduced the recently departed.

The club already has an agreement with the Brazilian midfielder for weeks, but that depends on the official version of the Shanghai port, from China. Oscar’s arrival will be the ‘icing on the cake’ for the market in 2022. Fla may also try the last move by Wallace, of Udinese.

Willian leaves … and no one enters

Willian laments during the Corinthian match;  Midfielder will leave Sao Paulo - Alexander Sneijder / Getty Images - Alexander Sneijder / Getty Images
Photo: Alexander Schneider/Getty Images

The closing of the Brazilian football transfer window confirms that Corinthians will go until the end of the season without replacing Willian in the squad. The striker signed a contract termination last week, and the club was unable to find a spare part.

There were two main obstacles to Corinth: time and money. The board had been monitoring the ball market for weeks, ever since learning that Willian wanted to return to Europe, but could not find a way to give Vitor Pereira a replacement for then-number 10.

Soteldo ready

The attacking midfielder Sutildo, recently signed by Santos, was registered with FIFA today. Thus, the Venezuelan is already available to train Leska to make his debut in a Pixie jersey.

Santos faces the classic against Sao Paulo, for the Brazilian Championship. The duel is scheduled to take place at Villa Belmiro, at 18:00 (Brasilia time) on Sunday. In the last match, the club beat America-MG, 1-0.

More on Santos…

Gabriel Karabjal, from Santos - Ivan Storte / Santos - Ivan Storte / Santos.
Photo: Evan Storti/Santos FC

It was announced on Friday, the arrival of Gabriel Carabjal to be Santos’ dream ‘midfielder’. Some time ago, coaches Fabio Carrell and Fabian Bustos, who had already exited the club, requested signings with these characteristics. However, the coach who got the signature is Liska.

The coach talked about the arrival of the midfielder. “Carabjal fits well with our game model. He’s used to it. They have middle-distance shots, deep balls, building… There are two players (Sutildo and Carabajal) that will add a lot. We’ll see how they get it,” said Lesca.

Igor Vinci must stay in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo and Igor Vinicius are on the way to renew their contract for three years, until December 2025. The club and player have laid a working basis for the new bond, and the signing is expected this week, possibly between tomorrow (16) and Wednesday (17).].

Between coming and going, the club and player are now waiting for renewal. At first, Sao Paulo’s proposal did not satisfy the player and the possibility of leaving was real, since the team has a bond until December and can already sign a pre-contract. However, in recent weeks, the parties have come close to their intended values ​​in a new three-year contract.

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo regrets missed opportunity during Manchester United-Atletico Madrid, Champions League match - David Bustamante/Getty Images - David Bustamante/Getty
Photo: David Bustamante/Getty

Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag has expressed his willingness to allow Cristiano Ronaldo to leave, according to “Athletic”. However, the release of the seventh jersey will be directly related to the arrival of a new striker to the team.

In the next round of the Premier League, striker Anthony Martial is supposed to appear among the players associated with him after his injury. However, the Red Devils keep an eye on the market and see Alvaro Morata as an option. In addition to the Spaniard, the club has searched for the possibility of signing Jamie Vardy, but Leicester are reluctant to release one of the club’s legend. The name Raúl de Tomas, of Espanyol, has also been speculated.

Klopp did not understand…

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has commented on Barcelona’s performance in the transfer window. In an interview with “Kicker”, the German said that he did not understand how the Catalan club managed to hire big names such as Lewandowski and Ravenha. “I don’t understand for several reasons. If you tell me I don’t have money, I don’t spend anything. It’s happened twice with my credit card, but fortunately a few years have passed. I see it as a football fan, I don’t understand.”

Despite the economic crisis, the Catalan club acted aggressively in the market in search of signings. It cost Robert Lewandowski, Ravenha and Jules Conde more than 150 million euros (about 777 million Brazilian reals). a UOL Esporte Barcelona maneuvers explained to get reinforcements

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