Milton Nascimento on adoption: 'I never had anyone I could trust'

Milton Nascimento on adoption: ‘I never had anyone I could trust’

Reproduction / Instagram 08.14.2022

Milton Nascimento on a trip with his son Augusto Nascimento to Spain

Upon crossing the front door of Milton Nascimento’s home, in Rio, one immediately sees a large black and white photo of the musician embracing his son, Augusto. Only later, golden logs lined up on the same wall, and other references to his career, such as paintings and instruments, spread throughout the other rooms. Fatherhood is something to be revered there. “I never had someone I could fully live with and who loved me in spite of everything. God gave me the gift,” says the singer, who turns 80 in October, stressing that living with his son has transformed himself as a human being.

Augusto was born in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, and moved with his mother to Juiz de Fora as a child. Milton, in turn, always had friends there and used to cross the three-hour road separating Rio from Mineira to visit the city. In one season, common friendships between them bind. “He used to go there to rest, and we ended up meeting,” recalls 29-year-old Augusto. “I had no connection with my biological father, and he was very lonely. We understood each other in this relationship, until we realized that we had become a father and a son. It has been building over time.”

The boy recalls, between 2014 and 2016, Milton suffered from deep depression, and when he could, he would travel to Rio to visit the singer. “But my whole life was in Juiz de Fora, where I was studying law. So, he started going there a lot,” says Augusto, who lives in a room and a living room near the college. “There was no structure, was there? There was one, and he was diabetic, at that time in very poor health, eating pasta with me,” he continues, under his father’s watchful eyes. Then Petuka let out a giggle and continued, “He was a student in and out, and I was in the middle.”

During this period, Mel recalls the dramatic Dawn, where he also felt the father’s anxiety. That’s when Augusto, after visiting in Rio, got back on the road alone in a storm. “I was desperate until I spoke to him the next morning on the phone. He was damned.”

The entry and exit only stopped when the father told his son that the roof of his Lagoa apartment was in danger of collapsing due to an infestation of termites. Then Augusto came up with an idea proposing that they live together, and the invitation was accepted in July. I went to pick him up the next day, and he stayed in the apartment until we got the documents for the house we found we lived in. Taste all versions of pasta. ”

By then, Milton had already asked Augusto if he would accept to be his son. The answer was yes, but they had to face lengthy legal procedures until paternity became official, in 2017, when the boy started using the Kesrouani surname (from his mother) Nascimento. “After that, he always asked for my documents to show to his friends,” recalls the son. A copy of the framed birth certificate has become a souvenir for Father’s Day, as Petuka loves “too vulgar” gifts, according to Augusto. “He loves those T-shirts with phrases like ‘best dad in the world.’ Then he spent two months wearing the same clothes.” Milton explains the reason for the ecstasy: “I have always loved children very much, I don’t know how many marriages I have, but I can never have one at home. When he showed up, the child came to me.”

The singer proudly talks about the coincidences that sealed the relationship between the two. One of them is the similarity between Augustus’ biological grandfather and his father, created out of curiosity. “When I met him, I said, ‘Oh my God, another Professor Sparrow!'” There are many traits in common,” comments Milton, who has a wonderful relationship with his son’s family, with whom he shares Christmas nights in Campo Grande, where they live. He was also adopted when he was two years old by Lilia and Guino, after the death of his biological mother, Maria Now being on the other side of this relationship, he says, is “one thing.” “We give and we receive. That’s what’s important to me.”

Another point of contact between father and son comes from Umbanda. Milton has Oxalá as an orixá and discovers that Augusto is from Oxóssi. “And Okosi takes care of Oxala. I don’t believe in chance. That’s because it has to be,” says the singer, proficient in the Catholic religion, Umbanda and Buddhism, the latter through the intervention of American saxophonist Wayne Shorter, with whom he recorded the album” Native Dancer “, who Released in 1974.

Milton Nascimento and his son Augusto Nascimento
Reproduction / Instagram 08.14.2022

Milton Nascimento and his son Augusto Nascimento

With so much of a career, Augusto became his father’s manager, “there were a lot of people around, and unfortunately a lot of abuse,” he says, noting that Milton only had 180 godparents. Because it was a mess. He went to Juiz de Fora (when he was suffering from depression) with no hope of playing the shows again. When he started noticing and finally gave the first presentation, he hugged me and asked to schedule more. However, there was a long way to go with hospitals and hospital admissions before that. Nobody knows what to ask. When he was sick, 90% of those around him disappeared. When we announced the last round, about 20 people who “died” reappeared.”

In addition to his career, Milton has needed to clean up the way he handles his health. At the height of the pandemic, the son was hired to abandon braids used for many years to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, as constant maintenance with a specialist was required. The singer was accustomed to taking any recommended medication, and came to take about 25 medications at one stage. That halved after he found the right doctor. “I say he’s crazy, and he’s really crazy,” Augusto jokes. When asked if he agreed, Petuka gave a consensual laugh and said, “A little.”

The singer is currently touring in Brazil and the world with the farewell tour of the “Last Musical Session” stages. “I just don’t want to stop writing or singing. I want to do something quieter. But it’s so nice to stop[performing],” he says. He performed in Europe, and last week he sold out Carioca Arena for three nights in a row. In October, during a season in the United States, and on November 13, when proceeding to Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte, to present the last ticket, you will see the ticket four hours later.

Those who follow the scenes of this epic say that the complicity between father and son inspires and motivates the singer. This is the case of Minas Gerais fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga, who designed the sculptures used on the tour. “I find it very moving when a father starts to become a son. And that can happen to Milton. In our meetings, I had to take a shower with alcoholic gel, and that was Augusto’s concern,” says the designer, who created uniforms and clothes inspired by “Manto da Manto”. Annunciao”, by plastic artist Bispo do Rosario, for performances. “I thought of the plays as epiphanies. He must be on stage like a god, an orexa of music.”

Although the father-son relationship is praised by those around him, Augusto laments that this bond is often sensational, especially in malicious comments on networks. “The Internet is the land of fools. People need to create stories that are not satisfied with their own facts,” he criticizes. Milton adds: “He who loves it, loves it. He who does not love it, bad luck.”

The singer was known for describing his personal life, and he communicated with him, in large part in this hour-long interview, through wide smiles that are worth many words. This behavior attracted the attention of even old friends, such as his partner from Clube da Esquina, Lô Borges. “I’ve always thought he’s fine, but now he’s great, his spirits are high, he smiles all the time, he tells stories. We spent an afternoon in Belo Horizonte recently. We listened to recordings, and he sang all the time. I’m so happy to find my brother like that,” he celebrates.
During the conversation, lips only closed twice when Petuka was asked about the Brazilian political scenario. In both, he chose silence, and it was up to his son to explain why. “We avoided the topic because the Bolsonarista side is, basically, too aggressive,” he justifies. As a poetic way of talking about it, we included ‘Coração de Estudante’ in the performances’ repertoire, and when he finished singing, he said, ‘Long live democracy! “.

Once the question is answered, Milton goes back to talking about the things that make him happy and points out a picture in which he shows his son’s side in the Amazon. He asks about the forest: “The people here have to take care of the people there.” “It’s one of the most beautiful things in Brazil.” He also talks with excitement about the life that awaits him after the tour. He wants to rest and spend a season in Denmark, his “second country”. Before that, a DVD of the show, recorded in London, is released later this year, and a documentary with the scenes of the tour and recording of the presentation in Mineirão is scheduled for 2023. It is approved. “The past, when it’s good, I put it here (pointing to the box), and the future is still to come.” And what about the present? “That’s it.”

Milton Nascimento and his son Augusto Nascimento
Reproduction / Instagram 08.14.2022

Milton Nascimento and his son Augusto Nascimento

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