How old is Gloria Maria, Globo journalist whose birthday is today

How old is Gloria Maria, Globo journalist whose birthday is today

Journalist and presenter Gloria Maria, one of the most prominent professionals in Brazil, celebrates her birthday today. Every year she celebrates the date on her Instagram profile, but without showing something in common to those making a birthday post: her new age.

As one of the biggest mysteries surrounding a journalist’s profession – mentioned by countless reports, unforgettable interviews and coverage, international trips with many stamped passports and also memes – Gloria Maria’s true age is never spoken of in interviews.

However, today it is not this mystery that surrounds her life and the curiosity of the public – even Anna Maria Braga has already tried to find out the age of her classmate, but in vain – two dates are known.

Currently, splash Gloria Maria’s age shows after analyzing more than five thousand posts, exactly 5,123, on the two Instagram accounts of TV Globo newspaper – one without publications since 2013, but followed to this day by her verified profile – in search of birthday posts .

Found several posts on August 15, some on the same day or sooner, but always at least one remembers the date from 2012 to 2021. None of them are in the famous age.

Gloria Maria thanks her birthday gift made by Globo Repórter in 2012

Photo: Playback / Instagram @gmreal

two dates?

Gloria Maria, daughter of tailor Cosme Braga da Silva and housewife Edna Alves Mata, was born in Rio de Janeiro. Her mother, born in 1930 and died in February 2020 at age 89, would have given birth to her daughter when she was about to be 19, on August 15, 1949, or approximately 29, on August 15, 1959.

Yes, these two dates that hover above the real age of Gloria Maria, more specifically the years 1949 and 1959, since the date of August 15 is known to all.

In 2014, the date of 1949 – today you’ll turn 73 – gained more power and ramifications in determining a journalist’s age, after an alleged health plan by Gloria Maria’s name was leaked and published by columnist Leo. Dias, at that time in the newspaper Ya Dia.

At the time, Gloria Maria denied the writer’s revealed age was correct – stating that she was 64, not 54. and newspapers. At that time, like Fulha. “Disclosure of my age is not in my interest,” he added.

Months later, she spoke directly in an interview with Leo Dias, who this time set her age at 55 – she already had a birthday. “I was born in 1959, baby. Everything that comes out of me is wrong. They even say I was born in Bahia. That’s what makes me angry.” [que eu tinha 64 anos]is a lie. I swear to you my daughters,” she said in remarks that resonated again on several sites.

In order to verify the age and date of birth of the journalist and presenter, splash Verified on the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) website as Gloria Maria’s polling place in the election. Each citizen can verify the information by referring to the full name, date of birth and mother’s name.

When searching with a 1949 date, the site said that one of the three information was incorrect. However, when entering the date 08/15/1959, the site showed where the journalist polled in Rio de Janeiro. This means that according to the date consulted on the TSE website, Gloria Maria will turn 63 on Monday.

Career in Globo

Gloria Maria’s profile on Memória Globo says that she always studied in public schools, places that gave her cultural training: “I’ve studied English, French and Latin and won all the school’s writing competitions.”

1 - Cloning / Globo Memory - Cloning / Globo Memory

Gloria Maria in one of the statements she gave to Memoria Globo

Photo: Reproduction / Memory Globo

In 1970, the year she was 12, considering her date of birth in 1959, the journalist was taken by a friend to be a radio listener for Globo in Rio, according to Memoria Globo.

In consultation on the website of the Federal Senate, Decree-Law No. 229 of 1967 in the midst of the military dictatorship provided for a change in the minimum age of trainees from 14 to 12 in Brazil – in 1974 another law restored the minimum age of 14.

The journalist even managed to combine her studies at the Faculty of Journalism at PUC-Rio (Pontifical Catholic University) with her job as a telephone operator at Embratel. However, Memória Globo has not indicated what year the Globo Repórter presenter graduated at PUC, nor how old she was when she graduated from college.

A year after she joined Globo, in 1971, she made her debut as a reporter covering the collapse of Elevado Paulo de Frontin, in Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday, November 20. In a statement to Memoria Globo, she said they called Globo saying the elevator had gone down, but she was going to lunch.

1 - Cloning / TV Globo / Memory Globo - Cloning / TV Globo / Memory Globo

Gloria Maria returns to the place where the bridge fell to report 10 years later, in 1981

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo / Globo Memory

“It was a Saturday that we were going out to lunch, at 1:30 p.m. we were going down on the second floor there in the back and they called. We came back and then how do we find out if there is no department?” asked Gloria.

“We went to the catalog, look how crazy it is, to the phone book to see the residents there and call to see if it happened, and the first inhabitant said it was.” That’s right.” Then we went there and Globo soon sent a mobile unit there, one of the few live entrances. […] The first blow I received immediately, almost the first time in the press for real reporting, was practically with ecstasy. [Paulo de Frontin]’, he announced.

When speaking about her career in March of this year on “Roda Viva” (TV Cultura), Gloria Maria did not introduce when she started: “I have not stopped my entire career. Since when, but I kept changing. I never repeated myself.” In the same interview she said that she wanted to go to Mars in the farewell report.

the secret

The truth is, Gloria Maria doesn’t look her age, nor 63 nor 73 if you think she was born in 1949. When she was interviewed on “Programa do Jô” in 2014, she revealed that she took an average of 80 vitamins and pills daily to maintain health.

1 - Cloning / TV Globo / Globoplay - Cloning / TV Globo / Globoplay

Joe Soares interviewed Gloria Maria in 2014

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo / Globoplay

“In the morning I take about 35, then about 20 in the afternoon, and the others all day.” When the audience is impressed, Gloria says, “This is normal, folks. This is my way of taking care of myself.”

In 2019, she commented in an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut, of Jornal O Globo, that she knows what people search for on the Internet the most: “Age, right?”.

I travel all the time. Where do I need to show my ID? I can’t hide my age. Everyone knows, there is no mystery. But this has become folklore. Everyone is fascinated because I have almost 40 years of journalism. Three or four generations have seen me on TV. So they think “this woman is 200 years old”. what should I do? When I speak, no one believes. So it is better not to talk. I will not get rid of the illusion of an entire country. People want to live at his expense, let’s leave him, shall we? Gloria Maria for column Patricia Cogot, from O Globo, in 2019

Gloria Maria even joked that the “secret” of age would not be revealed, not even by the country’s largest newspaper: “This will accompany me to death. Not even when I die will I mention my age, not even in the Journal Nacional.”

1 - Clone / Instagram - Clone / Instagram

Gloria Maria publishes a bikini flick in 2021

Photo: Playback / Instagram

“I have a rule: When they do my obituary in ‘JN,’ the only thing you can’t get is age. I made everyone stick to me. If, after I’m dead, they put my age, I’ll pull everyone’s leg.”

In the same interview, she said that she does not intend to retire and stop working. “Retirement? Not dead. As long as I have legs and a stick to take me wherever I want, I am. When I don’t want it anymore Globo retires me. I also think that when someone retires, mentally they start getting old. I don’t even want to think about it. It didn’t occur to me.” Absolutely on my mind.”

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