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attention! general notice outside Interdisciplinary Residency at Camargo Cancer Center with display 27 vacancies, Distributed in the following areas: Nursing, Dentistry, Medical Physics, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition and Psychology.

Orders can be submitted from today From August 30 to September 30 2022.

For details of the call for proposals, browse the index below:

AC Camargo Residence: Rewards and Benefits

Candidates approved in this selection process and duly registered in interdisciplinary residency programs will receive scholarships funded by the Department of Health National Scholarship Program for occupational health residencies in a total amount of 4,106.09 Brazilian Real

In addition to the scholarship, ACCamargo Cancer Center will provide housing allowance and food allowance, for a total amount of R$1,154.91.

AC Camargo Residence: Registration

Registration must take place from 10 AM on August 30, 2022 to 11:59 PM on September 30, 2022, exclusively online on the Fundação VUNESP website (www.vunesp.com.br).

The candidate must make the corresponding payment of the registration fee, in the amount of R$330.00, with the bank receipt generated at the time of registration, at any bank branch, until October 3, 2022.

AC Camargo Residence: Vacancies

The multidisciplinary health residency programs at ACCamargo Cancer Center will provide 21 places. Check the table:

professional area a program Period Number of vacancies (R1)
Nursing Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 6
dentist Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 4
Medical Physics Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 3
natural therapy Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 4
speech therapy Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 3
feed Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 3
psychology Interdisciplinary Residency Program in Oncology Two years 4

AC Camargo Residence 2022: Phases of Tests

For all residency programs addressed in this notice, the selection process will consist of three phases, all of which are exclusionary and eligible in nature:

  • Stage one: objective proof of knowledge (in person);
  • The second stage: an objective and documentary analysis of the curriculum (not subjective);
  • The third stage: an interview (virtual).

objective guide

The objective test of knowledge aims to assess the degree of general knowledge of the candidate, as well as the ability to analyze, understand and interpret information, the ability to work with a logical structure of relationships, deductive ability and specific technical knowledge of the program in question.

The objective test of knowledge will consist of multiple choice questions with 5 alternatives each, with only 1 correct alternative.

The objective examination for each residency program consists of the following composition:

  • Portuguese language: 10 questions;
  • Technical English: 5 questions; And the
  • Specific knowledge: 35 questions

The objective test of knowledge in the city of São Paulo, scheduled for October 23, 2022, will be applied in the afternoon, and lasts up to 3 hours

resume analysis

Approved candidates for the second phase of this selection process, from 11/28/2022 to 11/30/2022, until 11:59 pm, must fill in the standard form with co-curricular activities, as well as attach supporting documents on an online platform available only on the website ACCamargo Cancer Center.

Curricula will be analyzed and graded based on objective criteria as described below:

standard descriptive Max value
1 extracurricular training 1.50
two Organizing scientific events 1.00
3 Participate in scientific events as a listener 1.00
4 Presentation at scientific events 1.00
5 scientific reseach 2.00
6 Published scientific articles 2.00
7 Monitoring, academic associations and university extension activities 1.50
Punctuation Maximum 10.00

an interview

This phase will consist of a competency interview and situational solution to the specific field of activity, and aims to assess the candidate’s competencies and align them with the institutional values ​​of Acamargo Cancer Center.

During the interview, each candidate’s potential to practice the interdisciplinary residency program in his or her area of ​​expertise will be assessed. Competencies will be analyzed such as: ability to communicate and argue, coherence, attitude, dynamism, ability to work in a team and focus on the patient.

Interviews (Phase III) will take place on December 13 and 14, 2022 from 9 am to 5 pm, and each interview lasts 40 minutes. The schedule will be announced on December 3.

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