43 cheap concessions to invest in 2022: from 6 thousand RRL

43 cheap concessions to invest in 2022: from 6 thousand RRL

The franchise system regulates the sale of the right to use a trademark or patent. In this way, the franchisor gives the franchisor the right to distribute their products or services. According to the Brazilian Franchise Association (ABF), the Brazilian franchise market earned R$43 billion in the first quarter of the year.

Many entrepreneurs choose to invest in the franchise sector due to certain advantages, such as personalized marketing, a complete and standardized business structure, among others. And despite what many think, investing in franchises can be cheap. Next, check out 43 cheap franchises to invest in.

Check out the cheap franchises that can return your investment in no time. (Source: iStock)

43 cheap franchises to invest

My Quitandinha

This is a network of independent small markets, which operate according to the concept of an honest market. Units operate 24 hours a day, and there is no need for employees to make intermediate purchases. The initial investment is 42 thousand Rls, with a return of 10 to 18 months.

my parents

A network designed to promote healthy eating, with stalls and stores. The investment starts at R$105,000, with a return of up to 18 months.

cake house

Homemade cake chain, which offers many flavors to its customers. The total initial investment is R$95,000, with a return of up to 24 months.

the master. fit

The franchise of healthy and premium meals, such as Banana Stroganoff Biomass. It has an initial investment of R$6,000, including franchise fee, and a return on investment of 4 to 12 months.

poke list

Fresh food chain, with healthy eating options with vegetarian and vegan options. In the dark kitchen model, the initial investment starts at R$65,000, with a payback period of 9 to 15 months.

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Sterna Café

The business focused on preparation and delivery, with an initial investment of R$89,750.00. An investment return of 18 to 36 months is expected.

S/A . juices

This is a healthy food franchise offering smoothies, salads, natural sandwiches, acai and tapioca. The initial investment is R$105,000, including royalty fees, with a payback period of 22-30 months.


Frozen Yogurt Network. The franchisor, in this case, only needs to manage the franchise from an operational, managerial and business point of view. The initial investment is R$105,000, with a return from 18 to 24 months.

Green Nation Network

A network of natural product stores that aim to change habits. It has an initial investment of 11900 thousand Rls, with a return of 6 to 16 months.

Coxinha in the pot

This is a fast food franchise that specializes in mini coccina, but also has other products. It has an initial investment of 65,000 R$, with a return of up to 18 months.


Slimming and Body Aesthetics Network, which provides its clients with a protocol of detoxification, reduction, rendux and balance. In this case, a minimum investment of R$100,000 is required, with a payback period of 6 to 12 months.

yes! makeup

The franchise of manufacturing perfumes, body and face care, make-up and accessories. They offer a R$70,000 capsule model with equipment, inventory, systems, and shipping. As for the return on what was invested, the term is from 15 to 18 months.


A franchise network for categories B and C, which provides aesthetic procedures using botulinum toxin, “Botox”. An investment of 97 thousand Brazilian riyals is required. In this case, the return is within 24 months.

house angels

Home Angels is the largest network of supervised caregivers of adults, elderly and children in Latin America. Total initial investment ranges from R$ 45,000 to R$ 89,000, and the return is from 12 months.

Access to health

Popular Clinics franchise, being an affordable alternative to the more popular classes. It requires an investment of R$96129.38, with a return of the 16th month.

GOU Dental

Dental Clinics Network. An investment of 30 thousand Brazilian riyals, including installations, with an estimated return in only 3 months.


Network of dental clinics, focusing on cosmetic treatments. Investments are expected to start from R$29 thousand, with a return of 6 to 24 months.

takes care

A franchise network for training caregivers, in a nursing technician course. An investment of 35 thousand Brazilian riyals, with a return of 12 to 18 months.


Wound prevention and treatment work, which offers the following models: outpatient, hospital and home. Investment from R$55 thousand and return in 12 months.

make space

Affordable makeup store chain. An initial investment of R$95,000, plus a return of 12-18 months.

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dry wash

A network of cleaning services and products, paint repair and car cleaning. It requires an investment of R$63,000 in the store model and the return is expected from 12 to 24 months.


Dry car wash network using wax. It has a total initial investment of R$15,500, and an expected return of 6-18 months.

easy share

Specialized work in the consortium and insurance, serving people who want to become owners of their own business. It requires an investment of R$13997.00, and it has a payback period of 6 to 12 months.


A network of loans and payroll financing to serve those who need loans. Requires an investment starting from R$ 17,880.00, with an expected return of up to 6 months.

Analytical forecast

The business is based on providing a database of key companies and professionals in the fields of health, agribusiness, civil construction and business. It requires an investment of R$50,000 and guarantees a return of up to 6 months.


Insurance and credit network in several areas, such as condominiums, engineering, vehicle fleets and life insurance. It requires an investment of R$15,590.00, with a payback period of 2 to 3 months.

rural driven

Multi business platform, with an innovative model in agribusiness. Rural Pago offers four types of services to its clients, namely consortium, rural credit, insurance and solar PV. This business requires an initial investment of R$53,046.25 and expects returns after 3 months.

dot bank

Business automation of processes, such as payment and receipt. It provides management software for other companies, making their daily lives easier. In the light model, it requires an investment of R$2,212.00. Payback occurs from 03 to 12 months.


A franchise network specializing in rural credit aimed at facilitating the bureaucratic processes of rural producers. It requires an initial investment of R$23,690.00, and provides a return between 4 and 12 months.


Business reference in the vending machine market. There are already more than 170 private machines installed in Brazil, in addition to owning franchises for brands such as Disney. It requires an initial investment of R$25 for one device only, with a payback period of 18-24 months.

Prudential do Brasil

This is an independent insurance company for people. Prudential is currently present in all Brazilian regions, and requires an initial investment of R$45 thousand. Expected return within 6 months.

NTW Accounting and Business Administration

An accounting network of more than 230 units in Brazil, plus another in Africa. In the start-up model, it requires an initial investment of R$8195.00. In addition, he is expected to return in 24 months, but not earlier than 12 months.


Insurance business, with more than 1,700 units in Brazil. An investment capital starting from 35,000 BRL is required to receive a return within 12 months.

Solar Energy Franchise

A company in the photovoltaic sector, which provides renewable energy to businesses and homes across Brazil. To open the Sollar Energy franchise, it is necessary to invest initially from R$23997.00. In addition, the results are up to 4 months.

Bakasa Real Estate Company

This is an exclusively digital real estate network. There are advantages for a broker who earns 100% commission and works from home only. An initial investment of R$10,597.00 is expected, and the network guarantees a return of 2-5 months.

solar energy project

Solar business, which offers a home business model to its investors. In this sense, an investment of 34,000 Rls is required, including the value of the purchase of a drone needed for the activities. As per the franchise, the payback is from 12 months.

love gifts

Gift franchise series, with unique options and creative decorations as well. An initial investment of R$25,500.00 is required, with an expected return of up to 12 months.


This is an entirely technology-driven condominium management business. The chain requires an investment of R$100,000 and provides a return to the franchisor within 24 to 36 months.

clean new

Upholstery cleaning work, which works in home coordination. In this case, the professional or employee goes to the customer with the equipment to perform cleaning and protection services for sofas, armchairs, mattresses and chairs, among other things. An investment of 34,000 BRL is required, with a return of 6 months.

clean home office

This is a home, apartment and office cleaning net. It offers the customer a more effective and economical alternative, especially for those who cannot afford to hire an exclusive cleaning agent. For this privilege, an investment of 15 thousand Brazilian reais is required. In addition, he is expected to return in 11 months.

Kids Club

A network of small franchises that specialize in teaching English, especially for children aged 18 months to 12 years. As a differential, it offers international certificates to students. For the home-based franchise model, a capital of R$23,000 is required, which is expected to be repaid within 24 months.

The Incredibles

This is a network of programming and robotics schools for children and teens from 5 to 17 years old. SuperGeeks offers franchisees a Micro model, starting at R$14,000. In addition, the return is expected to arrive in 24 months.

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