Entrance to one of the rooms on Friday Tabira

The Tapera de ‘Pantanal’ was an abandoned house on the farm of Almer Sater; See the renovations made to Juma’s house

Before she became the famous Tapera of Juma Marruá in the TV series “Pantanal”, where most of the scenes were filmed was an abandoned stone house on one of the farms of Almer Sater, the singer and actor who plays Eugenio in the plot. After visiting the orientation and scenography of the venue and approving the site, it underwent a renovation process to match the character and story to be told there. She then won a replica at Estúdios Globo, in Rio, where scenes that take place inside the Tapera are still recorded.

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We understand the need to better connect environments and bedrooms with the living room and kitchen. Because they were narrow little doors. So we made larger openings between these environments to facilitate recording – Bruno Freitas, assistant scenographer at the Pantanal explained about the first intervention the place underwent: – We reinforced the whole house, because it was a very old house, and it was there a long time ago. And when we started working on the walls, increasing the doorways, breaking down the walls, we had to do the work of restructuring the house as a whole. The existing wood was well compromised, and we had to replace the wood on the roof as well.

Bruno also explains that local timber transported to the disposal center was used on other farms in Mato Grosso do Sul, which is important for the aspect they wanted to create for the scenario, as well as the correctness of the architecture of the Pantanal house;

“They can’t look like new wood. This helped a lot with the script, because it brought the truth to him. We were able to do both, the safety part with the aesthetic part.”

Entrance to one of the rooms at Juma tapera Photo: João Miguel Júnior / Rede Globo / Publicity

Wood without mud cover on the side

Another part of the construction that draws attention in Tapera is the back of the house, where there are braided timbers on the outside. This was thought to give the house an aspect of the area and also to give the direction better options for photography.

– Because it is a tapera that was abandoned there at the beginning of the novel and the arrival of the characters, find that place and choose to live in it. There had to be this dynamic at the time. Over time, they were making improvements and adapting to be where they are. So we used a structure that looks like a pau a pique hull, which is a weave, but we didn’t seal in with mud, because it’s not very special there in the Pantanal, we just left the hull. With some branches, which look like thin twigs, facilitating the entry of light, there is a connection between you and the see through, and they gain depth as well. It establishes a relationship between environments and characters, when you pass inside or outside the home. Then we also begin to offer directors options for recording, camera axis, depth and light input – Bruno’s rating.

Taper Juma Maroua in
Fri Marua tapera, as ‘Pantanal’: João Miguel Júnior / Rede Globo / Publicity

central tree

Finally, another interesting part of the Tefira Juma is the tree at the end of the central corridor of the house. It wasn’t there initially and was put together by a scenography team led by Alexandre Gomez, soap opera’s honorary scenographer.

That was Alexander’s idea. He saw a reference to another product he was making. On a trip to the northeast, he saw a little house with a tree that grew inside the house and broke the wall – recalls Bruno Freitas, who adds: – We did this by taking a branch of a large tree, where the branch had a scale that would serve to roll like a tree. So we made a hole, and buried a good depth, and concreted there, and the rest was done, and grafted on some smaller branches, so that there was elasticity adorning the story as well. It is a dry tree.

The interior of Juma Marruá tapera
Interior of Juma Marruá tapera Photo: João Miguel Júnior / Rede Globo / Publicity

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