Vitor Pereira's resignation on the agenda, fans demand a director and Bernard: Corinthians news today (14)

Vitor Pereira’s resignation on the agenda, fans demand a director and Bernard: Corinthians news today (14)

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After being eliminated by Flamengo and a defeat by Palmeiras in the Brazilian League, Corinthians ended up dropping one position in the table and saw coach Vitor Pereira tremble in his position after a poor streak of results. However, Timão fans are calling out and it could be Bernard soon.

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Corinthians fans blow up their carrier with defeat against Palmeiras: ‘Keep away’

Timão missed the opportunity to touch Palmeiras in the Brazilian League table and saw the opponent’s distance in the table, opening 9 points of advantage. Vitor Pereira’s side ended up losing 1-0 at the New Quémica Arena, and on social media, fans were outraged by right-back Wagner’s performance. Even with Rooney being the one with the special goal that forced Palmeiras to win, the experienced player was criticized for the presentation and also for making a mistake in the presentation that led to the visitor’s goal.

In the comments to Corinthians’ Twitter posts, fans complained about the 23rd jersey.

“Man, I talked about Rooney because he scored, but no matter who is going to score, it is always frustrating to lose an own goal after being better in the match. I already said Wagner is the main culprit, and I am not here for the likes, if not Like the post, don’t comment, simply,” a Corinthians fan commented after Vitor Pereira’s side defeated Abel Ferreira.

Vitor Pereira reveals a controversial answer to the bank account

During the post-match press conference, coach Vitor Pereira answered about the possibility of his expulsion. In the answer, the Corinthians coach mentioned the bank account to refuse any kind of fear. But after the negative repercussions, the commander justified himself in an interview with the Portuguese newspaper “A Bola”.

“Actually, I didn’t express myself in the best way, I reacted hot, nervous, impatient, after a defeat that was unfair to me, but in the end it’s football. What I meant, and perhaps not expressing myself in the best way, is that I didn’t turn up To Corinthians for money because, thanks to God, work and luck, I built my career without being driven by money,” said Vitor Pereira.

Vampita criticizes the Corinthians player and demands his exit

In a criticism of Corinthians’ current performance with the recent poor results, idol Vampita said that the future of the coach at the club, Vitor Pereira, depends on the result against Atletico Joe next Wednesday (17).

“Deserves [ser demitido]. If Corinthians do not pass Atletico Go, next season will not continue. It’s an expensive coach, with reinforcements. Yuri Alberto did not hit the goal, did not create chances. Paulo Sousa could call him and order wine in Portugal,” Vampita revealed.

Bernard in Corinth?

Corinthians have targeted Bernard, the striker who played for Atletico MG and is currently in Saudi Arabia, in the ball market at the request of coach Vitor Pereira. According to the GOAL portal, the obstacle is that the player receives 2 million Brazilian riyals per month in Arabia and does not want to reduce his salary.

Bernard was not encouraged by Corinthians’ first proposal in the ball market. The 29-year-old striker is being treated as a potential replacement for Willian at CT Joaquim Grava, and is not ready for a significant reduction in his salary level to return to Brazil, GOAL has learned.

Vitor Pereira leaving?

Daini even fired against the team players led by Vitor Pereira and secured a victory for Corinthians, as well as the classification in the Copa do Brasil, after a difficult elimination for Flamengo in the Libertadores.

“Then, I will say something to you, to the players and the coaching staff. You don’t deserve the fans you have, you see. Wednesday, you won’t beat Atletico Joe. You don’t pass. The message has arrived,” Denny revealed.

Menon slams Vitor Pereira, of Corinthians: ‘Millionaire and arrogant’

Vitor Pereira’s stance at a press conference after the Corinthians defeat was criticized by journalist Luis Augusto Simon, better known as Menon, in a column on Uol Esporte.

You must be kidding me, man. You must be kidding me with this question. Am I at this point in my career afraid of losing my job? Do you know how much money I have in the bank, my friend? I have a stable life, and I do not need to … I am here in Corinthians, if not in Corinthians, in any other club. and whenever you want. “The idea of ​​going out is being overlooked,” Vitor Pereira replied, at a press conference. It’s a lot of arrogance. It’s not about the money, Vitor Pereira. What you want to know is if your business is up to Corinth. the current needs of the club. Having a millionaire account does not make you forget about the meager results. A Corinthians fan doesn’t want to know how much you have in the bank. He does not want to be a Palmeiras client“, he wrote.

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