What is Gboard?  Discover the functions and learn to use the Google keyboard

What is Gboard? Discover the functions and learn to use the Google keyboard

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app created by Google, available for Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The service offers features that distinguish it from others in the market, such as the possibility of writing by voice and pointing, and using it with one hand. In addition, the application allows you to configure many features, such as deactivating the automatic debugger and creating shortcuts for ready-made messages. Please note that some additional keyboard functions may not be available for Apple phones.

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Gboard: Get to know the Google keyboard and learn how to configure it – Photo: Helito Beggiora / TechTudo

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To use the application after downloading, it is necessary to make it the default keyboard for the smartphone. This action can be done by opening Gboard and clicking “Enable in Settings”>”gboard“>”Select input method”>”gboard“>”OK”>”Done”. Check out how to use and configure Gboard below.

What is it and in what cases can it serve gboard?

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app created by Google for use on Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones. The app has some differences with common keyboards, such as the ability to type with gesture or voice and change the layout to aid one-handed use – features that can save time and make typing easier. Another feature is the creation of custom emojis, which add more ammunition to virtual messages and conversations.

In this sense, a virtual keyboard can be useful for those who want programs with additional features that make typing faster and more practical. Gboard also has a configuration area that includes many features that will be included or changed, which is not the case with other keyboards.

How to enable number row in Gboard

The application provides the ability to show or hide the row of numbers. When enabled, a number line appears above the letters, in order to provide more flexibility for those who frequently use these buttons.

If the option is disabled, it can only be accessed through “? 123‘, located in the lower left corner of the keyboard. When you click on it, the folder displays the numeric keypad next to the symbols. To display the row of numbers once the keyboard is open, follow these steps:

Step one: Access the Gboard app, click on Preferences and enable the “Number Line” option;

Number line can be displayed on Google keyboard – Photo: clone / Flávia Fernandes

Step 2. Verify that you can see it directly on your keyboard when you open it. It is also possible to display the numeric keys in a larger size by touching the “? 123” symbol then “1234”.

Activate the number row in Gboard to make the buttons easier to use – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to enable emoji tab in Gboard

Another alternative in the app is the option to display a private key for inserting emojis. When you open it, you can quickly access the stickers. When disabled, the program displays the emoji button in the same place as the comma and it is necessary to press it for a few seconds to open the Smileys tab.

In the folder there is also the possibility to see the most used or recently used emoji. To activate the function, open the Gboard app and follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on “Preferences” and then enable the “Show Emoji Switch” option;

Make the emoji key more accessible on your Gboard keyboard – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Step 2. Note that the special emoji button will be released. Tap on it to get to the labels tab and also check the recently used ones.

Gboard offers the option to access the emoji folder more easily – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to create custom emoji

Another Gboard feature is the option to combine emojis to create a custom sticker. You can cross as many ideograms as you want to get more unique sticker options. The alternative can create mixed results and improve messaging.

To use the tool, open Gboard in the desired app, tap on the emoji icon and choose the group you want to send.

Send custom emoji with Gboard keyboard – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to change the keyboard for one-handed use

On Google Keyboard, it is possible to change the layout to be more practical for one-handed typing. The function reduces the space for keys and buttons, and places the keyboard on only one side of the screen. You can also move the tool left or right or move it freely.

To use this feature, open the keyboard in the desired application, tap on the three horizontal dots and tap on “One Hand Only”. If you prefer to change places, just tap the side arrow or the scroll icon.

Typing more easily with one hand when using the Gboard keyboard feature – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to create word abbreviations

Google Keyboard allows you to add shortcuts to ready answers. The configuration offers the option of entering numbers, letters, or symbols that, when typed into the clipboard, display the saved message. The function can be useful for storing frequently used answers.

To access the feature, open the Gboard app and go to “Dictionary” > “Personal Dictionary”. Then select the desired language and press the plus icon in the upper right corner. Enter the message to be saved, the corresponding shortcut, and then click the confirmation icon. When you type the item, the saved phrase will be displayed for easy redirection.

Gboard allows you to save messages to add by shortcut – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to turn on / off the broker

With Gboard, you can disable autocorrect. The tool compares the written words with those in the dictionary and automatically adjusts them if necessary. The feature is already enabled by default on the system, but the keyboard offers the option to disable it. To do this, open the Gboard app and tap on “Text Correction”. Then disable the “AutoCorrect” option.

Enable or disable autocorrection with Gboard – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

How to use voice methods and keyboard gestures

Google Keyboard offers two typing options that can make the tool easier to use. One of them is voice typing, which consists of uttering the words required for the application to transcribe them. The other is typing using gestures on the keyboard, so you don’t have to lift your finger between one letter or another, just slide it across the keys.

To type by voice, open Gboard in the desired application and click on the microphone icon. Wait for “Speak Now” to appear on the screen to speak the required words. Then the app will insert it into the clipboard as you pronounce it. To finish, simply press the microphone icon again.

Voice typing is possible with the Gboard app – Photo: Reproduction / Flávia Fernandes

Gesture typing can be activated as follows: Open the Gboard app and enable the “Enable Gesture Typing” option. As you move your finger from one key to the next, the tool will display dashes to indicate which characters you have clicked.

Slide your fingers over the keys to use gesture typing – Photo: clone / Flávia Fernandes

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