iPhone: 5 Cool (and Useful) Functions to Use in Focus Mode on Your Phone

iPhone: 5 Cool (and Useful) Functions to Use in Focus Mode on Your Phone

The iPhone’s Focus Mode has arrived with the iOS 15 update, and it’s a very useful feature for staying focused and getting things done. The function allows, among other things, to hide notifications from social networking applications or from specific contacts, in order to avoid distractions during certain activities. In this sense, it is possible, for example, to create a work mode to be more productive, or a sleep mode to try to regulate the hours of rest. Here are five tips on how to use iOS Focus to be more productive.

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Focus mode on iPhone: The list offers five tips on how to use the tool – Photo: Marvin Costa / TechTudo

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1. Create different types of focus

Focus mode can be configured to reduce potential distractions and keep the user focused when performing any activity. During business hours, for example, you can set a mode that blocks notifications from social media apps and blocks calls from people outside your business circle. This way, you can stay focused on a specific activity and be more productive.

You can activate the preset focus modes or customize one of them from scratch based on your preference. To access the feature, go to “Settings” on the iPhone and tap “to focus”. There, select one of the options that are already there, such as “Sleeps”And the “profession”And the “Sentences” And the “Playing sports”or create a mode by pressing “habit”.

Creating a new focus mode on iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

When “Custom” is selected, simply name the new focus, choose a color, and modify the icon to represent it. Then select the contacts who will be able to send you notifications when the mode is activated. You can click on the “+” icon to add new contacts, and the “-” sign to remove them. To continue, click Allow.

On the next screen, the procedure is similar, but it focuses on apps. There, you need to select which apps will be able to send you notifications while focus mode is on, then tap on Allow. Once this is done, the feature will be ready to activate.

To enable or disable it, simply access the Control Center. In addition, it is also possible to customize it further, such as adjusting the home screen and lock screen when it is active.

Setting the “Custom” focus mode on the iPhone – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

2. Configure splash screens

You can tweak the home screen to take on different settings based on which focus mode is activated. This way, the user can hide pages with apps that can be distractions and thus stay more focused on the activities.

To do this, access the phone settings, tap “to focus” and select the desired mode. To continue, press the option “main screen” Activate the switch next to “Customize Pages”. Then select the screens that can remain visible while focusing and press “yes” to save. Additionally, you can also hide notification warnings from app icons on home screens so you don’t run the risk of getting in your way.

Editing visual home screens for focus mode – Photo: Playback / Clara Fabro

3. Configure the appearance of the locked screen

Just as the appearance of the home screen can be modified while in focus mode, it is also possible to configure the lock screen. This way, you can more easily identify when a specific focus is enabled – the changes are subtle, but serve to show that the feature is enabled.

To change it, go to your iPhone settings and go to “to focus”. Then select the desired mode and press the option “screen off”. From there, you can dim the appearance of the screen and allow muted notifications to appear on the lock screen. Either way, to enable the feature, just Activate the key Next to each of the options.

Configuring the appearance of the lock screen while in focus mode – Photo: Playback / Clara Fabro

Another interesting feature of Focus is that it allows the user to create automation to activate the feature. Thus, it is possible to set the “sleep” mode to be enabled during a specific time, for example, or the “work” mode to be activated immediately when you arrive at the office. If you’ve already activated Reading mode, you can set the focus to be enabled when you open the Kindle app or any other e-book, for example.

To create automation, go to Settingstouch “to focus” and select the desired mode. Then swipe the screen down and tap Add scheduling or automation. There, it is possible to set the times and days of the week so that the focus mode is activated automatically. In addition, you can activate focus from a file “Smart Activation”which learns your routine and enables the feature based on times, location, and usage of specific apps that are most relevant.

Adding automation to focus mode – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

5. Choose the apps and people who can notify you

When you set up Focus Mode, you can choose which apps and people can notify you. This way, while driving, for example, you can only allow important contacts to send messages or make calls.

This step can be done right at the beginning of the focus mode setup, but you can also modify it later – so you can add other emergency contacts, for example. To do this, access SettingsClick on “to focus” and select the desired mode. then in “Notifications allowed”Touch “People” To edit contacts, and in “Applications” To modify which applications will be able to send alerts.

Changing which contacts and apps can send notifications while in focus mode – Image: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

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