Simaria is in love with SBT's boyfriend and confirms the brother is courting

Simaria is in love with SBT’s boyfriend and confirms the brother is courting

And for those who think Life of Simaria has become a major Mexican drama, get ready to discover who the heartthrob has chosen to complete this story full of twists and turns. A seemingly unlikely affair, but, believe me, it’s been going on since 2021. If you’ve never heard of William Levy, LeoDias’ column details who he is and the reasons why Simone’s sister is, apparently, quite pleased.

It must be said that this platonic passion for Simaria Levi is well known by people close to him. She even captivated her siblings with the conversations she had with the star straight from Instagram, as well as an invitation to participate in a music video by the country duo. At Simaria’s 40th birthday party, Cayo Mendes (brother) alluded to this relationship during an interview with Fofocalizando.

Metropoles . Partner Declaration


“دونا سيماريا لديها إعجاب جديد. هذا صحيح ، أنا جاد. على حد علمي ، كان هذا حوالي شهرين من الحديث ، لكنها ضعيفة جدًا وبطيئة جدًا. لم أكن أعرفه ، أخبرتني عن الصبي ، لكنه ليس من هنا. قال كايو عن الفنان الكوبي ، الذي جدير بالذكر أنه انفصل للتو عن زوجته إليزابيث جوتيريز التي أنجب منها طفلان ، إنه مشهور ، لا يغني ، يبدو أنه يمثل.

ومع ذلك ، قبل هذا البيان بوقت طويل ، علقت Simaria علنًا بالفعل على تسجيل William Levy مع Simone لـ YouTube. في ذلك الوقت ، فتحت صورًا مثيرة للممثل ومزقت المديح. كان هذا بالضبط عندما كشفت الفنانة أنها وجهت الدعوة.

شاهد من 00:55 دقيقة

SBT afternoon star

Levi is very popular in Brazil due to the Mexican soap operas he has starred in which have been broadcast with great success by SBT. He can currently be seen in the reboot of Beware the Angel, along with former RBD Maite Perroni.

It has also become a public phenomenon due to the success of Café com Aroma de Mulher’s Netflix remake. Fans of the Latin star have also noticed an increase in Simaria’s comments on his posts.

Betrayal and parting

In Mexico, for example, William Levy was famous as a hunter. Some of his infidelities to his ex-wife have already led to good scandals. The most interesting thing for fans is the fact that he recently moved to Madrid (Spain) to record the Montecristo series by Telemundo. Since then, Simaria has been very interested in the artist’s steps, always filling his profile with little hearts. And for those who don’t know, the singer also has a house in Madrid.

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