Retrato de Armando Babaioff, com olhar sério

Armando Babayov’s mother is horrified by the fake news. See more cases

On Saturday, August 13th, long live those who have experienced moments of stress Armando Babayov. In an incorrect call, the TV Foco website posted “Armando Babayov suffers a serious accident and is confirmed by the surgeon,” and later deleted the article, leaving the actor’s family in a state of panic. In particular, his 76-year-old mother, who felt ill and tried in every way to contact her son.

The actor expressed all his anger on social networks, rejecting the event:

This is not done here. Someone in my family saw this by… and called my mom, who tried to call me and couldn’t because I was filming. I panicked guys 76-year-old lady. It’s not doing man. This is irresponsible, you idiots.” Armando wrote: This is disgusting.

The news reported by the relevant website was when the actor lost a tooth after an accident in a play.

This kind of excitement, transformation, and movement is seen on Google’s Discover, one of the tools that generates the most clicks for news sites.

This is not the first time

This is not the first time that the aforementioned site has caused the fake news issue. In a comment on Babayov’s page, one of the readers recalled the case in which a news story was published about Isis Valverde, breastfeeding her son.
In the title, TV Foco called it “Ísis Valverde showing off her breasts in an intimate photo and declaring: ‘Today he has it.’ It was just a sweet moment for a mother breastfeeding her baby and they made the photo very sexual.”

Pablo Vitar

Another martyr is Pablo Vitar. In 2021, the singer was reported on the website with the so-called “Papilo Vitar had an accident at a party, he lost part of his body and left the place bleeding:“ It hurt a lot.” It was, in fact, a nail that the singer broke.

Fake news by Pabello Vitar published on 2021 TV Foco- Image: Twitter clone

Marilia Mendonca

Late and late singer Marilia Mendonca has also been targeted by the site, which claimed it heralded an ‘illness’ that has left fans desperate and the state of health worrisome. At that time, Marilia wrote: “There was no fix here. I am waiting … I and the whole Brazil damaged by your excitement … ”, the singer wrote.

Giovanna Antonelli

Giovanna Antonelli was also a victim of false news on the site. The article is titled “A Thirst for Life, Giovanna Antonelli talks about an experience with the Devil, goes to the bottom of a well and opens wide: Iron Hands.” The actress made an extrajudicial notice to celebrity website TV Foco. The actress’s lawyer denounced the story as “creating offensive headlines to get clicks.”

Misa Silva

Actress Misa Silva also became called a fake, as they claimed that the girl was pregnant, and that her boyfriend at the time was gay, among other stories. Posted a message when reporting the cancellation of the famous site.

Jojo Liberato

In 2019, there was another bait practice for clicking, when they announced that “Roberto Cabrini makes a crushing discovery in Gugu’s death and is threatened by the family: ‘The truth will come out.'” Gugu Liberato’s advisor, Esther Rocha, sent several audio recordings to TV Foco, She states that no one from the site sought her out to find out the family’s position.


The damage affects not only the famous press, but also the serious press, which ends up losing its credibility due to sensational and slanderous news that generates clicks. It’s embarrassing to see co-workers follow the streak of fake news to profit from clicks.

This fake news maneuver makes it difficult for people to delve into verified stories, big interviews with verified content on digital platforms, which depend on Google ads to stay on the air.

In April of this year, Carta Capital published an article about the fanfare of fake news, and it got clicks for those who don’t check or who create sensational headlines, and it’s producing more.

“Google has spent a lot of money and energy fighting Bill 2630/2020, known as the Fake News Act. Ironically, the tech giant’s stance on news in recent years helps explain the major media groups’ support for this measure, which is generally considered poor and risky. .

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