América-MG seizes the opportunity to win and thwart Luan's debut for Santos

América-MG seizes the opportunity to win and thwart Luan’s debut for Santos

América-MG hosted Santos today (14), in Independencia, and won the duel valid for round 22 of Brazil 1-0, thwarting Luan’s debut for Peixe. Thanks to Pedriño’s goal, scored in the 13th minute of the first half, Coelho was safe defensively while being compromised on the counter-attack.

The result ensured the host team’s fourth consecutive victory in the competition. In addition, he put an end to Paulista’s immunity under coach Liska.

With this win, America reached 30 points and beat Santos in the table. Although they had the same score, the miners had more wins and are in eighth place, while Peixe is in tenth.

The visitors went to Belo Horizonte not knowing what it would be like to lose with the new coach. Santos came from two draws, against Fortaleza and Fluminense, and a victory over Curitiba. Now, Peixe is back on the field again only next Sunday (21), in the classics against São Paulo, at Villa Belmiro.

Coelho has an early date, on Thursday (18), also against Tricolor Paulista, but in the Copa del Rey. By playing in their fields, America is seeking to reverse the 1-0 defeat in the first leg of the quarter-finals to advance in the tournament.

Who Worked Well: Pedro

Pedriño opened the scoring for America-MG against Santos for Brazil

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

In a tepid match with little creativity, the America striker was the most dangerous on the field. Conclusive, the main plays of the home team have passed through his feet. The number 29 gave work to the players of Pixie with his speed on the sides, in addition to the goal, he also had other opportunities.

Who was bad: Madison

Peixe left something to be desired in the match, unable to be productive in attack and leaving plenty of room to climb. It was also his fault that the goal play came, when he tried to anticipate a pass in the middle of the field and opened a path into the Santos defence. America took advantage of the gap and was able to take advantage of the move.

Luan first time

Luan - Fernando Moreno / Agave - Fernando Moreno / Agave

Luan made his debut with Santos in the match against America-MG for Brazil

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

On loan to Peixe, the attacking midfielder made his debut for the club. The 29-year-old entered 31 minutes into the final stage and managed to do little on the pitch. This was his first match since February 19 this year, when he played for Corinthians in the match against Botafogo-SP for Paulistau. He has not been included in Corinthians’ squad since the April 21 match against Portuguesa-RJ.


At home, Coelho managed to defend himself well as well as get out quickly on dangerous counter-attacks. By exploiting his wing speed, the target and other major offensive plays appeared. América-MG didn’t give the opponent much room to create and ended up with more shots, even with less possession. In the main moves for Santos, Cavicioli was important to secure victory.

Santos performance

Peixe dominated the actions for most of the match, but found it difficult to translate possession dominance into scoring opportunities. The team’s midfield sector was low on inspiration and couldn’t run the attack, even with Carlos Sanchez wanting to organize the ball. Lisca’s men received several counterattacks and were unable to regain intensity after the goal.

I start with the ball on the post

Dueling teams began berserk, but with difficulties in creating. So much so that the main opportunities arose in the mistakes of the opponents. During the first minutes, Santos began to control the actions, and after stealing in America’s defense, he almost opened the scoring.

Marcos received Leonardo in the area and finished at the post, but the play was not worth it because the assistant referee indicated offside. However, broadcast footage in the replay showed that the position of the fish gunner was apparently legal. So, if it was a target, the VAR could potentially be triggered.

killer rabbit counter

In 13 minutes, a bucket of cold water came to Peixe. América-MG found fast movement on the left side of the attack. Pedrinho was called up and had a way of getting into the area and finishing strong in the corner of the goal. Joao Paulo even touched the ball, but could not avoid the leak.

Angelo on the bench

The promise made by Santos started the match between the two reserves and was only kicked off by Liska in the 12th minute of the final stage. He even tried some solo plays but couldn’t contribute much due to the team’s lack of creativity.

almost a goal

America still has another big chance to score. Wellington Paulista entered in the 20th minute of the second half, and in his first touch he was exposed to a great danger on the goal defended by Joao Paulo. The veteran attacker near the area received and sent a bomb, which ended up exploding on the beam and leaving. It hardly extends the result.

data sheet

America MG 1 X 0 Santos

Competition: Brazilian Championship Round 22

Date: August 14, 2022, Sunday at 18:00 (Brasilia time)

place: Independence in Belo Horizonte (MG)

Rule: Paulo Roberto Alves Jr.

Auxiliaries: Bruno Bocellia and Victor Hugo Imazoo

Video Assistant Referee: Hyper Roberto Lopez

yellow cards: Lawan Patrick (USA – MG)

Objectives: Pedrinho, 13 minutes into the first half

America-MG: Caffechioli. Raul Caceres (Patrick), Iago Maidana, Eder, Marlon; Lucas Cal, Juninho, Benitez (Ali); Pedrinho (Felipe Azevedo), Everaldo (Mathecinho) and Henrique Almeida (Wellington Paulista). Fitness Trainer: Wagner Mancini.

Saints: John Powell; Madson, Maicon; Bowerman, Philip Jonathan; Rodrigo Fernandez (Camacho), Vinicius Zanusillo (Luan), Carlos Sanchez (Sandri); Lucas Barbosa (Angelo), Marcos Leonardo (Angolo) and Lucas Braga. Fitness Trainer: Liska.

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