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HIV: Guama and Pedrera are the neighborhoods with the most notifications

In the capital of Pará, young people constitute the group most affected by sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV and syphilis. To alert the population about the large number of cases and the severity of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV, which leads to AIDS, the municipality of the city of Belem, through the Municipal Health Administration (CSMA), is setting up the “STI Epidemiological Team” .

It is a platform for displaying data related to sexually transmitted diseases, which have been notified by the municipal health network of Belém in the Reportable Diseases Information System (Sinan).

Responsibility for updating the board at Sisma rests with the Department of Health Surveillance and the Health Promotion Core. It contains important data such as the number of cases reported by neighborhood, birth gender, age and year of notification, which will be available for consultation.


Information is a distinct strategic factor for the prevention, control and treatment of STIs, both for populations that can be affected by a disease, and for researchers and people who are sensitive to the cause, organized civil society and public health managers.

“How many cases of sexual assault, new cases of HIV, syphilis, and unwanted teenage pregnancies each year could we have avoided if the conversation on this topic were more open? The taboo of talking about sexual activity by age group, and the bias that adults have regarding Regarding the rights of adolescents and young adults, the lack of access and trust that young people have in terms of health services underpins the large number of cases of adolescents and young people. Young people. Young people living with HIV,” regrets the STI/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Coordinator in Sisma, Edgar Bara.

For him, “the less we talk about sexual and reproductive prevention and rights, the more youth are misled about sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and access to health services and prevention technologies.”


The data reveals that the neighborhood with the highest number of HIV notifications is Guama (502 cases), followed by Pedrera (479), Goronas (399), Tapana (382), Sacramenta (381), and Marco (365) neighbourhoods. and Marambaya. (353).

In terms of percentage, 70% of the reported cases are of self-proclaimed black people. In terms of birth gender, 73% are men versus 26% women. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 account for 3,973 reported cases, and the total number of reported cases between 30 and 39 years old is 2,680.

human immunodeficiency virus

HIV is an infection that is rapidly tested in basic health units and in the Center for Screening and Counseling (CTA Belém), located in Rua Rui Barbosa, 1059, in the Nazaré district.

The test is free, confidential and does no harm and is ready within 20 minutes, all that is required is for the person to bring their identity document to access the service.

If the test result is “non-reactive” (negative) for HIV, the person undergoes a counseling period to identify potential HIV vulnerabilities, such as people who do not use condoms in relationships, even married couples (relationships). stable), sex workers or those with multiple casual sexual partners.

However, if the test result is ‘reactive’ (positive), HIV treatment is guaranteed by the SUS and the person is monitored at a health care center for acquired infectious diseases (Casa Dia).

“It is necessary to start treatment and continue to take care of yourself. Only in this way can a person be free from other diseases that may lead to death. Everyone who has HIV and takes care of themselves is moving forward in life towards their dreams and goals. HIV is no longer Synonymous with death, but treatment is a prerequisite for life. There is still no cure for HIV, but treatment is so effective that there is no difference in the routines of those living with HIV and those without it,” says Edgar.


With regard to syphilis, the commission shows that Tabana district has the largest number of cases, with a total of 356 cases. The neighborhoods of Marambaia (312) and Sacramenta (238) are also among the first places in the notifications.

Syphilis has a cure and treatment. If positive for syphilis, the unit for which the test was performed should be referred for a quantitative VDRL test, which will determine how treatment is to be delivered, which in most cases is with the use of injectable drugs in three doses, also available in the health units.

Quick test

Sisma emphasizes that rapid tests for STDs are available in the core units and in the CTA, which are also supplied with both internal and external condoms (male and female), but the attitude of care is always up to each person: prevention is individual. Each person is responsible for their own forms of prevention, which range from the use of condoms to the choice of sexual partners.


There are also pharmaceutical forms of HIV prevention, such as PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a medication that if used correctly is able to prevent HIV infection. These technologies are available to the residents of the various SISMA services.

To access the STI Epidemiological panel, click here.

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